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Robert Mugabe jnr runs away from bodyguards

Published: May 24, 2010


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Harare(ZimEye)- Robert Mugabe jnr, son to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe last Friday ran away from his personal security team allocated by the state to escort him everywhere, and went for lunch at a local shopping centre with a friend.
Robert jnr (Pictured in sunglasses), who is doing upper six at St John’s College in Borrowdale is reportedly avoiding being guarded by the state security with the latest incident being that of Friday afternoon when the Presidential guard escort stormed the college after he had gone with a friend to Chisipite shopping centre for lunch.
He is taken home to lunch by state security every day. According to college his college mate, Robert jumped into a friend’s (white) vehicle towards lunch time and drove off to Chisipite shopping centre in a bid to get a taste public life.

While at the shopping centre, it is said the two entered the Born Marche shop where they bought some ice cream, a life Robert is rarely exposed to. It is at this time that the state security-men who take him home for lunch arrived and discovered that he was nowhere to be found.

“Robert had gone to Chisipite shopping centre with his white friend. He used to tell us that he was tired of being closely monitored by the security. He told us that he misses a great deal because of confinement and decided to jump into his friend’s car for Chisipite earlier before the actual lunch time deliberately avoiding his security personnel, “said one college attendant.

People who reside near the college said they were noise of sirens coming from all directions during that time.

“We thought maybe the president had come for a meeting with the school when we heard noise of his motorcade. Everyone’s attention was drawn
with that unusual noise; we quickly rushed to the school and discovered that the state security was asking children about the whereabouts of Robert (jnr) who at that time arrived in a friend’s posh car, “ said eye witnesses.

A teacher at the school who requested not to be named said the President’s son was making their work difficult because of security agents.
“We have heard that he has on several times been denied getting out with friends by our security and we are now afraid that he
might cause us problems with the state security if he continues avoiding them, “ said the teacher. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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7 Comments on "Robert Mugabe jnr runs away from bodyguards"

  1. Cde Gendecratic ( 1969-79 Provincial Commander Tete Province ) on Tue, 25th May 2010 9:51 pm 

    mufanha vakapenga manje iwe………ndomatizire atakaita namudhara wako tichienda kuMoza iwayo

  2. Svosvve on Wed, 26th May 2010 8:03 am 

    Cde what is your real name, you are making all of us start guessing now

  3. bhangu on Wed, 26th May 2010 8:56 am 

    is this news worthy,ndidzo nyaya dzeku pochesa hwahwa.

  4. Bla Miki on Wed, 26th May 2010 9:38 am 

    Bhangu, news dzinonetsa especially kana brain dzava anti someone. Tichaguma tave kuudzwa kuti anogeza nesipo yerudzii and what not. Zvimwe zvacho zvinobhowa

  5. Anonymous on Wed, 26th May 2010 11:11 am 

    bla miki wataura apa,i news dzekuvenga chete,otherwise hapana nyaya apa

  6. Guvnor on Wed, 26th May 2010 2:44 pm 

    Awe shucks what a noughty boy. How hum drum this story is. Is this his only claim to fame ?

  7. Hacha Ndizvo on Wed, 26th May 2010 3:20 pm 

    What would you do if you meet Rbert Senior unguarded in Mbare or Machipisa. What would an intoxicated MDC thug do to this boy if they meet him unguarded in Kuwadzana afambira hake kaBabie.

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