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MDC-T ready for polls

Published: March 6, 2012


Chivi(ZimEye)-The MDC is more than willing to go to the polls as soon as the necessary reforms have been completed, provincial party officials said here at the weekend.

Speaking at a provincial rally held at Chivi Growth Point on Saturday provincial party leaders concurred necessary reforms have to be completed before the polls adding there was need to fight voter apathy to enable the completion of real change. At least 600 party supporters attended the rally.

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MDC-T ready for polls

MDC provincial chairman, Wilstaff Sitemere said although Zanu PF was using state machinery to frustrate change, people must remain resolute despite the challenges. He added police officers and soldiers should not participate in the polls as they did in the previous elections.

“We want sweeping reforms. We do not want the uniformed forces to play a determined role in influencing the outcome of the polls. Soldiers must stay at the barracks and we also demand a new voter`s roll because the current one is full of ghost voters. We want the issue of
power transfer to be clearly resolved because we want an outright winner in the presidential elections and people should not win by technicalities.

He took a swipe at GMB officials for working in cahoots with Zanu PF to deny villagers thought to be sympathetic to the MDC access to food aid.Headed the food distribution exercise was not a Zanu PF programme.

Addressing the same gathering MDC provincial secretary and Deputy Minister for Youth Development and Indigenization, Honourable Tongai Matutu said Zanu PF was suffering from a leadership crisis and the former ruling party was full of political spent forces who literally reversed the gains of the liberation struggle.

‘We do not want to dwell much on Zanu PF `s failures because we all know that the former ruling party is full of political dead wood-so we know their blunders are well pronounced. Let me stress that we must remain organized and focused. We need to gain total power and I would like to urge all party supporters here to work extra hard so that we can win the Chivi Central parliamentary seat. It is a fact that Zanu PF has stalled social, political and economic progress for years but let us get to the ground and continue to pursue real change and democracy. Chiefs and kraal heads must not participate in political affairs. That is why we are calling for reforms before the polls,“said Honourable Matutu.

Other senior party officials who attended the rally were provincialsecretary for information and publicity Harrison Mudzuri, Masvingo City Mayor Alderman Femius Chakabuda, MDC provincial chairlady Judith Muzhavazhi, William Mugunzva (Youth Organizing Secretary), Heya Shoko (Vice Secretary Masvingo Province and Provincial Organizing Secretary Earnest Mudavanhu).(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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10 Comments on "MDC-T ready for polls"

  1. CHANDO KUPISA on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 5:51 am 

    These MDC(Theresa) fools never cease to amaze me,insteady of telling their supporters what their part policies are,they are worried about the ZANU leadership more than anything else.We know ZANU is for black empowerment,land to the masses,emancipation of women,control of industry commerce by indigenous people etc but our brothers and sisters from mdc think otherwise,just over the weekend Chematama was denouncing these policies in South Africa,its only idiots and fools we believe Chematama can do something for them.He shows his true colours whenever he addresses the media outside the country. Where on earth have you heard of elections where there is no police? That is when they are needed most to mantain peace and order.Are we to take these mdc thugs serious?Tongayi Matutu’s record of thuggery is well documended just go to any police station in Masvingo and iam now convinced that he has a hand in some of the ritual murders taking place in Masvingo.

  2. Anonymous on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 6:13 am 

    You MDC supporters are aware that Tswangison is hell bent on pleasing the bass pronounced “bus?” If you know that then be aware also that frustration is coming your way. I say chinja maitiro to you.

    As for us in Umthwakazi we will not allow the Brutish British to impossing their puppets on us and be waiting for decades for their own puppets to exhaust their popularity with them.

    Annonymous if you allow this T-party to get into power then be prepared to be a refugee again i.e if you are a true democrat that you prefer us to know you to be.

  3. Tambaoga mwanangu on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 6:36 am 

    vanaChando kupisa you know kuti chipati chenyu hachimiri na tsvangson remember kuti 2008 you were outrightly defeated and these are the same ppl who wll vote on the coming elections.What makes you think that this time they will vote for your party.KUNYARARA HAKUSI KUPUSA MUCHAONA HENYU COME ELECTIONS

  4. CHANDO KUPISA on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 6:58 am 

    Dont get excited that was a protest vote, everybody now knows what Chematama cannot do, infact GNU was a blessing in disguise.Vana Tamba Wega, nxa.

  5. Mavambo Kusile Dawn on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 8:45 am 

    Indeed ZANU PF must work to remove all impediments to a free and fair plebiscite. At the same time MDC-T should not push for reforms that benefit them only for a landslide victory. Talking about “we need to gain total power” implies the party wants only outcome alone – an MDC-T win. Enything else will be rejected. ZANU PF also does the same and will try every trick in the kit to ensure a ZPF victory. Let’s all prepare for the “exams” (elections) adequately and leave the “markers” (electorate) to decide the outcome. Police, army, CIO, ZPS, ZEC, etc should be FAIR in discharging their constitutional duties.

    Both parties should for now talk about levelling the playing field – not about outcomes. Remember there is Mavambo and ZAPU, plus many other political parties too!

  6. richie moyo on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 10:01 am 

    its either mdct goes to election or chicken out because bob will never agree to further reforms. its a chicken and egg situation. the reforms they demand are pertinent but gombiro ramuri kushanda naro is too clever. morgan made a blunder to go in bed with bob. he must be advised bob ndimabara, his yes is a yes and his no is a no.

  7. Revai on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 12:08 pm 

    The pple of Zimbabwe are quite peaceful and orderly……we are good well educated and principled pple.
    As a matter of fact its the police who are not orderly…..well Gen.Mujuru’s sham of an investigation comes to mind.

    plse dont denigrate the vana ve Zimbabwe…we are smarter than you think.

  8. Muguriri Rashirayi on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 1:23 pm 

    Zvamataura mese tazvinzwa,handei kuma elections,playing of the playing field kunyepa,munoti ZANU PF yogadzira ground kuti irohwe neMDC here?Ma reforms anochemerwa neMDC ichazoita kana yava mupower,zvimwechetezvo,ZANU PF yakazo effector ma reforms after gaining power in 1980 not before independence.They agitated for one many one vote,note for General Peter Walls to go.Remember Walls commamded the armed forces at independence but he was brutal during the war.People don’t be fooled,wake up from that deep slumber and listen to reason rather than the rhetoric that Mugabe must go.Where?And who should then come?Go to elections,period!!!
    By Sekuru Timba

  9. Bla Miki on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 4:49 pm 

    Talking of dead wood can someone please tell me any notable development Tongai Matutu did during his current tenure of office as deputy minister. You (Tongai) were born dead wood, dull and stupid puppet. Instead of dealing with the gruesome murders in your province, you want to insult members of a revolutinary party.

  10. pretty on Thu, 8th Mar 2012 7:08 am 

    what we need is mugabe must stepdown,just give other people some chances pliz.

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