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“Remove Zimbabwe’s Pokello From Big Brother Now”

Published: May 30, 2013


“Remove Zimbabwe’s Pokello From Big Brother Now” thumbnail

A heated campaign has been launched to force out the so called “porn star”, Pokello Nare, who this week entered the Big Brother Africa contest in which she is representing the entire Zimbabwean nation.

It is feared that Pokello who is associated with a damning pornographic video, may at any time in the upcoming few days tarnish the image of Zimbabwe as has been before with figures such as Makosi Musambasi who shamed the nation by being intimate on live international television. At the time of writing, Pokello had already exposed herself to international mockery after twerking her body in a shameful act as she accepted the title “Delicious Delilah”.

Several messages were soon afterwards lifted onto the social networking website, Facebook page to decampaign Pokello who according to reports is Local Government and National Housing Minister, Ignatius Chombo’s daughter.


A Facebook page was created titled “ Bring Pornello Home,” was a few days ago created in order to coordinate Pokello.

The 27 year old socialite’s sex pictures went viral after she made it to the reality show. Pokello is seen in two snap shots with on and off boyfriend, rapper Desmond Stunner who is reportedly known for engaging in multiple intimate sessions with other women.

Some of the messages posted by various users on the Bring Pornello Home web page read:

“Support your family, not Pokello, all that time you are watching her read the bible, stop this Pokello idolatry now, what will your children learn from her, even her own child what will she learn? that you can be a pornstar and get anything you want because of corruption?

“Its some funny, some people are even supporting a pornstar to represent the whole nation, went there because of corruption just coz she iz Chombos daughter…

“I need to explain myself i can see that. 1 my point is pokello made the headlines in this sextape with stunner(video available). now that tarnished her image coz its being deviant and its against our cultural values so in other words pokello is a deviant. now what is the meaning of sending a PORNSTAR to BBA? she went there because of connections nekuti baba vake is Zanu Pf. we had many people at BBA auditions who need the money not the already rich Pornello. so here in other words she was nominated corruptly so she must come back. whats next? dont be suprised if DJ munyaradzi Mlimo goes to BBA next year. now do you get my point?

BIG BROTHER VIDEO on 28 May 2013:

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19 Comments on "“Remove Zimbabwe’s Pokello From Big Brother Now”"

  1. Bigaz on Thu, 30th May 2013 9:57 am 

    Siyanai naPokello pliz. It’s Big Brother who chose the housemates.

  2. Chegotsi' son on Thu, 30th May 2013 10:26 am 

    BB is her actual home. Thats a very artificial show for lunatics. Its very unafrican but then ppl are not forced to watch sleeping ppl, all night long expecting some action. I woke up one day in the depth of the night and was surprised to see my new woman watching BB. On asking what she was watching, the answer was “Ah they are sleeping now”. So she was watching ppl sleeping. And i kicked the lunatic out the next day.

  3. Hon Kurirakwejongwe on Thu, 30th May 2013 10:42 am 

    Thoz who watch Big Brother are really CURSED. Its EVIL and thats midday satanism.Africans WHY WHY WHY?

  4. Moyo on Thu, 30th May 2013 12:11 pm 

    Like father like daughter…what can u expect when her dad is Chombo?

  5. Samora on Thu, 30th May 2013 2:03 pm 

    Guyz what about the sexual addict Tsvangay, shld we allow this pervet passage into state house?

  6. Mavambo Kusile Dawn on Thu, 30th May 2013 2:33 pm 

    I say to hell with that BBA rubbish! So many man-hours lost to watching scenes from the depths of Tartarus! Nxa-a!

  7. Bigaz on Thu, 30th May 2013 3:16 pm 

    Pane arikumanikidzwa kuona BBA here?

  8. Makwembere. on Thu, 30th May 2013 4:37 pm 

    big brother is a political parties I’m in actual fact a political party is led by a donkey in fact a modelling donkey

  9. Proletarian Bourgeois on Thu, 30th May 2013 4:50 pm 

    A heated campaign over a big brother contestant, really? I sure hope its just media sensationalising things to sell their product. If not then talk of a warped sense of priorities….A country where you have people “voted” for in public office stealing from poor people and living lavish life styles and taking other peoples wives & exiling their spouses, others impregnating willy nilly barely legal’s and cougars alike, yet others divorcing like its fashionable and others having so many small houses like its confetti at a wedding, unemployment over 80%, an economy which was recovering from years in a depression shrinking again, murders being rewarded for their cold heartedness, political uncertainly looming and over-fed pseudo generals threatening a coup d’état. Midst all that yet still you have people exercised by the notion that contestants on a program predicated on loose morals will tarnish the image of their country.

  10. Bla Miki on Thu, 30th May 2013 5:17 pm 

    In my sober opinion based on my strong religius beliefs as supported by a splendid and perfect cultural upbringing, l would like to challenge the Minister in charge of this evil or satanic BBA thing. What sort of an agenda does this BBA stand for? What are the benefits (apart from the satanists money the ultimate winner walks away with), to the nation and what lessons do our children get out of this stupid act? Big Brother is Satanist. Have you ever wondered what that eye represents? Why would coca cola be allowed to promote their products through showing semi naked to naked retired sexual activists or rather sexual perverts? We have nothing to learn there, Minister Coltart should just call back all Zimbabweans back from BBA.

  11. Makwember on Thu, 30th May 2013 5:49 pm 

    Bla Miki welcome to the MDC-T party.For the first time you are talking sense on this forum. See you at Harvest House in June when I come back to Harare

  12. Makwember on Thu, 30th May 2013 5:51 pm 

    Bla Miki welcome to the MDC-T party.For the first time you are talking sense on this forum. See you at Harvest House in June when I come back to Harare…

  13. Makwembere on Thu, 30th May 2013 5:52 pm 

    Bla Miki welcome to the MDC-T party…For the first time you are talking sense on this forum. See you at Harvest House in June when I come back to Harare…

  14. Greyhora on Fri, 31st May 2013 8:28 am 

    So, we now have porn stars in Zanu PF, and one of them is the daughter of a filthy rich minister? You see why we should vote out these satanists? I’m glad Bla Dog has seen sense for once in a blue moon.

  15. Ariho King Nicholas on Fri, 31st May 2013 11:02 am 

    Zimbabwe style up!How could you not scrutinise yo representative before!Let her live…Pokello…

  16. Saturday on Sat, 1st Jun 2013 12:50 pm 

    This sex tape was disappointing. She can’t ride.


  17. Ticha on Sun, 2nd Jun 2013 9:27 am 


  18. celine mpinga on Sun, 2nd Jun 2013 6:36 pm 

    She could be a shame of a herself 4 bringing shame 2 zimbabwe she prentend she is a gud girl but inside her she is bad remove 4rom de bigbrother show she is bad example 4 our children shame on u pokello shame I used 2 like u but nw I dnt even if she makes untill 91 day africa will nt vote her what she going 2 teach our children

  19. innocent on Wed, 5th Jun 2013 7:39 am 

    **** this show its not african wat happened to just make movies and watching sports on my decorder its a blocked channel. The devil is at work guys…

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