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Zimbabwe: Are 2013 Elections Possible Without the New Constitution?

Published: December 14, 2012

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Zimbabwe: Are 2013 Elections Possible Without the New Constitution? thumbnail

I just read this article by Garikai Chaunza: Madhuku Backs Mugabe Election Call (NewZimbabwe 13/12/2012) and thought it ideal to air a few issues aloud. I notice Dr. Madhuku has expressed concern  in continued focus on the seemingly otiose Constitution building discussions. His argument is that this controversial issue could be temporarily shelved or dispensed […]

$219 Million For Zim Elections. Myth or Reality?

Published: November 6, 2012

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$219 Million For Zim Elections. Myth or Reality? thumbnail

The Washington Post November of 5, just reported that according to Finance Minister Biti, the Zimbabwean Government would need $219 million to conduct Presidential elections next March. While I am not an economist, this figure just looks like a red flag from a layperson’s perspective. The proponents of the figure would argue that the figure proposed […]

Another 2013 Presidential Poll Delay Imminent

Published: October 15, 2012

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Another 2013 Presidential Poll Delay Imminent thumbnail

“Another Delay in 2013 Presidential Poll Results?” On Friday, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Acting Chair, Joyce Kazembe was reportedly quoted by ZBC reiterating that the ZEC had a right to delay issuing of election results in the event of procedural irregularities. She also noted that the five day window period to release results as […]

If Violence Erupts in 2013 Elections

Published: October 5, 2012

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If Violence Erupts in 2013 Elections thumbnail

The continually reported signs and predictions of looming violence statistics at grassroots level in Zimbabwe remain unsettling on the mind of any ordinary but concerned citizen. Many will recall 2008 as the most violent year in the last two decades in Zimbabwe. Such 2008 experience should be a teachable phase that must be avoided at […]

Who takes responsibility for the corruption in Zimbabwe?

Published: September 3, 2012

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  While a considerable amount of the current problems in Zimbabwe are attributable to economics, and the GNU internal squabbles, corruption on the doorsteps of public offices and notorious political party vices claim a fair chunk of the issues. Some of these national setbacks could still be redressed if the greedy and power hungry public […]

Zimbabwean Voter, This Time Beware!

Published: August 3, 2012

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Zimbabwean Voter, This Time Beware! thumbnail

Some decades ago, Zexie Manatsa and his band sang, “Vaparidzi vawanda, handichaziva wekutevera. Baba ndadzungaira…” (Too many preachers, I don’t know which one to follow. I am confused). This is the current political situation in Zimbabwe and voters must be wary of fake gold. They must penetrate the glitter and get to the substance of […]

E-Voting for the Zimbabwean Diaspora

Published: July 27, 2012

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Recently, Justice Minister Chinamasa stated that the diaspora vote could be discarded due to logistic-related issues as well as an absence of equal opportunity to access the Western block campaign platform as actuated by sanctions. [“101 reasons exiles can’t vote: Chinamasa” NewZimbabwe (July 11, 2012)]. In other words the synopsis of his stance was premised […]

Our Embassies Abroad Can Do Better

Published: June 5, 2012

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After reading, Diplomats Evicted over Unpaid Rentals (New Zimbabwe Online 05/28/12) many interesting questions have emerged, causing a friend of mine to sarcastically ask, “Vanomboiteiko ivava?” Implying, “But what do these Zimbabwean diplomats really do?” While foreign missions do not exist to feed, clothe, employ or create comfort and enhance life for their citizens abroad, […]

Let’s Save the U.Z. Part II

Published: May 3, 2012

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Let’s Save the U.Z. Part II thumbnail

Pursuant to my earlier contributions this week, this is the sequel to the subject on reviving the UZ. It should also signify the epilogue of my suggestions on the issue as I create space for other alumni members, the community at large and various interested friends and well-wishers to step forward and view their respectable […]

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