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Gvt to send jobless nurses abroad


Published: January 18, 2011


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HEALTH Minister, Henry Madzorera, has said the government may soon have to send hundreds of qualified but jobless nurses to work in neighbouring countries because the government cannot afford to employ them.

“We might find ourselves with more nurses than we need, making some of those who we train redundant (which) makes it imperative to enter into a sort of agreement with some of our neighbours who need their services,” Madzorera was quoted by state media. “We are thinking about it.”

He added that the nurses would be given special training targeted for the markets which required their services.

Dr Henry Madzorera Zim Minister of Health_412x232Although the country’s hospitals are reportedly understaffed, the government is said to have imposed a cap on recruitment due to lack of funds. Through international treaties, contracts would be created

“This will ensure that Zimbabweans go out with dignity knowing that their country and Government is behind them,” he said.

The country lost thousands of experienced doctors and nurses over the last decade as many sought better working conditions abroad to escape a biting economic crisis back home.

However, training institutions at the major referral hospitals have continued to train nurses with a reported 500 graduating every year.

Many cannot find work in state hospitals while the private sector is also struggling.

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2 Comments on "Gvt to send jobless nurses abroad"

  1. TETE VANESHANJE HAVAKURI on Wed, 19th Jan 2011 12:38 pm 

    Someone somewhere has just figured an easy way of making money.No country especially Zimbabwe will put money into training people so they can send them to work in other countries.Would that not be a waste of resources? PLEASE stop treating us like embeciles!!! How much are you guys going to make for your already thick pockets? TUNISIA is on our doorstep–be warned.So?

  2. julliana zivanai on Wed, 19th Jan 2011 4:32 pm 

    chiremba wemombe nhasi manweiko

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