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Botswana parties welcome Malema help


Published: August 4, 2011



Rebuke ... ANC secretary general Gwede Mentashe

OPPOSITION parties in Botswana have “welcomed with caution” ANCYL president Julius Malema’s offer to help topple President Ian Khama’s government, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to the Mmegi, the opposition Botswana Movement for Democracy’s chair, Nehemiah Modubule, urged more organisations to “come on board and support the opposition partnership advocating for change in Botswana”.

Modubule would discuss with the ANC Youth League what kind of help it could provide.

In May, Khama was quoted describing Malema as an “ill-disciplined boy” and said he wondered why action was not taken against him.

Mmegi reported that a faction of Khama’s ruling party befriended Malema on an earlier visit, during which the ANCYL president told a rally the country needed a stronger leader.

ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu on Wednesday said it was not discussing in public plans to aid Botswana opposition parties. The League was unaware of Khama’s earlier comments about Malema.

“We are not aware and not interested. We don’t attach value and significance to puppets of imperialism.”

Mmegi reported that another opposition party, the Botswana National Front (BNF), did not see anything wrong with the League’s offer, but wanted to “have a close look at the assistance being offered” to examine how it fitted with the party’s programme.

According to the report, BNF youth leader Kagiso Ntime said Malema’s comments followed his own speech at the ANCYL national conference in June.

Ntime had said the Khama administration showed it was a “willing pawn of imperialist forces” because it agreed to host Africom, the United States African Command.

Botswana Congress Party spokesperson Taolo Lucas recognised the ANC as a “political force” in southern Africa and would assess any help offered by another party and “act accordingly”.

The report quoted ruling Botswana Democratic Party secretary general Kentse Rammidi saying it had an established relationship with the ANC as a political party, and that it would be inappropriate to hold talks with the ANCYL in the media.

“We have noted their [ANCYL] comments and we will follow appropriate channels to address this issue,” he reportedly said.

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said the league had undermined its leadership with its statements on Botswana.

“[The] ANC clearly has no policy of supporting regime changes even in countries governed by parties who may not share our ideological outlook,” Mantashe said in a statement.

“We believe in the respect of the sovereignty of other countries and the spirit of good neighbourliness.”


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6 Comments on "Botswana parties welcome Malema help"

  1. CHANDO KUPISA on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 8:07 am 

    Ian Khami he provoked the ANCYL he must now face the music.

  2. tendai on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 8:34 am 

    Yet if a man comes to Zim and says Mugabe needs to go you are the first to cry! Double standards!

  3. CHANDO KUPISA on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 8:47 am 

    ANC and ZANU(PF)share the same idealogy unlike the Botswana Ruling Party which is proving to be a security threat to SADC.

  4. robmug on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 9:30 am 

    Let him come to Botswana, we will lock him at the village prison if he thinks of his Muzilikazi era. Botswana doesnt suport dectators and Malema is a promising corrupt young dectator.
    He wants to fund opposition parties in Botswana from the money which he embezzeled from his Trust Fund.
    Its a shame to be associated with Malema coz he is very dull. He is also a head of thugs.
    Botswana is a country which is different from other African countries fo it respects its cultural values, thus y the parties said they will c if his help can suite their programs.

    Khama is a man who deserve great respect kwete dzungu rina malema, angove punha kana manzwi haachina nekuda kweumbava hwaakaita.
    Last polls in Botswana some oposition parties even lost some of their seats to Khama coz the poor Batswana lokes him coz of his empowering policy.

    Ther is CEDA, which empowers hard workers not mbava dzinoda kudya zvasevenzwa nemumwe munhu. ANCYL ne ZANU PF zvinowirirana coz inyope dzinodya zvekupamba chete chete.

    We dont support dessidents in Botswana, Malema kane mweya wechi ndebele wekupamba.
    Shame to him coz he has to stand fo his corruption charges of which its a loss to opposition parties coz the funding will stop.
    Batswana likes Khama more than anyone, come votes he wins with gret margins. BMD won some seats coz pple wer voting fo BDP as it was formed from BDP MPs.
    The situation reminds me of that of Gwisai wen he was humiliated by MDC, wen he stood by himselves.

  5. tendai on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 12:25 pm 

    JULIUS Malema is easy to caricature. There is the borderline criminal conduct from his time as head of the Congress of South African Students; his certainly fraudulent election as president of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) and, of course, his less than stellar “academic” record.

    As I write, a group of (white) businessmen with interests in mining in Zimbabwe has been lobbying Malema and the youth league for political protection. The businessmen are afraid Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe might move against their interests and so are appealing to the league to use its connections with Zanu (PF)’s youth brigade to protect them.

    I don’t know what the premiums are on that kind of insurance but you can bet your last cent they do not come cheap. Naturally, these businessmen would not want it known that they are running with the Youth League. Among their friends and families , these men are probably some of the biggest peddlers of the Malema caricature. Why would they want it otherwise?

    Money has been good to Malema, and I don’t just mean in terms of blue lights and easy living. Speak to youth league activists and they will tell you that Saki Mofokeng, the man he “defeated” to become ANCYL president, was a much better candidate. But he did not have Malema’s deep pockets. Understand the role of money in Malema’s rise to power and you understand why his predecessor, Fikile Mbalula, ditched Mofokeng, his homeboy and protege, for Malema.

    Malema can afford the jokes we tell about him. They have made him rich and stopped us from asking the kinds of questions we should be asking. How indeed has Malema got so rich, and does he even pay his taxes? We are not likely to ask these questions so long as we are focused on the caricature, the cartoon, the buffoon. Begin to ask those questions and you start to realise that behind Malema’s call for the nationalisation of mines lies something far more serious, far more dangerous than the jokes we love to tell about him.
    Meanwhile, we laugh ourselves silly. The joke is on us.
    c J Dlamini Businessday

  6. Sober on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 1:54 pm 

    So in other words the opposition have accepted Malema and being cautious, as always, is part of the game.

    The public service strike that rocked Botswana in April (please check full facts on why they were fighting the government); the silence of COSATU on that and remember the ANCYL is a right wing of COSATU; the Malema wise sayings on Khama; and again the silence of COSATU. Can someone out there fix the puzzle?

    Its only that the situation in Botswana is almost familiar with Zimbabwe in that Khama command most of his support in rural areas which accounts for more than half of the population. So come elections he will win, yes, just the same way ZANU PF is going to win the next election despite the fact that greater part of urban population don’t support them.

    Watch this space for more. Something is brewing in our neighbouring nation. This world has many wonders.

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