Shingi Munyeza is arrested for treason

Bulawayo (ZimEye) Police have arrested Africa sun CEO Shingi Muyeza barely a week after the Zimbabwe Tourism authority boss Karikoga Kaseke threatened to have him arrested.

Munyeza is being charged with over pricing in foreign currency and for treason after he told Nigerian tourists staying at the kingdom during the just ended Sanganai that Zimbabwe is a bad tourist destination. Efforts to get comment from both the police and Shingi Munyeza were fruitless. No further information has been received from Police since his arrest on Saturday.

Munyeza is the current chairman of the Africa Sun Group which own hotel giants Kingdom, Holiday Inn, and the Victoria falls Hotel under. The group also has a presence in the region running the Cape Grace in South Africa, together with Zimbabwean rivals Meikles Africa group.

7 thoughts on “Shingi Munyeza is arrested for treason”

  1. Please leave Shingi Munyeza alone. Have u ever asked yourselves if he scale down as a result of your zanu pf pricing many people and family would suffer. Pliz arrest vana kaseke vane mastatutory rape ava. mosiya vanhu vanoziva kukosha kwebusiness ne they earned it not mazanu anoita zvekutora nesimba kana kupiwa.

  2. It is very sad so see authorities arresting people for telling the truth for once. Shame on you lot.

  3. saka farai chitiudza zve iwe kuti chii chakaitika na shingi after the zimeye story it was covered by all the other media houses in zimbabwe i don’t remember seeing such letters in the chronicle and the saturday herald.tell us the truth was he arrested or not ?was he picked up or not?it’s all over the web farai.

  4. by the way the current issue of the zimbabwe indipendent has an advert of you confirming you have a hotel called the grace in south africa i am beginning to doubt you farai that you are from africa the same paper muckraker talks extensively about shingi’s arrest what are you trying to hide.

  5. vana farai muchatinetsa gore rino. u need to grow up old woman. izvo ma boss enyu arikuita misikanzwa, iwewo urikuhura mutown. give us a break farai. siyana nevarume vebvanhu uzive zvekuZimsun

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