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Ephraim Tapa fires back at his enemies

Published: July 12, 2011


Ephraim Tapa fires back at his enemies thumbnail

Ephraim Tapa has responded to a board of trustees resolution which reportedly fired him from leadership of his ROHR(Restoration Of Human Rights) organisation.

In the below press release, Tapa claims that the board meeting held was not a legal one and because of this, he remains leader of ROHR.

Ephraim Tapa PRESS RELEASE – 10th July 2011

There is an article going under the banner of ROHR Zimbabwe claiming that an Extra-Ordinary meeting  of the board was held on 7 July 2011 and that Mr Ephraim Tapa (Founder President/Board  Chairperson), Mr Tichanzii Gandanga (Secretary General/ Board Secretary) and Mr Ray Muzenda  (National Chairperson/Board member) were expelled from the organisation following a vote of no confidence.

On behalf of ROHR Zimbabwe, I wish to state that this message represents an act of mischief horribly gone wrong or simply, a hoax. The message is calculated to hoodwink and mislead our membership and stakeholders and must be ignored. The authors of this malicious document are a suspicious lot, either trying their best to avoid the inevitable impact of the disciplinary measures already underway or just keen to manipulate the organisation for their selfish ends.

In accordance with the ROHR Trust Deed, Constitution and standard practice, a properly constituted meeting involves the Chairperson naming a date after consultation and the Secretary circulating an official notice to all concerned members incorporating the date, time, venue and in most cases, the agenda of the meeting. We are not aware of any notice from the Secretary General which called for the so-called Extra-Ordinary board meeting and neither were we made aware of the venue or the person convening the meeting. A Board meeting is a serious matter and without the reports of the three critical offices namely President, Secretary General and National Chairperson, it reduces such gathering to a beer hall talk. By making such malicious and palpably tapa_comical3ridiculous claims, Mr Stendrick  Zvorwadza, Ms Grace Mupfurutsa, Mr Ronald Mureverwi and Mr Edgar Chikuvire violated various sections of ROHR Zimbabwe Trust Deed and Constitution and as a consequence, they put the name of the organisation into disrepute. By their act of coming together for the purposes of forming their own group, they all automatically expelled themselves from ROHR Zimbabwe with effect from the date of their so-called meeting: 07/07/2011.

As I was starting the organisation in 2007, I offered the UK-based Ms Grace Mupfurutsa the opportunity to be a Trustee, which she duly accepted. However to this day, Ms Mupfurutsa has not been confirmed as a board member and neither has she attended any board meeting or participated in any structure building activities where she lives in the UK, almost 4 years on.  In light of that, the last board meeting of November 2010 subsequently resolved that she be dropped from the board as she had not demonstrated sufficient commitment or taken up the responsibilities of a Trustee, among other reasons. It must be noted that this resolution was carried in the President’s report, which was adopted by all present. Simply put, Ms Mupfurutsa is not a Trustee of ROHR Zimbabwe.

It was also my pleasure to invite Mr Stendrick Zvorwadza to the board and I can confirm that after working with him for a year, the board began to doubt his motives following his failure to account for organisation property entrusted in his care. Suffice is to say Mr Zvorwadza effectively stopped all active involvement with ROHR Zimbabwe after the 2008 Board meeting. In May 2011, Mr Zvorwadza suddenly re-appeared on the scene throwing accusations at all but himself and offering positions to those who were agreed to the idea of supporting him and hell, to those who resisted his moves. In the process, he harassed staff, engaged in gerrymandering activities, threatened officials with arrest citing his blood links to Minister Makone, falsely accused staff of corruption, accused the president of various crimes, made insinuations that he was on a paid mission to deliver ROHR Zimbabwe to the MDC-T to stop Tapa, and on occasions, would visit the office and address workers whilst inappropriately dressed (in a small short trousers) against the organisation’s code of conduct,  among many other concerns. As the custodian of the constitution and head of the organisation, I suspended Mr Stendrick Zvorwadza from the offices of Trustee and Vice President of ROHR Zimbabwe on 15 July 2011 pending a board decision on the matters. Please note that ROHR Zimbabwe is apolitical and does not tolerate meddling in party politics.

Mr Ronald Mureverwi is currently suspended from the Secretariat for not attending to his workplace for months and unbecoming behaviour, condoning and aiding unacceptable behaviour by Mr Zvorwadza, among other breaches. That in my view, creates a picture of opportunistic teamwork by the said four former Trustees for reasons of personal gain and elevation for the work that they have not done. The same applies to Mr Edgar Chikuvire, a nephew to Mr Zvorwadza, who also played a pivotal role in bringing about this situation. Mr Mureverwi’s case currently awaits board decision.

The quartet’s unbridled courtship of the press and their unusual desperation for publicity betrays their insidious motives – to destroy the organisation. Suffice is to say, as ROHR Zimbabwe board, we will not be able to respond to any further  articles relating to the issues at stake until after the board meeting on 21-22 July. Please be advised that unless communication is from the Chief Spokesperson of the Organisation and representative, Mr Ephraim Tapa, any communication purporting to be from ROHR Zimbabwe shall be of NO interest and NOT representative of the organisation.

In the meantime, ROHR Zimbabwe leadership wishes to assure all members and stakeholders of our unwavering commitment to the cause and objectives of human rights and we will continue to work hard and do our best as always.

Insofar as the newly formed Zimbabwe, We Can Movement, the organisation wishes to draw members attention to its Trust Deed’s Aims and Objectives:
4.1.9 To encourage participation by members of the public in governance issues including their constitutional rights
4.1.11 Network with other civic organisations that share the same objectives and values nationally, regionally and internationally.

Clearly this initiative falls within ROHR Zimbabwe constitutional mandates, hence the huge interest shown by our membership. Please note that the Movement is not a political party.

Those who have been receiving our statements can note that the email address being used to propagate such information is not the organisation’s official email but one created to facilitate these nefarious activities.

Ephraim Tapa
ROHR Zimbabwe Founder/President

For Justice, Peace and Freedom


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12 Comments on "Ephraim Tapa fires back at his enemies"

  1. Chemai Nyoni on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 6:57 am 

    Problem is that Tapa wants to belong to all these organisations and be the leader of each one of them. Now he is fighting two battles. One against Silence Chihuri from whom he stole the idea of Yes We Can Movement and another against the people mentioned above ( ROHR).
    Tapa being one who suffers from delusions of granduer will not hold these two organisations intact. They are both crumbling. Yes We Can Movement was only attended by a handful of people on Sat.
    Tapa is just a waste of time.

  2. Sekai Zvenyu on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 7:22 am 

    My name is Ephraim Tapa, President of ROHR, President of Yes We Cam Movement, and future President of Zimbabwe!!! Vote for me for financial abuse, women sexual abuse and dictatorship. I am the vision holder of Zimbabwe. Yes on my own I will lead you to freedom.

  3. chegotsi on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 10:50 am 

    Iwe Chemai Moyo dont be a fool why you lie,we understand that their meeting on saturday was full and went very well.

  4. SIMANGA on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 11:09 am 

    Zimbabwe Yes We Can Movement we know that you haven’t started to hold any public meetings yet,except for your executive meetings which we hear are well attended.We your supporters we will not listern to haters who always rants and have got no direction except to boot lick Tsvangirai.Yes We Can–Together We Will.

  5. TETE VANESHANJE HAVAKURI on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 12:20 pm 

    Now he is fired for stealing £26.000.00 from his party–LOL!!!–Handiti ndakazvitaura kare kare kuti these diaspora people are liars, thieves and chancers.Inini handimbofi ndaka sapota these people. Anoda kutanga pati yake ngaadzoke kumusha ozotanga pati yacho muvhu reZimbabwe kwete izvi zvekuda kuba mari dzevanhu varikupukuta kwechembere dze Bhuris.h.iti. Sorry I mean Bhiritishi-ha!ha!ha! So?

  6. nsukuzonke on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 2:06 pm 

    well guy they is no ways either you stick with your zanu killers or you change the counrty for good no one is perfect even tsangarai is corrupt so you can talk bad about tapa but he the only one try it will help if you guys support him

  7. Danhai Mhashu on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 7:31 pm 

    Iwe Chegitsi your a lost. I would rather be Tsvangson’s boot leaker than Leak Tapa’s . Tsvangirai is a Hero, yes despite his weaknesses under his leadrship Zanu is on its knees?
    What has Tapa achieved? Nothing. Just seeking to make money out of people like yourselves. Hezvo he has defrauded RORH. Make a little money in this movement it will be gone over night. Tapa and Betty Makoni are thieves!!

  8. Mbuya Chiendambuya on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 9:29 pm 

    Mabasa a Betty Makoni ese aya: everyone anodyidzana naMuzvare Betty Makoni itsotsi: combination yaBetty naTapa yakaoma. Vanoda kugaya mapound evanhu and buy mansions in Zimbabwe. Tapa for President and Betty Makoni Prime Minister and also Minister of all Girls and Women of Zimbabwe; saka varume ngwarai vanasikana venyu vose nemadzimai enyu will all be reporting to Betty Makoni.

  9. haiz- sheffield on Wed, 13th Jul 2011 8:37 pm 

    A man is innocent till proven guilty,It is therefore foolish to say Tapa has defrauded ROHR without anyone having produced the necesary evidence to prove he is a criminal. How can you say he hasnt achieved anything when he founded ROHR which some rogues now want to snatch from him.It is a known fact that some people are more keen on pulling people down instead of giving praise where it is due. Get a grip, focus on rebuilding Zimbabwe and stop this tittle tattle

  10. Tererai Nhau on Thu, 14th Jul 2011 6:48 am 

    haiz – sheffield you are one of Tapas boot leakers. He fired Silence Chihuri did he prove that Silence is indeed Augustine’s son? Where is the evidence?
    At least we have reasonable grounds to believe that Tapa has misappropriated funds from his RORH movement as is being alleged by the bosses Tapa himself appointed. Clearly there are some financial ireggularities, these 5 people are not mad unless you tell me Tapa was foolish to appoint insane people to lead his organisation.

    You are crying fowl, that people want to snatch ROHR from Tapa. Is it not Tapa who has just Snatched YES we CAN Movement from Chihuri??? So the say goes. Dindingwe rinonakidzwa richikweva rimwe, kana rokweva iro roti mavara angu azara ivhu!!! In English What goes round comes round!!!
    I am neither a Chihuri nor a Tapa fan, they are both jokers, Tapa more so than Chihuri.

  11. ZONDIWE on Fri, 15th Jul 2011 3:28 pm 

    To correct you Tererai Nhau:Silence Chihuri didn’t form Zimbabwe Yes We Can Movement.It was formed by young Zimbabweans and Silence happened tobe among those Zimbabweans.People didn’t know that he was Augustine Chihuri’s son until an article was published by Zimeye and they were right to fire him.Tapa is far much better because his only crime is he was the first person in MDC-T to pin point Tsvangirai as a dictator and corrupt,and they fired him from the party.Yet the the defference is..Silence Chuhuri is a son of a mass murderer.

  12. CHAMUTENGURE on Fri, 15th Jul 2011 3:36 pm 

    Tsvangirai is going all over the places in Zimbabwe pregnanting young girls as young as 19 years.At least Tapa has learnt his past mistakes about leaderships and womising.Tsvangirai is not learning anything,istead he is continuing doing it,refusing even to pay maintanence.Since his wife died,Tsvangirai has lost his head.

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