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Nandos refuses to apologise to Mugabe

Published: December 1, 2011


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The Nando’s company in South Africa Wednesday revealed it would not apologise to president Robert Mugabe for an advert it created which portrays Robert Mugabe as a childish dictator playing with the fallen presidents of Libya and Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

The company issued a statement that it was rather monitoring the situation in neighbouring Zimbabwe after a militant youth group threatened to boycott the franchise in Zimbabwe over the controversial “Last Dictator Standing” advert.

The ZANU PF youths are demanding that the company apologise for “insulting” President Robert Mugabe.

In Zimbabwe it is a crime to insult the president and an advert such as this one would have landed the creators into prison. Only in August a Prison Services (ZPS) officer was fired after a disciplinary hearing where he had been charged with insulting rather Mugabe’s sister, Sabina Mugabe.

In the advert Mugabe was portrayed as a lonely dictator engaging in childish water-gun fights with former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi and fallen Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Quinton Cronje of Nando’s was quoted saying: ” “I don’t think apologising is Nando’s style. It [the advertisement] wasn’t intended to offend anybody.”

He said the company would rather assess the situation in Zimbabwe, according to Eye Witness News.

The Last Dictator Standing, as the new Nando’s advertisement is known, received a remarkable 879,010 hits represented by two files one with 563,675 hits and the other 335,010 hits on the Youtube website.

The 46-second advertorial stars some of the world’s most feared dictators, and highlights how Mugabe has become the only remaining member of the ‘dictators’ club.’

Last Dictator Standing starts by showing the Zimbabwean leader laying a lavish table for a festive supper at his palace. He carefully lays out a place setting for the dead Libyan leader as he slips into memories of his friendship with the tyrant. Later scenes show the smartly-dressed pair larking around and enjoying a playful water fight, during which Gaddafi uses a distinctive golden machine gun. (ZimEye)


WPSN comments

51 Comments on "Nandos refuses to apologise to Mugabe"

  1. Nhando's on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:08 am 

    It’s understandable. White capital in South Africa is very afraid. They have to attack the source of a storm that was about to rock S.A. in the form of Julius Malema. Indeed Mugabe and Malema have to be kept in check and, what better way than to start with their brands/images…

  2. Isaac Mupinyuri on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:12 am 

    Dictators hate to be told they are dictators when they know they are dictators.NATO!!!

  3. CHANDO KUPISA on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:21 am 

    I blame it on Zuma.His so called democracy has gone too far.How can he allow another head of state to be humiliated and ridiculed by these white gays while he watches helplessly.Surely if this was in Zimbo these guys would be having a case to answer.

  4. lloyd garikai ndangariro on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:35 am 

    The problem with S.A is goes with the wind,nw they fear 2 claim their land,destroy the Malemas in order 2 pliz the whites,allows a company 2 denigrate the person of another pres.lts a gay gvt.

  5. Leo on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:48 am 

    What people need to understand is that disrespect is not an answer to anything. this ad is wrong in every way, good or bad R G Mugabe is still the head of state for Zimbabwe and as a zimbabwean i am highly insulted by this ad

  6. I am Zimbambwe on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:52 am 

    That is an abusive, racist and discriminatory advert! It’s an insult to all Zimbabweans, proud of their great nation and identity… to have ur head of state insulted in such a way. We can not laugh at such a joke in bad taste its an insult to our being!

  7. Shora Elvis on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:57 am 

    our president CDE R G MUGABE is 100 percent ryt we want our land and no to gay right ,these whites want to turn every piece of the world to sodom and gomora coz they have cash,to hell with their money , to you south africans open your eyes and c wel go for malema ,your land is yoz why let the white terrorise u,rise 4 what belongs to you. U are beta than that.

  8. marhino on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 7:57 am 

    mwari anogadza president ega kwete nekuvhota gushungo vachabviswa namwari kwete navanhu vanongotaura zvekupenga

  9. Anonymous on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 8:15 am 

    this is an insult 2 all Zimbabweans nt just 2 e president.this is totally unacceptable 2 ridicule our President lyk that

  10. ngoni on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 8:18 am 

    this is an insult 2 all Zimbos.whether u hate him or love him bt that is totally wrong

  11. th Freindly Ghost on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 8:18 am 

    lm sorry bt who dd ths advert, 4 who, 2 who, South African ar children in politics they dnt realise th mental bondage they hv oneday u wl shine yo eyes.. Sure thus a Racism Advert.. Dispisng a President is provokng th whole country lets bun Nandos Zimbabwe… Idzo pfungwa dzeChiBritish takadziramba..

  12. Munashe on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 8:37 am 

    It is unbeliveable how some people come here and write rubbish! Is being gay better that killing and torturing people everyday? Mugabe is a DICTATOR, and if you feel insulted as a Zzimbabwean then it is your business. He is only part of a unity government from an election he killed and maimed people and finally stole. Mugabe is blocking any form of progress in Zimbabwe with everything good being destroyed and stolen by ZANU-PF thieves. Still you guys are talking rubbish here. Shame!!!

  13. Joseph on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 9:09 am 

    Our leaders need to be respected.

  14. Petros Muhawa on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 9:19 am 

    Well Nandos took a position which they should be ready to defend come rain come sunshine. Their Holding Company made more than $40 Millon in their last report from this country . Most of their opperatios in africa are not bringin in $80 million dollars profit a year .But Zimbabwe is doing that for them. However , they made a conscious decesion to attack a leader of such a money machine.So they must be prepared to loose that in a way . The laws of the land are very clear when it comes to issues regarding the high office. The fact that they are doing that from S.A means that they clearly know the law of the land. So they deserve what ever sqeeze they are going to get. They are so many companies with good think tanks in their marketing depatments , but they know where to draw the line . Business and politics. Do you think CocaCola can not come up with things like that? They can, but they are not stupid , they know where to seperate their personal politics and business. Nandos deserve whatever is coming to them. Why would you want to rock the boat when things are this good for you? Untill there is a new law and a new president, its a no no.Focus on protecting your shareholder’s money , or maybe they are the ones pushing the idea. Well they might loose it.

  15. choyachatsva on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:14 am 

    pa..n.yo pako munashe… fool.

  16. magame on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:16 am 

    People who know marketing will tell you that who ever conceptualised the advert is a genius and is smiling.

  17. magame on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:18 am 

    what leader of what country. at best the men is a leader of 42% of the country. we dont care.we want to remove him and some fools cry he he atukwa nenandos

  18. CHANDO KUPISA on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:20 am 

    We still have moroons in our midst and one good example is Munashe,u are is such a big disgrace,the bottom line is Mugabe is recognised the world over as the Head State and Government of Zimbabwe as such he deserves some respect.Chingochani chakutenderedza musoro.

  19. CHANDO KUPISA on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:26 am 

    We still have moroons in our midst and one good example is Munashe, u are such a big disgrace,the bottom line is Mugabe is recognised the world over as the Head of State and Government of Zimbabwe as such he deserves some respect.Chingochani chakutenderedza musoro.

  20. bob on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:30 am 

    Insulted by what exactly?I think Mugabe’s ‘bootlickers’ are just surprised that elsewhere people see him for who he is, a human being capable of doing wrong, whereas they want and have always treated him as a god.By the way respect is a two way human transaction don’t expect respect where you have invested non yourself.One should not confuse respect with fear, Mugabe instills a lot fear because of his past and present brutalities and l hope Zanu PF supporters do not expect that to translate into respect.Mandela commands respect and Bob fear…..

  21. Mutengesi Chii on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:34 am 

    Mugabe should own up. Why defend a dictator when failed to defend defenceless people who were murdered by Zanu in 2008 under the instructions of JOC.

  22. Richard Wraith on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:40 am 

    Mugabe can go f@&K himself!

  23. Munashe on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 10:41 am 

    I believe most of us here are young Zimbabweans. And thanks to all the name callers. If Mugabe is not a dictator, how come he is so much in love with the dictators of the world;Iran, China, North Korea etc? Are you really happy and proud of a person who thinks being white disqualifies you from being african when so many Zimabaweans live and own lots of properties all over the world? Who brought Zimbabwe down to hers knees and made Zim dollar a laughing stock? As kids we all know how Zimbabwe was and it was gradually destroyed under Mugabe. Him and his gangs of so called freedom fighters grabbing, stipping previously productive farms and selling off everything off to the highest bidder and making themselves billionaires, while Zimbabweans are suffering in exile all over the world and many risking crocodiles of the zambezi to escape. Zimbabwe gradually recovering because of the GNU.I have not said that he has done nothing right but lets talk about Zimbabwe of today. Remember Ian Smith did very well even with sanctions on the entire Zimbabawe but current sanctions are on the ZANU-PF officers who have destroyed Zimbabwe still they use it as an excuse. A child who beleives that his 87 year old father will still fight for him/her is a failed child!! Are you one? Zimbabwe is beautiful let us all work to bring it back to it rightful place!!!

  24. **** nandos on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 11:05 am 

    **** nandos and who ever is behind that stupid adv ,they don’t that right what so ever to disgrace our papa,God choose Mr Mugabe for a reson ,why do u shout at our pres what effects does it have to them ,silly its because u want gay rights not with Gushungo ,**** nandos ,they should know where to draw their business lines with politics ,l think nandos they need to cme out right if they are a political vehicle or enterpr

  25. ****** ranhuhwa on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 11:45 am 

    choyachatswa uri *****

  26. dodhi ranhuhwa on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 11:51 am 

    choyachatsva uri øøøøøø

  27. mhondoro on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 11:53 am 

    We need change bottom line like 0r not

  28. ml on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 11:54 am 

    I am a Zimbabwean and I think this is a fantastic advertising campaign. Put Bob in his place.

  29. ml on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 12:16 pm 

    Why respect a leader that doesn’t respect you? Wake up Zim this is a good ad.

  30. Bla Miki on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 12:38 pm 

    These South Africans are stupid. They think they can do here what they are doing down south? Are you aware people that the white SA have just won a case in the High Court to return to old colonial names all the streets previously renamed in honour of freedom fighters? All the Nando’s outlets l’ve visited in Cape Town are manned by 4 or more gays and, or lesbians, could this be where they are coming from to say the President is a dictator?

  31. Killer on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 1:05 pm 

    @ Munashe bigup dude or ***** whatever u r. we will keep on buying from nandos, being a ZimZimbabwean or not . Y dont u like the truth u guys …….

  32. Menzi Malandela on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 1:32 pm 

    This advert is just a reflection of very stupid day dreamers. I agree that Zimbabweans should boycott Nandos rubbish food. Its us Zimbabweans to reject or support any national leader. I hate this ridiculous interference by a company in sympathy of racist white Rhodesians. They are campaigning for Zanupf these fools. Why dont they just sell their recircled food which is in fact poisonous and leave politics to politicians. I will NEVER BUY from this dirty thing called Nandos.

  33. Tsano on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 3:20 pm 

    @Munashe. Wy expose your shallowness to the whole world? Imperialist advert or no advert R.G Mugabe is here to stay and we will support him us the sons of the soil. To h.e.l.l with yo gay gangsters and masters of regime change. Zimbabwe ndeyedu garai ikoko murohwe kumas**** nevarungu

  34. G-Unit! on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 3:24 pm 

    Nando’s has gone through the phases of shooting this add, right? It was well thought of and they went ahead to flight it. Don’t tell me when they shot the add and after all the editing was done they were watching the final footage,etc. that they not once thought that there will be repercussions herefor! I bet you they were having a FAT laugh before during and after the making of this add, so them saying that it was not to offend anyone is UTTER RUBBISH! Does Nando’s think we’re imprudent???!!! Eish, but I will neva stop from buying that delicioso chicken!! I love it!!!

  35. Munashe on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 3:31 pm 

    @Tsano You come here and make no sense, what is your point apart from being racist and anti-gays (which are both personal?) You keep your view son of the soil :) How come you are now hungry since your soil was returned to you? Remember Gadaffi said he will not run but will stay and fight to the end, and surely he did. I hope you don’t change and follow your president to the end. Your president is 87, and you love him so much… hence he should not retire and have some rest but work until he collapses.. What an irony.

  36. Greyhora on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 3:57 pm 

    Imi vanhu veZanu, to hell with you! go ahead and boycott Nandos if you are offended, it won’t even make a small difference coz there are so few of u! some of us found it hilarious and straight to the point and will continue buying Nandos even more! Your president is a dictator, he lost elections and does not deserve to be president! Period!

  37. Chandler Paras on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 4:11 pm 

    everything rises and falls on leadership. the south african president is failing to take control of his own pple then how does he expect to mediate the Zimbabwean crises when his pple are saying evil about our country. This is disrepectiful and uncalled behaviour

  38. Manje So on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 4:29 pm 

    What nonsense?…the sycophants in zanu think they speak for Zimbabwe. They know fully well that the people spoke in 2008 as they have in previous elections and did you listen? Even after taking all the votes from those born in 1900 & those born from yr 2000 (as confirmed by voters roll) you still managed 42% but you still have no shame to spew your foolishness. Dont try and confuse the issues…struggle to emancipate black people and dictatorship (embodiment of your president) are as different as night is to daylight. This advert was in good taste from a company that makes tasty food. Until then its time for braai braai. Cluck cluck grilled jongwe anyone?

  39. MATSUSHI.TA on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 5:30 pm 


  40. Gaga on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 6:23 pm 

    Who vex loss! Abaiwe ngaabude the

  41. smooth on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 7:07 am 

    ukaona ma****** ezanu ari kutukirira pano ari kudiaspora endai munogara nabob kuzim

  42. Tswana on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 8:29 am 

    I am tswana but what NANDOS did is very wrong, why cant they show ZUMA hitting the shower. Mugabe is an elder, no matter what people think about him, he deserves to be respected. I am totally against that Ad.

  43. marii on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 10:55 am 

    why didnt you do the some when Zuma sold Gaddafi

  44. paballo monyepao on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 4:12 pm 

    He, he, he… I see most of the peeps are offended by the advert. Maybe its not such bad thing ridiculing the old man. Loosen up guys or come to SA. I hear some of u guys ridiculing Zuma and the RSA government. Stop complaining or just go back home to ur homeland or let me rather say, back to your beloved Mugabe.

  45. paballo monyepao on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 4:29 pm 

    If u guys luv your government and ur president so much, then y are some of u in South africa enjoying the nandos manned by gays. I can tell u now that Nandos staff in RSA is mostly people from Zimbabwe. Actually most employees in the fast food business are Zimbabweans.

  46. mudhara tindo on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 4:29 pm 

    VanaMunashe makati makaenda kuchikoro iyemi?

  47. Frank Sindrome on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 6:35 pm 

    Ha! this is really funny… idiots!

  48. luck on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 7:00 pm 

    zvikoro zvepa mafarm zvaigumira grade 5. kuti ukwanise kuverenga masaga efertilizer ichishandapo. ini ndinotenda mugabe nekutibatsira kwaakaita. vazhinji tingadai tiri imbwa.

  49. Kode on Sat, 3rd Dec 2011 2:48 pm 

    This is poor business ethics on the part of Nandos. Even the so called dictators have friends and loved ones who can also be customers of Nandos. I am surprised that Zimbabweans are welcoming this outlandish behaviour. Remember President Mugabe is a Head of State and even though he has made his own mistakes but as Zimbabweans we cannot ridicule our own. Baba havarambwe nokuda kwema shortcomings avo after all we are all humans capable of making mistakes. Its not surprising that Nandos has lost some customers nomatter how insignificant the number might be and Mugabe has nothing to lose.

  50. Simbarashe Moto on Sat, 3rd Dec 2011 6:05 pm 

    Konke kulesikhathi sakho phansi kwelanga. . . . . .

    God is always in time!

  51. Mpakapawoneche bunu manyemwe on Fri, 16th Dec 2011 3:22 pm 

    A leader is suppose to b respected so even if does watever he does he z to b given his right. Its our president plz leave hm alone plz.

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