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Diamond boss blasts KP

Published: August 5, 2010


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HARARE(ZimEye) – The chairman of the African Diamond Council (ADC), Andre Action Diakite Jackson, has castigated the Kimberly Process Certification System (KP) – whose regulator Abbey Chikane(insert-right) is due in Zimbabwe at the weekend to approve sale of the disputed Marange diamonds – for being ‘ineffectual’ and allowing the country’s leaders to get away with gross human rights violations in pursuit of diamond riches.

“The System has failed to thwart trading of diamonds mined as a result of human suffering and although Zimbabwe’s current dealings and previous defiance may frustrate many of their global critics, the country has led the attack in exposing the vulnerability of the KP,” Jackson said in a statement from the ADC headquarters in Luanda, Angola.

Chikane was authorized by the World Diamond Council at their summit last month in Russia to allow limited sales of gemstones from the heavily contested Marange fields starting this month. His weekend visit is meant to rubber-stamp that decision.

AAD Jackson

   Jackson insisted in his statement that illegal activities were still ongoing at Marange, making a decision to allow foreign sales of the stones highly questionable.

“Gems lie near the surface of the ground and are easily collected by soldiers, smugglers and illegal miners who work for them,” Jackson said. “The government’s shrewdness has been demonstrated best by their exploitation of an ineffectual KP diamond certification scheme.”

The visit by Chikane at the weekend has been clouded by legal issues and international pressure after United States President Barack Obama last week signed into force a law that would make it mandatory for listed American firms to ensure they only buy stones from regions free from conflict.

Legal owner of the Marange diamond claims, African Consolidated Resources’ CEO, Andrew Cranswick, hinted last week that the anticipated sale would be illegal even if the conflict issues appear to have been resolved. It was expected that the London-listed ACR would take legal action against any international buyers, especially Western firms, who participated in the impending sales.

Jackson said another problem was that Zimbabwe had an unknown quantity of stockpiled diamonds – some of them mined during the brutal army Operation No Return which, according to rights groups resulted in the death of more than 200 civilians.

“The government hoards and controls a massive stockpile of both industrial diamonds and more than 40 percent of gem-quality diamonds,” Jackson said.

He lamented that the country’s diamond industry was dogged by legitimacy problems when it boasted “one of the richest alluvial diamond deposits in the world, which could effortlessly position the country as a leading diamond producer”.

The ADC is sending its own officials alongside Chikane, to assess the situation on the ground at Marange before they present a report to the KP, to be used as the basis for further discussion at the KP’s annual summit in November. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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17 Comments on "Diamond boss blasts KP"

  1. Makwembere on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 5:14 am 

    Is this the Diamond boss, dressed in a Nike uniform? What a joke of the day. Stupid little boy!

  2. God given wealth on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 7:08 am 

    Which diamonds are you talking of Mr Jackson. Leave us alone and for once allow us to move on. Block the blood fuel America is getting from Iraq NOT OUR diamonds. Your decision is but to punish ordinary unemployed Zimbabweans for your masters’ personal gains. Go ahead Mr diamond boss. You will not win. God will set us free. No wonder why Mugabe says to hell, hell, hell with you for such interferences. Zimbabwe forever. VIVA. Aluta continua

  3. Dhagi Wekuchengwena on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 9:07 am 

    Gwana gwamai ani ugu

  4. mafi on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 9:17 am 

    Typical Zimbo minds, hardly critical.I think the system has thoroughly cowed the majority of the population and now they see no evil, hear no evil!

  5. mafi on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 9:19 am 

    Typical Zimbo minds, hardly critical.I think the system has thoroughly cowed the majority of the population and now they see no evil, hear no evil!Shame!!!!!!!

  6. Guvnor on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 10:41 am 

    This KP certification problem is the price which Zimbabwe has to pay for throwing away rule of law. You can not bully the world into condoning unsrupulous behaviour. You can’t have it both ways. If the fields are to be nationalised pay ACR the value of their claim. If the taxes and royalties are to be increased to whatever percentage whilst ACR run the fields do it in parliament. For Gods sake Marange was not the first diamond mine in the country, why change the norm? The reckless means and methods done of issuance of mining licences to briefcase companies breaks both local law and international law. To claim this is for national interest is unlikely to find many believers or backers anywhere. The real problem is some selfish and greedy people are not serving Zimbabwe’s best interest. Majaira kuba, nekujaira hutororo.

  7. Mundembe Mhlanga on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 12:07 pm 

    The ADC’s chairman relentlessly fought for the release of Farai Muguwu while KP and World Diamond Council members were meeting in Tel Aviv and St. Petersberg. The ADC is a pro-African organization that fights on behalf of not only Zimbabwe, but every African diamond producing country. Zimbabwe (together with all KP’s current members) doesn’t need the approval of an ineffective diamond certification scheme to sell their diamonds, when they have the ADC. You all must do your homework before coming to so many inaccurate conclusions.

  8. Bla Miki on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 12:22 pm 

    Gunor pfungwa munadzo but ndedzepwere. This guy called God Given Wealth is indeed a patriotic zimbabwean. These Americans vajaira kunoba zvisi zvavo by ginya like what they are doing in Iraq. They have blood dripping from their hands. Blood of innocent people at the expense of oil and now they want our diamonds. Rule of law kuita sei kwacho paupfumi hwedu hwenyika inga mari yacho irikungo handlwa naminister wenyu zvinhu zvichingofamba. Ini chokwadi Tsvangirai handimulavhe ini.

  9. Guvnor on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 1:59 pm 

    @Bla Miki a government does not need to own a resource to maximise its income from the same said resource. The sum of income earned from corporate tax, income tax, value added tax, royalties on minrals and duty on raw material can exceed what would have been earned from complete government ownership. If the parastatals or what Mineral Marketing Corporation did with Mhangula Copper Mine are anything to go by then there is no reason to expect that a better outcome from Chiadzwa. Bottom line jingoism is not a way to run business, nor is it the way to run a successful economy. If we followed your line of reasoning we would all be busy sloganeering against sucessful economies whilst wondering why our own economy is sinking deeper into feaces.

  10. Leon on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 6:16 pm 

    We have been tangled in the politics of distribution of resources, (farms or land) for the past years. Needless to mention other non-material resources such as education, status, influence and opportunity, much witnessed by the formation of factions amongst dominant political parties in Zimbabwe. This therefore defines politics as a process, a process whereby we as species, go about the use, production and distribution of resources. To achieve this without any conflicts and hostilities, we need rationality. Is the emergence of diamonds during such a time not going to give us a new face of politics, worse than what we have been through before like the Congo in the 90s? or it came at the right time to soothe the economic collapse and unrest?
    It could have been better if all this is done with the interests of Zimbabweans at heart. Stopping the sale of these diamonds wont help the struggling population facing hunger and stavation soon. Why not talk about selling them and feed the Zimbabweans than letting them keep begging. Is humanitarian aid another form of a political gesture?

  11. Leon on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 6:35 pm 

    Why is the same process like the Kimberley Process not used on all sales of resources such as oil, opium, gas and war planes?

    Was the same rule functioning during apartheid? if not, are the sales made during that era going to be declared null?

    Which continent has been affected by the same rule? Is it not a regionalised rule to target the developing of such continents?

  12. Ezra on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 8:13 pm 

    Leon I am following your line of thinking. What bout Congo where Mugabe invaded, are the DRC’s diamonds viewed as blood as well. Has the KCP visited KABILA as well? If they have then thats fine but in the mean time i hope you answer me on this one.

  13. JOSEPH MUTASA on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 8:34 am 

    This donkey you call Andre Action Diakite Jackson, does he want to blame Mugabe that the diamonds are close to the surface. Where do people find these half-wits to put in these councils, just for the purpose of legitimising the pillage of African resources by neo-cons.

    Listen Andre Action Diakite Jackson, I suspect you might get the chance to view this, you are an embarassment to progressive Africans. Ever been to Zimbabwe?, which blood do you talk about in Zimbabwe apart from joining in the real battle in Zim, LAND. You think this is about blood?, there is no blood here damnit. What nationality are you?

    Everyone in Zimbabwe incuding 4 year old know the problem here in Zimbabwe and are determined that regardless of all this arm-twisting from the west, which you gladly join maybe to save your own job in the council or whatever, we are going to prevail. Mark my words Jackson.

    Maybe one of these days you will have the opportunity to visit this country. You are welcome but I think from airport you need to go straight to school.

  14. JOSEPH MUTASA on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 9:06 am 

    Excuse me guys, was out of town. Have to respond to the guys calling himself Mafi. Say the system has cowed Zimbos. Thats a complement you know, people must be cowed by their own systems and not by the west’ systems, the same way Zimbabwe should have its own filthy-rich elite , the same way the west have their ****-rich elite. What I ask about our politicians though is that do not go to foreign countries to bomb, rape and kill their people like the other elites do. Remain God-fearing and tell those those who do not wish us well to go to hell.

    We do not want to import an elite. Which country in the world does not have an elite? They have, but other countries choose to have the west as the elite in their countries.

    VIVA elite yedu. Tinokudayi. Long Live.

  15. Elieen mawire on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 9:48 am 

    This pple they want to control other pple’s wealthy ,they form a stratagy of colonize other countries for their gain.(blood daimond)Americans what are you trying to say,check yrself before pointing the finger.Iraq, angola,DRC afgan, who is behind this, Obama is useless rinoora here diamond racho haisi oil inganzi inoshooter gungwa’s too late tabengenuka

  16. Bla Miki on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 1:11 pm 

    Ndiko kutauraka uku. Vana Makwembere with all the education he aquired he still cannot think outside the box. Blood rinotaurwa racho nderei and this kimberley process if l am not mistaken was designed to stop diamonds from zimbabwe entering world markets thereby cautioning the country from the sanctions imposed. We have always been saying that these sanctions, called for by his Accidency, the President of MDC T party, and aided by his western morons are real and biting the ordinary and poor citizen of this country, not Mugabe or the targeted rhetoric.

  17. Tedias Mpofu on Mon, 9th Aug 2010 10:21 am 

    My dear brother Mutasa, You really made a fool of yourself this time by failing to investigate your accusations before commenting and you should be ashamed of your remarks. Do not allow your emotions prevent you from seeing that Dr. Jackson is “pro-Zimbabwe” and you should take a moment to verify his intentions by visiting the ADC’s or JFPI’s website. If you have any personal issues with the guy, perhaps you should e-mail him directly to find some clarity and if you are looking to get your ego stroked here, please take your comments elsewhere. Remain God-fearing and tell those who do not wish us well to go to hell. If the ADC continues to prevent the (western-run) Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council from coercing and interfering with Zimbabwe’s state of affairs, then even you might join his fight.

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