Polygamist Gideon Gono, says Grace is ‘my Mainini’

(Analysis)Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono who recently became the centre of an adultery controversy with President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace, has at least three wives, ZimEye can reveal.

ZimEye can exclusively reveal that by the end of the year 2002, Gono had married three women all of whom lived at his Harare mansion. ZimEye is reliably informed that the governor’s harem grew to three a long while before he became central bank chief. Gono denies this truth and in public now claims that he has only one wife. Explaining his meteoric rise to affluence however, Gono is on record informing a friend in a meeting early in 2000 that his sudden fortunes were a result of his close-relations with the first lady.

Grace is “my Mainini”

Explaining his relationship to president Robert Mugabe’s wife, Gono said:

“The first lady is my Mainini”

In the Shona language, ‘Mainini’ refers to either aunt, or just merely a cousin. In many villages of the Shona people however, almost every villager is a cousin-relation in one way or the other. Many Zimbabweans on internet forums argued saying it is common Shona behaviour among rural communities that when a village-relation rises to prominence, the rest of the community rushes to re-trace historical family trees so they can also benefit from the village-colleague’s sudden affluence, wealth, or power. The central bank chief who was once a tea-boy has been sucked into a controversy which involves his ‘mainini’ – President Robert Mugabe’s wife.


Apologists for Gono argue presenting a list of issues they say are irregularities in the Sunday Times article. A meeting with lawyers is believed to have been convened on Wednesday as Gono together with Mugabe begin to weigh options of persuing a lawsuit against the paper. The central bank governor has together with President Robert Mugabe reportedly begun to prepare legal proceedings against the newspaper which they say defamed them when it published a story alleging a sexual affair between President Mugabe’s wife Grace and the banker. (ZimEye)  pic caricature: Sydney Mlambo

48 thoughts on “Polygamist Gideon Gono, says Grace is ‘my Mainini’”

  1. GONO ??? MAININI ??? U DIRTY DOG !!!
    You are a HOUND that is a SEXUAL PIG.
    Instead of running the RESERVE BANK you ran it like a BROTHEL.


    Now watch your back. As i say watch your back – watch your front too. The GOD FATHER will remove your MARCHENDEZ.

    HOKOYO you have fornicated with your BOSSES LADY.
    Perhaps he gave you permission to sexually fulfill her desires, since SEKURU cannot play CHIPINDA PINDA.

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  2. This is mere bullshit GGone will never ever do such a shameful thing, lets not destroy there friendship/relationship with Grace Mugabe. Gone and President Mugabe dont listen to this babaric story focus on business guys. Vanhu ava varadziwa nekubatana kwenyu chete maBoss.

  3. This article is a complete waste of time to sensible readers. I had to post so the writer can revisit whats newsworthy and not take personal emotions for hate to such foolish levels!

  4. Chihure vanaGono munochinyanya apa you shall disapear chete coz i know Zanu very well.

    I will compose a song over this and it shall be broadcasted when we get to power.

  5. this is the work of a devil who tries to justify his actions. this is hodwash and blatant lies. politics involves changing of women where necessary and kill each other. it didn’t come to me as joke when i heard the story of him being intimate with his boss’ wife. that typical of ZANU Pf and any other die hard africam liberation party. just monitor the trends of the events from now if you want to know the truth. Gono would be made to disapear secretly but finally.

    that is the game.

  6. Mabhebhi ese ari ku RBZ nemanakiro awo imi moti Gono orhisika kudana na Grace. Guys think about Grace’s children, why do you give them such trauma? Mashaya nyaya dzekutaura chete

  7. Gono help us have our nation have a good name. So its Grace who is telling sekuru not to suk u off yo job coz of this affair. Mafire akaita zvimwe zvikomba zvaGrace ndiwo auchaitawo. Make a plan about yo life coz sekuru tinovaziva maitiro avo. WAENDA IWE!

  8. Mr Gono tell us the truth please . thank you Sir. Whooo, I am going to buy some drinks soon to cellebrate

  9. makwembere was just hiding,now he appears on the forum because is just hoping for bad news always concerning the president of zimbabwe.

  10. I dont hate the Head of State & the commander in Chief of the Defence Forces, at all Choya. You are totally wrong. I am only asking Gono, why on earth did he do that (such an evil thing to the Head of State’s wife, maybe you yourself can answer that for him?

  11. The above article forgot to mention that amainini also means muramu who can also become your wife in the right circumstance–not when she is married to someone alse and the husband still alive.Mangamadii kumbomira kugara nhaka babamukuru vachivapenyu?So?

  12. The false and highly deflamatory and grossly inaccurate article that appeared in the Sunday Times alleging a relationship between Gono and Grace might entertain and please those opposed to the Mugabe regime but in actual reality those so involved in this cheap and unprofessional attempt must realize that this sort of conduct will unquestionably work in favour of the Mugabe regime and help continue to deny millions of Zimbabweans the freedom they all deserve.

  13. I put it to you that you, Gideon Gono, unlawfully entered into the Baba Chatunga’s secret pocket. Here is why:
    -the marathon defence being advanced
    -the pending civil suit which you also fera could further expose your lust and Mugabe’s weakness
    -ivo vaMugabe kubvumawo kuvharwa zvakapusa kudero? Ma batteries avo aperawo ava vakadzoka vosotwa ne zhing-zhong manje hailaste waona

  14. wama** chisingaperi chinoshura yu think yu most clever person here in zim i m sory to tel yu that yu have jus pressed the button yu put yo finger into the wrong place , taking advantage yekuti yo boss is weak . iwe hure iwe mkadzi wemunhu wil remain mkadzi wemunhu.yu have taken a shorter root to yo grave or rather to hell we all know the game well ask makamba if yu think im lying or maybe ask yu will ask pamire if yu dnt make it kuna makamba. SORY WONT WORK HERE TRUST ME

  15. But vanhu chakugwadzai chinyi chaizvo. Daddy vangu vakataurirana nava Gono kuti vapinde mumba vafadze mum. He is paid for that service and vaGono vane ma keys and acceess to my Dad’s foreign accounts, Ndivo vanoita externalization of resources. What’s peche when compared ne big dollars? Kusvirirwa mukadzi is nothing. My mum varikusvirwa and varikunakirwa ukuwo Daddy avngu vapera saka varikupa kutenda. Imi chakurwadzai ipapa chii? Hee? Ndimi murikusvirwa here? Ndimi masvirirwa mukadzi? Svirai venyu mhani…

  16. Zivai zvebhichani renyu iro rinotovhaira nekuti anzi handidi zvekuroorwa iro rechindevere rinonzi Thokozani Khupe. Pamwe raida kuiswa na Gono zvikaramba siyai Amai Vekutanga vakadaro please

  17. shonas are at it ONCE AGAIN always making HEADLINES for WRONG reasons. gono this, mugabe that, rushwaya, gamu, chidzambwa, the list goes on and on. shonas are nothing but A FILTHY,DIRTY group of people. A GODLESS SOCIETY!

  18. @ CONTI
    A bitter ignorant, racist and uneducated individual get a life. I am half shona half zulu. My parents had 50 years of a very happy marriage until my mum passed away in 2000. Both families accepted and gave their blessings to the marriage.Many people envied them because they were well suited. If you have problems with shonas go back to South Africa as that’s the Zulu/ ndebele country of origin, otherwise shut up and respect others if you want to earn respect in turn. So?

  19. tete vaneshanje havakuri, to tell you the FACT l’m very, very EDUCATED! Telling ME that you’re half shona half ZULU makes ME laugh. Stop lying! you’re also trying to make headlines by CLAMING to be half ZULU! Go to HELL!

  20. @ CONTI
    Hell is where Iam with people like you Conti. The world would be a better place ngabe khutiwa silabantu abalezinhliziyo.Why would I want to claim to be what Iam not? That would be lying to myself–perhaps wena uqamba amanga because ulomoya omubi.UNkulukhulu wati wonke umuntu osemhlabeni ngumuntwana wake, kodwa wena usufunu ukhuzenza Unkulukhulu by looking down at shonas(God’s creation like yourself).Are you saying wonke amazulu/ndebele are good people? Uyahlanya manxa ukhumbula khonokho. So?

  21. Why is Mugabe busy running arround finding advisors and lawyers instead we must see Gono or Grace standing up telling us about what happened not Mugabe he Knows nothing. What is he hiding? something is wrong here.
    Gono is hiding he knows he is inlove with Grace. Grace had fed to Asia She is not so sure about what the old man thinks.Mugabe stop theats on the media. The Truth will come out. time will tell. you are a big full allowing the other man to hang arround with your young wife how foolish mdara. amuna batiri.

  22. Lets wait and See as ZANU PF, Gono and Grace go into the ditch. I love this. These 3 have put our golden country into a mess. Grace, you are the DEVIL ‘s messenger set destroy our MEN. If you touch my MAN I tell you, I will expose your further. This time BOB will hand himself. Zi Hure. Even the CLEANERS at state how, you have slept with them.Zi Be…. risina control. Shit. Imbwa Chaiyo. Pawakada BOB wanga usingavive kuti Haana. From SECRETARY we PRESIDENT office to HURE re President office (not wife) Endesa Vana Kumusha kwa Pamire mhani. Unotora ngozi. Sabina ha akusiye. She will make sure BOB will chuck you off.

  23. Gono, ihono, igono, gotokoto, hondohwe. Rakadziwanikidza dzakasasikwa. ndiye nembe kwasvu kwasvu musuwa tonhe medzu. Mamvura machena anga asina anobvundura, ko vanogona here gushungo, hezvo vodyirwa nenewepedo. Karamate Gono hutanangira bhazuka ramudara ridze ridze, rotodikitira haro. Iko gire kachichema “idya gono ridza kusvika dzadambuka” inotambika mudhara kana ini ndichatoridzawo, zvatsvuka seropa..

  24. What’s wrong with the wide S.Africa presidents first it was Zuma second Mswati and now Mugambe, it seems thier groin level’s are at minimum and need urgent resuscination.This well explain why they cant perform better even in their Goverments,curruption allegations are dogding their goverments i guess its the biggining of the end or end of an Era.to this old folks. Quit before its to late or wait for Embrassing time a head when you wont able to brave your tired old faces in public forcing you to retire on the podium, throwing all sort insults in public barazzas. Ask MOI yote Yawezekana Mbila NYINYI.

  25. iam a nigerian l know these ndebele women are holes big time and l had grace s father was nkomo thts wy .l know a lot about zim .shona woman are better thn ndebele all woman fuck around but ndebele woman 1000percent holesssssssssssss

  26. most of yu goes out with married woman or man so wts the fuss it happens everywhere royals; heard of states ;rich people;farm works ;poor pple;doctors;all humans with two legs.so what?

  27. cont or wht ever thy call yu .to be half zulu half shona is it impossible tell me why we have half shona half welsh half shona half english half shona half japanness half shona half lraq and chinese the list is endless are the zulus from the moon?.correct yur senses.

  28. cont or wht ever thy call yu .to be half zulu half shona is it impossible tell me why we have half shona half welsh half shona half english half shona half japanness half shona half lraq and chinese the list is endless are the zulus from the moon?.correct yur senses.

  29. mugabe haasi kugadzira lawsuit, ari kuunza Gono padhuze agomuponda zviri smart zvekuti noone will suspect any foul play. Mira uone…..

  30. saka nhai grace wakaiswa kangani nagono? achinesimba here takanzwa kuti vakadzi vamupedza musans tiudzewoka kuti how big is the stic

  31. makumbwa evanhu mese muri three instead yekugadzirisa nyika makuita zvechihure.iwe grace gara pasi nabob umudzorewo abve ipapo

  32. mai grace muri hure ndimi mutori brothel yacho kuuraisa van vevanhu nekusada kusiiwa nemboro dzearume farira kamboyo kechembere yako kakatsvava handiti ndo zvawaida zihure

  33. The president is a stand up guy he has held this nation tgether and im sure he can handle his wyf.Gono is not man enough 2 go after the first lady.


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