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Police sex video goes into public domain

Published: August 22, 2011


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Johannesburg(ZimEye)The shameful video footage of a policeman together with a female colleague who engaged in a 15 minute sex act, has gone into the public domain.

At the time of writing the video had received more than 1,3million visits within less than four days.

The officers engaged in the shameful act while guarding a prisoner being attended to for treatment in one of the wards at the Leratong Hospital in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Now both officers are allegedly in hospital for depression after this tape surfaced”, a reading on the website stated.

In the video, the female officer is visibly seen wearing her marriage ring while in the act as the door to the room they were in was also apparently wide open.

The female officer is also seen laughing during the immmoral act.

It was revealed however that the male police officer is the one who had set up a camera intending to protect himself against any possible claim of rape charge by his colleague. In at least two occasions, the officer is seen twice turning his face towards the video camera as they continue in the shameful act. The officer admitted that he had recorded the act himself, saying this was to make sure that he would be safe in case Nina turned around and accused him of rape. She was not aware that Big was recording the entire session.

“But a friend from Randfontein police station managed to get hold of the footage and sent it to a number of people and that has ruined my life,” he is quoted by the local Sowetan publication.

Currently suspended, the father of seven said he was thankful to his wife who had stood by him.

“I resigned on July 26 and my wife has been taking care of the family. I am sorry for what I did to her,” he said.


The male correctional services officer from Krugersdorp Prison and Nina and a female police officer, were caught on video having sex in a hospital waiting room. Both officers are from Kagiso, near Krugersdorp, on the West Rand. Sonwabo Mbananga, spokesperson for Correctional Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, said the department rejected his immediate resignation and told him to serve a month’s notice – while on suspension – as required by the department’s regulations.

Mbananga said the officer could not just walk away and “we are hoping that we will have finalised our internal disciplinary processes within 30 days”.

The names Nina and Big are not real names as the officer’s real identities have been sealed away from the public domain.
(ZimEye; South Africa; Zimbabwe)

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30 Comments on "Police sex video goes into public domain"

  1. Dzimai Moto on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 9:26 am 

    They had a tough time for the prison truck is not allowed to stop anyway along the way. They could have done it in the bush but the tracker would indicate a 15 minutes stoppage…

    This was the only time Big was closest to Nina. It is a beautiful example of the wages of sin….

  2. NDEBENKULU on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 9:54 am 


  3. Tinos on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 1:09 pm 

    Thats the price of promiscuity.nina’s husband should sue big and vise-versa

  4. Bla Miki on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 1:47 pm 

    There’s no more cultural values in SA. Walking in the streets, the usual sight is that of semi naked women of different ages. There are countless adverts of abortion specialists, blambi enlargement creams, sexual enhancement drugs etc plasted all over the walls and no advert about Hiv and Aids can be seen anywhere. In SA, ********* rinongotambidzanwa zvisina kutamburira, its Mzansi fo sho-o!

  5. Bla Miki on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 1:49 pm 

    There’re no more cultural values in SA. Walking in the streets, the usual sight is that of semi naked women of different ages. There are countless adverts of abortion specialists, blambi enlargement creams, sexual enhancement drugs etc plasted all over the walls and no advert about Hiv and Aids can be seen anywhere. In SA, ********* rinongotambidzanwa zvisina kutamburira, its Mzansi fo sho-o!

  6. Hovhorosi on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 2:46 pm 

    Ko tete vanotiiko neizvi, pamwe varikunzwa havi yekuti dai vanga vari involved …….

  7. muzukuru on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 2:58 pm 

    Misleading reporting, where is the video?

  8. Bla Miki on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 4:40 pm 

    Hovhorosi, Tete vanouya ndikuudze mufesi. Inonaka chembiza iyi ini ndakairova nayo ndabva ku heroes acre. Ndakatanga ndaifugidza kumeso coz yakaipa plus inoridza mhere inobhowa kana ichiiswa nekuti ine bhesi. Usadherere Tete.

  9. Lenny phulong on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 4:47 pm 


  10. Keepchange on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 6:49 pm 

    A policeman. Be it zrp.sarpo,fbi or CIA. Is also a human being,with feelings be it sexual,emmotional,etc. Hanzi minister munhuwo wani!

  11. sisi on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 8:17 pm 

    people also know to keep their feelings and reserve them for off duty hours iwe Keepchange

  12. kunta kinte on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 8:26 pm 

    the video is on *****//
    it is 17 minutes long.

  13. Anonymous on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 10:22 am 


  14. Dzimai Moto on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 12:52 pm 

    The vedio url is:

  15. Bigcharlie on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 12:58 am 

    Zvakaoma Dzimai Moto Sodom & Gomorrah live pafunge unoshaya remuromo hanzi never say never baba bhoyi madam varikubasa

  16. Dzimai Moto on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 6:25 am 


    In RSA the policemen are like that. I witnessed one incident where by the policeman was negotiating with a married Zim cross border woman. The policeman was told about the marriage but he went on to argue that there was no way the woman’s husband would know…
    Little did he know that we were also hearing the verbal excahange.

    In many instances they look for passports at Parkstation area. They want money and if one says that the money is at home they provide the lift. Some women without passports lie that the money is at home. When they reach there the woman would simply point out that the money is hidden between her legs. The hungry officers then utilise the resources. Imombe dzabva kusina mashanga idzi.

    The law in RSA does not allow woman to be in police cells at night but these guys bend the rules. They spend the whole night negotiating, at times they win and at times they lose.

    Most modernised RSA women are difficult to marry. You marry buy a policy, by the time the policy matures you die and they take all the money. In difficult circumstances like these guys tend to utilise the half chances that come along the way. We are in a weird world.

  17. schumy on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 11:32 am 

    cn any 1 plz send me a video?

  18. vincent on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 2:37 pm 

    i think south african people have loose their respects,because if ur married want make u to do duty work,i conding to my knowledge some of the woman never understand what mean by woman’s rights,if she/her understood why,we are celebrating woman-day some poor staution come to party without mention of the party.second the people who needs job never get it,but the one who don’t need it get,why its mean some snake applications running the big-vacancy position in our country.i never see such things in my whole life,first time in south african media.i grown in south african i study in south africa but this make me grazy.people sleep out eat,but have the certificates,drivers and make me to lose my mind.we are trying to apply day and nights but people’s …….. as south african what is these……… now is our time to lead country…. but us as black we fool ourself and made things difficults for us.

  19. Dzimai Moto on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 3:55 pm 


    Do you know that by RSA law 12 year old girls should get access to family planning pills? The old women queue with school children at cilinics for free family planning injections.

    Zuma was right when he asked why RSA was being “Americanised”. The truth of the matter is that school children in RSA are hammering each other more than married couples. When these children grow up what values will they have? At one school a girl was being hammered while others were recording on cellphones. The girl initially said that it was rape but changed her statement later on. it was in newspapers. They were playing “bottle game”.

  20. Bla Miki on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 6:23 pm 

    Vincent l think you do have a good point, please try to express it in shona or ndebele zviite izi. True Dzimai Moto, in RSA its common to see expecting teenage mothers attending lessons with other students. On television, you hardly see adverts about Hiv. Worse more, condoms are very expensive

  21. vhutshi on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 9:34 pm 

    Please send me a video

  22. Dzimai Moto on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 6:07 am 


    Just click on the url I posted above, it will take you to the vedio.

    There is a mixture of first and third worlds in RSA. Kids start grade one when they are 7, which means that by grade 5 they will be 12 and they can do adult games by law. When these youngsters grow they will be like a compter without software. Human beings need values, modernisation says no. Its very tough.

  23. nellybean on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 8:36 am 

    No matter what anyone says this is really sad, but mybe people will think twice before cheating.

    Hey mbali this is what did remember and you also a married policewomen

  24. sisonke dwaru on Fri, 26th Aug 2011 10:32 pm 

    dam i still need 2 watch it again

  25. Concerned South African on Thu, 1st Sep 2011 5:22 pm 

    Hilbrow is full of naked women paradibg as prostitutes most of them are from Zimbabwe. Get off the high horse and that immorality is everywhere. These leave their homes in Zimbabwe claiming to work in SA but most of them actually work brothells.

  26. Anonymous on Fri, 2nd Sep 2011 8:52 pm 


  27. Anonymous on Sun, 4th Sep 2011 6:37 pm 

    سكس ايراني

  28. سكس on Sun, 4th Sep 2011 6:39 pm 

    سكس ايراني

  29. dann on Fri, 9th Sep 2011 7:47 pm 

    No big deal as a significant percentage of south africans are obsessed with sex. TRUE

  30. ananymous on Mon, 19th Sep 2011 4:49 pm 

    suka that was not sex, they were just playing or imitating: nothing much done which proves that they are elders. however fact remains that is is disgraceful in terms of respect but also disgraceful that the way they did it was never interesting

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