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EXCLUSIVE:Mai Jukwa US Location Revealed

Published: March 26, 2013


EXCLUSIVE:Mai Jukwa US Location Revealed thumbnail

In the below article, this reporter reveals exclusive location details of Facebook chat personality known as ‘Mai Jukwa.’

It has now been firmly established that Mai Jukwa is a group of persons operating as a triangle linking coordinators among the United States, Zimbabwe, and with China and some Asian destinations.  This sensitive investigation has compiled key locations in the US, China, Japan, and Zimbabwe, which evidence serves to prove that the Jukwa syndicate is in fact a batallion of young internet gurus doubtlessly employed to cultivate popular opinion and achieve certain political mileage in the process. What has been a serious public concern however has been the way in which the so called Mai Jukwa published news of the illegal arrest of top MDC-T officials “before it took place”, as it has been reported last weekend. Many Zimbabweans have thus concluded that the Jukwas are connected to torture groups within Zimbabwe.

In this issue we point to an exact location in Oregon where another Jukwa personality was spotted crawling the internet and coordinating Facebook chat activities.

The place is Tigard, in Oregon with the unique longitude identifiers: -122.7700.

Two other coordinators were located in Shenzhen, China and another in the city of Beijing, with unique longitude identifier 116.4130

Another Jukwa coordinator has been located in Tokyo, physically stationed at unique longitude identifier 114.1500.

Oregon citing of another Mai Jukwa agent.

The list of the persons’ actual names will be published as soon this investigation reaches consummation. The investigation will highlight clarity on who exactly is the mastermind behind the Jukwa carnation.


Propaganda Spectrum Using Captivating Emotive Languistics.

This reporter has also detected a complex spectrum of propaganda notes systematically scattered across several weeks, and doubtlessly structured with an intention to bring a final opinion outcome. Slowly and slowly the public will be won over, and baited through catchy rumour stories mixed with real facts and events, all firmly building a solid community single mindedness. This growing virtual community of people thinking the same thing and having a mono-emotional disposition will be crucial at election time, and so whoever owns the Jukwa brand will influence the way ink falls onto ballot paper.

The Jukwas’ feeding of crucially emotive popular content will be the starting point.

Some of the emotive rumours include the below so called “Breaking News” by Baba Jukwa in which it was claimed yesterday that Reserve Bank Govenor Gideon Gono has suddenly fled Zimbabwe to seek refuge in war torn Egypt.

“BREAKING NEWS, BREAKING NEWS, Vanangu:Sydney Sekeramayi and Saviour Kasukuwere together with the Director-General of the Central Intelligence Organization CIO, Happyton Bonyongwe attempted to assassinate the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe RBZ Governor Gideon Gono, a plot that was foiled by one of the top CIO Operatives Edward Svosve who had to hid (sic) Gideon Gono at the exact time of assassination. Edward… Svosve had to assist Gidion Gono to run away from the country to Egypt where he arrived yesterday Sunday in the afternoon. As we speak, Gono, is entangled in the Egyptian capital Cairo contemplating the next move. He has send an SOS to all his friends for assistance throughout the world including the President of Zimbabwe. The politics of murdering each other has reached uncivilized levels. Kasukuwere and Sekeramayi, stop killing Gono. You have spilled a lot of blood. Please phone them on their numbers we gave you on our last posting to stop it.”

More to follow…

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26 Comments on "EXCLUSIVE:Mai Jukwa US Location Revealed"

  1. Jongwe Mupoto on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 5:11 am 

    Technology yakapenga varume . But this story doesnt make sense. Who is carrying out the investigation for what purpose. Either someone is hacking into Facebook. Which is a big crime itself or Facebook is working with despots who feel offended by some posts. Because the investigation can only be carried from inside Facebook if it is to be legal . Otherwise these same investigators can claim they know all our financial activity only the net . Yes by the same token .

  2. Poor Farmer on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 5:45 am 

    This is Grade seven propaganda whoever gets to the final opinion with such trash must be mentally unstable.

  3. US DETECATIVE on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 5:53 am 

    Aponda munhu here Jukwa wacho,Zimeye why are you so offended?,trust me you will come up with pseudonyms only,you know nothing about cyber espionange you dumb and dumberers,mk0sho dzenyu manje hamulume,we got counter software too!

    Jukwa arikudiwa nemapurisa here thats the big ??n.

  4. Gayigusu on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 6:01 am 

    If these guys were smart at all their identities would not have been foiled. Haven’t they heard of Anonymous VPN Services that can anonymise all internet traffic through private VPN Service? From the dispersion of “their” locations, I would have guessed its one or two guys using such a service because the service can make someone sitting in Mbare, Harare appear to be in Russia, China or whatever proxy they choose.

    My guess is, they were stupid enough to use a USA based proxy which can be compromised by the overzealous FBI. Another more likely guess is, their focus lapsed and they were tempted to access the same accounts using a standard HTTP port with no VPN. Stupid!

  5. US DETECATIVE on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 6:03 am 

    Zimdofo why are you not investigating baba Jukwa if its all about ethics??,now you expose yourself as a two headed serpent!

  6. Cde Naked wekuHwedza on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 6:47 am 

    Isusu vaRozvi tinoti mbavha dzeku Jubheki ngadzi batwe.

    Varume paJubheki munoti chiiko napo apa? Kune mjmwe muFesi arikushandisa zita rangu, ndoita sei boyz dzangu?

  7. mirage on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 7:09 am 

    no news no need, why do you want to expose them. You are lying

  8. Greyhora on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 7:12 am 

    Mai Jukwa in China is infact Chandog, Mwanakomana Jukwa in Oregon is Samoradog, Baba Jukwa in Harare is Bla Dog, in Tokyo we have Mwanasikana Jukwa Tsanodog. Trying to feed us propaganda of lies through the internet, after seizing wireless radios!

  9. Bla Miki on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 7:42 am 

  10. Shariyah on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 7:45 am 

    Dectecative,i also dont get it why Zimeye feels threatened by these people,we are now on day two with the same Jukwa Jukwa krep!

    Gayigusu please note,most proxy servers are US based and this is not a cause for worry either,if you have paid for protection and signed that contract even FBI has no access to your details.I bet no one can see my IP address and location right now,i dont know how much Cde Naked would like to bet that no one knows his phone number because he is always commenting withat phone,kiikikiiii,dont worry Cde you are a small fish to fry,masahwa ega ega!

    Anyway,Zimeye’s hollow threats to expose Mai Jukwa and wittingly elects to spare baba Jukwa is a classic example of double standards,for a self respecting news tuckshop to practice such open bias is shameful if not worse!

  11. Shariyah on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 7:50 am 

  12. Think_Tank on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 7:51 am 

    @Gayigusu, you are being simplistic, there is a guy called Hector Monsegur “Sabu”, he was a specialist and leader of hackers Lulzsec but the FBI managed to uncover his identity down to his residence. Now think if Zimbabwe guys can work with such efficiency or better. The internet is not a good place for bad people to hang around, even Chinese hackers could not cover their tracks, US made the internet and most of their companies like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp can always have FBI insiders. These guys must stay off social networks and mobile phones especially smart phones or else their cover will be blown.

  13. malcolmX on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 8:12 am 

    Just give us the **** names instead of beating about the bush mhani, nxaaa

  14. Gono on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 8:21 am 

    Expose this Amai Jukwa gay plz ndaponda zvangu!

  15. danny on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 8:58 am 

    my mouth is shut

  16. Gwisai on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 9:02 am 

    hazvipedze nhamo munyika zvekubata Mai Jukwa na VaJUKWA!

  17. kaybee on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 9:59 am 

    I thot facebook was banned in China and measures taken to make sure it dsnt open anywhere in how does ur investigator identify a Jukwa facebook user in China??????????????

  18. Philosopher on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 11:59 am 

    please zimeye give me the name of this Jukwa clan especially Jukwa himself.i like his good command of english and i think he is a gentleman and a scholar- its a shame it is education put to waste.just like Bra Miki and Chando Kupisa This Jukwa guy is very intelligent taking into consideration how he writes his english and responds to issues.he also uses omugabe as another pseudonym.i once convinced myself that this was non other than our nutty professor J Moyo.then i lost interest in reading his articles or comments on newzimbabwe forum becauseJona represents nothing good on this the way Jukwa writes his articles i think he is even more dangerous than Jona.his consistent use of Bones of Nehanda and **********s smack of a Patriotic know how they behave in the name of sovereignty.

  19. Tobias on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 12:23 pm 

    This is crap. Is this not supposed to be a free world led by the west. What crime or sin did these people commit? Its their right and opinion to convey their opinion and comment to the world. If zimeye want a readership from a specific school of thot it must inform and bar those of a diverse you but you cant investigate them or force opther publicaion to stop publishing those opinions. Siyanai namaiJukwa. She says better sense than most the junk we read from zimeye.

  20. Papa Dzukwa on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 1:09 pm 

    Don’t be misled! The real Amai Jukwa is in UK.

  21. Papa Dzukwa on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 1:11 pm 

    Yes Tobias! Amai Jukwa is a man and he just finished his Ph.D in communications. But he is a CIO operative.

  22. Papa Dzukwa on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 1:23 pm 

    Please don’t make a confusion between Papa Dzukwa and baba Jukwa. The two are different people and with different missions in life. Amai Jukwa and baba Jukwa are both Ndebele and papa Dzukwa is Shona. The first two are CIOs and me, i am on your side.

  23. Internet Uza on Wed, 27th Mar 2013 7:23 am 

    My people shall perish for lack of knowledge. To thing every puzzle you have is only in plain site is disheartening.Gavigusu “Anonymous VPN Services that can anonymise all internet traffic through private VPN Service” I personally learnt that by accident for my facebook account has taken me to America and Kenya whilst all the while I have been in the comfort of my Harare home.Indeed the only safe way is to be off internet and refuse to touch smartphones even with a mile long stick.

  24. jewels of Zimbabwe on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 9:01 am 

    There is another impersonator on facebook and his name is mutungamiriwezimbabwe. His focus is analysis of political news. In fact social networks have become the vehicle of dissent, generally liberating journalism from economic and political influence of owners. Generally I like the Jukwa clan, Jones Musara, Mugrade 7 and Mutungamiri Wezimbabwe. Whatever people deem of these pseudo names, government and secret operatives should keep their hands off them.

  25. Cde Zuze on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 9:22 am 

    Viva Cde Jukwa!

  26. Petros on Fri, 19th Apr 2013 9:55 pm 

    Rubbish using an IP anonymizer I can post from any location in the world.From Brazil , New York and China.

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