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Bennett arrested ahead of swearing ceremony

Published: February 13, 2009


Harare (ZimEye)-President Mugabe has arrested MDC senior official Roy Bennett a few hours before the swearing in of ministers at the State House.

In a statement another MDC official Ian Makone said Bennett was arrested at the airport.

He did not give further details.

“Roy Bennett was arrested a few minutes ago at Charles Prince Airport. I am not sure whether he was arriving or leaving,” Ian Makone said.

Bennett was nominated as deputy minister of agriculture by new Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mugabe took Bennett ‘s farm-Pachedu- in Manicaland during farm invasions.

Reports say there has been of discontent at the farm since the announcement that Bennett was to become the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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3 Comments on "Bennett arrested ahead of swearing ceremony"

  1. mashona alisuthi zinja on Fri, 13th Feb 2009 5:15 pm 

    mugabe & swangilayi mididi yabo nyoko piss off you ugly baboon looking caicutures. the shona circus has come again & now it is not funny

  2. YUDA SHEPHERD on Fri, 13th Feb 2009 10:29 pm 

    Manicaland Provincial executive, I am confident with you guys. I know you wont allow the Partriotic fools to harm Roy. Trust Maanda thwarted the Partisan Force`s attempt to murder me on 31 July 2003 when they prefered against me trumped up charges of bombing the Daily News Printing house. Maanda please do the same thing as you did on my fabricated case and may Pishai please keep us updated on Roy`s latest news.

    Roberdan Mugabevic be warned the world is watching, harm Roy Bennett today unotozvidhotera chete I promise. You are now becoming too big for your shoes. Waguta kunyarwa, musasekerere benzi, mukaritunhidza rinodya sipo. Targeted sanctions should be toughened against this evil unrepenting wicked dictator. (Those who feel like kundituka, here is my contact number 00447501365617 anoda. inini ndati Mugabevic Urigodzva, ****** rebere chairo)

    Roy made sure that the Mugabevic evil forces would not starve me to Death in detention. The Commissioner of Prison Paradzai Zimhondi kept the Mutare Law and Order Detectives Sergeant Tambawoga G (045619k), Dengadza. A (032988F), Musabayana (980508T), Gakata (044846V) on toes to ensure that i am murdered. I thank you Maanda Trust, Pishai Muchauraya, the Honourable Prosper Mutseyami, Roy Benett and all the Manicaland Provincial Executive.

    To the ever dedicated Province of Manicaland, Please be vigilant, ensure you do the same like what you did during my 2003 persecution. Haisisi GNU ine musoro iyi. I also lent that my murdered friend Tonderai Ndira`s father fled his Makonde (Obva) rural home after Zanu Partriotic Fools attacked him and looted food reserves. They are accusing him of unleashing Serge`s ghost on the killers. One of the abductors who led to his death came from the same village. Hamusati maZanu mu*******

  3. The Serpent on Tue, 17th Feb 2009 10:49 am 


    NDEBELES are a bitter tribe. Mugabe was right when he unleashed fifth Brigade on them to whip them into furrow.

    They are paying the price of being sloven, and thats also the reward of always breaking away from meaningful national issues. You are a shy character which is not Proud of being a Zimbabwean. The truth hurt but breaks no friendship.

    Until our colleagues begin to realise what they intend to achieve in the political Arena, realise their importance and roles in national Politics I will not respond to their venomous attacks on shona people like the above article.

    Ndebeles Leader Joshua Mukomo including Dumiso teamed up with Robert to loot our economy.

    Dont mis-quote me, I am not saying Ndebeles are a bad lot, no, but I mean they are simply lazy and sloven in doing their own things, they should desist from a tendency of playing second fiddle to their shona counterparts and start to believe in themselves.

    Ndebele is a person of the Khumalo clan that fled from the might Chaka the Zulu to settle in the Western dry region of the present day Zimbabwe.

    Soon after they settled, Ndebele`s started raiding the peace loving weak Shona people. Wrestled cattle and beautiful women, then drove their loot to Matebeleland. During raids, they killed thousands of shona people and burnt their homesteads. Ndebeles are the first people to carry out genocide against the shona people, but they cry foul of Gukurahundi. ****! When shonas retaliate they cry foul.

    The unfortunate shona people had moved from Central Africa in search of pastures and peacefully displaced the Bushmen. They brought with them their cattle for grazing, which ndebeles stole.

    After the whites came to colonise Zimbabwe, the weak and vulnerable shona people quickly surrendered and Salisbury started to take shape, rule of law was introduced. Shonas had found protectors in the form of whites against the marauding murderers and rapist from Matebeleland, Ndebele people.

    But the Ndebele`s continued to put up fierce resistance against the whites. Surprisingly they blame the shona`s for underdeveloping Matebeleland Why? They should blame Lobengula and particularly Mzilikazi who failed to raid and occupy Mashonaland.

    Akakuvadzwa neNyere yekuda vakadzi veChishona vakanaka.

    Shona people speaks a mixture of Tonga, Sena, Swahili and Nyanja that gave rise to Bantu Language. Ndebele speaks a mixture of Zulu, Tswana, Sena and Tonga we should be calling them Manyembani People.

    I believe we are all foreigners in Zimbabwe as the primitive Tribes we drove out of their land are extinct by now.

    So people who speak ndebele and pretend to be ndebeles must be aware that 90% of Matebeleland are shona`s and Tonga people. The really Ndebele`s, the Khumalo people are almost extinct as well. This is the reason why Soko or Ncube roped in Chief Mutambara of the Chimanimani Garwe people to lead his breakaway MDC-M. Bloody is thicker than water guys this is an undiputable fact.

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