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Beyonce danced half-naked for Gaddafi

Published: March 5, 2011


Beyonce danced half-naked for Gaddafi thumbnail

London(ZimEye)US popular song-bird Beyonce made a half naked performance for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s family an allegation she has accepted, it has emerged.

Walking up and down dressed in seductive skinny black underclothes Beyonce danced for the Gaddafi(pictured right) family in 2009 in an explicit singing performance which has been condemned by journalists worldwide.


Half naked ...Beyonce

The singer’s publicist this week claimed that the singer had since donated the money she received from the Gaddafi performance to earthquake victims in Haiti.

Quoted by Associated Press, Beyonce’s publicist said:

“Once it became known that the third party promoter was linked to the [Gaddafi] family, the decision was made to put that payment to a good cause,” Yvette Noel-Schure said. The fee was put toward humanitarian efforts in Haiti.
Exclusive documents from the US State department reveal that stars including Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and Timbaland performed at private concerts organised by Mutassim Gaddafi, Muammar’s son. VIDEO:

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23 Comments on "Beyonce danced half-naked for Gaddafi"

  1. Morgan Tsvangirai on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 12:29 pm 

    She should have gone to the White House to dance for Clinton. American presidents are the type of presidents who should enjoy the pleasure of seeing naked women because like they are not African presidents who should not enjoy these pleasures.

    When President Clinton ****ed a woman in office the wife did not say she was going to donate the pay he got as president for that month , did she.

    Let Gaddaffi alone. He just watched a dance. What about Berlusconi just across Libya in Europe there?

  2. C-mo on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 2:10 pm 

    Oh Please. You, the media, is full of it. The headline is Beyonce danced half-naked for Gaddafi???!!!??? What happened to striving for the truth in stories. Beyonce has always had a sexy image. This did not change for Gaddafi. Stop trying to crucify this woman.

  3. me on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 4:16 pm 

    this is such a lie she was not half naked she was wearing a leotard jayz, russel simmons and usher were dere which meant she would not do shuch a thing and gaddafi wasn’t even dere it was a party which his son threw and payed beyonce to perform

  4. Doctor on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 4:54 pm 

    Hey you so called “me”, You iddiot is that what you call a normally dressed person? I saw the full video of Beyonce (who I believe is you). She was bloody half naked, EXPOSING ALL HER FLESH up to her stinking bum.

  5. Zhombe on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 5:20 pm 

    guys remember Naomi Campbell at the Hague for attending Nelson Mandela function and being accused for taking blood diamomnds. Now it’s Beyonce, she might be hearding towards Hague soon. What is this.Both have black blood and they do things in acknowlegement of their roots and in the process they are caught unaware and their organisers are the very whites that turn to condemn the very events they organised.CHANGE LIKE A CHAMELION MHhiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhh.BP has oil companies in libya. US citizen had bussinesses in Libya. Beyonce extended her perfomances to a public family so what. Many European presidents have dined and wined at Gaddafi’s palace and made business deals. Let’s not nail our own like what happened to JESUS<

  6. Thomson on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 5:48 pm 

    Since Gaddafi’s son was there vand being the one who organised the function and paid them lumpsomes, how could Beyonce have not known about Gaddafi? Mr/Mrs Publicist dont think we are fools. You can can deceive others but you certaily cannot fool all

  7. Tete Vaneshanje Havakuri on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 8:47 pm 

    For US$1million even I would have danced for Gaddafi had he asked me to. Unfortunately I neither have the body nor can I dance. Anyone who says never would be lying through their teeth.saka hapana nyaya apa, let the girl make hay whilst the sun shines. So?

  8. gava on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 9:46 pm 

    @ zhombe – naomi was a witness, not on trial

    @the others criticising beyonce’s dressing – thats how she dresses when she perfoms. she didn’t do it just for gaddaffi. in any case is it any different from when our traditional dress for muchongoyo. or when virgins parade for mswati every yr without bras

  9. gava on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 9:57 pm 

    /@tete – i’m impressionable, i know you are 165yo but i can’t get the image of you in a leotard out of my head

  10. wwwTHENOIREFFECTcom on Sun, 6th Mar 2011 1:55 am 

    She’s wearing a leotard and it’s the same outfit she wears in concert. Quite similar to outfits worn by ballerinas without the tutu. Truth in media is something that people want to do not work towards. It’s a choice.

  11. Amenhotep4 -The Heretic on Sun, 6th Mar 2011 5:19 am 

    Money Talks and Bull**** Walks!

  12. Dumiso Dabengwa on Sun, 6th Mar 2011 5:28 am 

    There is no big deal here. Zimababwean guys you remember this Ndebele girl who you used to sing and dance ” Sandy, Sandy..” yes, she is called Sandra Ndebele.

    I wonder what is going to happen to her because she used to come to our ZANU PF parties and dance herself to a standstill with her sexy moves until everyone raised their…I know what you were thinking.. but I mean until we raised our fists in true ZANU PF style.

    Leave the ladies alone you Rhodesians and your black sympathisers.

  13. mo fire on Sun, 6th Mar 2011 9:19 am 

    its nice that sexy lady beyonce danced for the king of africa. some people do not understand that strong african leaders are more virile then european politicians except for berlusconi of course. you stupids they need such women to do it for them. it makes them strong. so mdcs do not complain and in particular rhodesians stop whining and being jealous about our sexy leaders. mo fire

  14. TETE VANESHANJE HAVAKURI on Sun, 6th Mar 2011 9:05 pm 

    Go girl!! So?

  15. Morgan Tsvangirai on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 1:31 am 

    Tete keep quite. You said it your self that your body is worse than that of not only a man, but a very old man.

    Maybe the mere sight of your shapeless body can contribute 40 percent rice in impotence men.

    On the other hand Beyonce’s body can be a cure for impotence enev better that Viagra because there are no known side effects. So?

  16. Joseph Mutasa on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 1:39 am 

    Politics dzeMDC, dze Rhodesia nedze ZAPU aside, what do you think about that body?

    If you sincerely do not see that she represents the appeal that a male cannot ignore, then sone thing terribly wrong with your wirings.

    Noone gets into a blast furnace and still not get hot, can they?

  17. TETE VANESHANJE HAVAKURI on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 10:22 am 

    Kounonditi ndinyarare ndirikutuka here kanakuti ndinemajerasi? I am very happy for the girl, if I was still young with her body –kana Mugabe chaiye–e-ee- –not Mugabe sorry he is not rich enough, CHIYANGWA chaiye ndaimutambira for a million dollars and a car or two to feed my family and transport for my community. Kwa Chombo ndaisvika ndomutambira for a few stands and a farm thrown in perhaps.Unfortunately age has taken it’s toll and I am happy to grow old gracefully. So?

  18. Anonymous on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 11:28 am 

    shut up Tete. Uchandibhowa, wazvinzwa?

  19. The boss on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 3:16 pm 

    Beyonce is a ***** enough,u guys dn’t forget her video (umbrella)she was naked again,otherwise it’s her culture,but to be frank it’s very bad

  20. Morgan Tsvangirai on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 11:49 pm 

    @The Boss

    Whats wrong with a naked woman. Doesnt your own wife get naked sometimes?

  21. Guvnor on Tue, 8th Mar 2011 7:52 am 

    Izvi ndozvisina kana nebasa rese kuti akatambira gaddafi nekuti ndobasa raBeyonce. Wakamubhadara mariyebasa anouya kuzokutambira kumbakwako.

  22. Bla Miki on Tue, 8th Mar 2011 10:06 am 

    Whats the big issue here? Was she raped after the dance or what? Is it Gaddafi who danced half naked or what? Please Zimeye tipeiwo ma articles ari newsworthy not this hate story. Nobody agrees with Gaddafi right now but kuti muti wese akambotaura naye atove muvengi is wrong. Makadaro munenge mave kuvharira even Morgan Tsvangirai wenyu panze because atatomboitirwa a red carpet welcome naiye Gaddafi not so long ago according to your previous report.

  23. Shee on Thu, 17th Mar 2011 8:20 pm 

    I’ll not speck. Gaddaffi shd’ve donated the money to Zim teachers.

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