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Sex-nurse-convict was ‘influenced by demon spirits’ – CLAIM

Published: February 26, 2011


Sex-nurse-convict was ‘influenced by demon spirits’ – CLAIM thumbnail

London(ZimEye) Convicted sex abuse nurse Rhoda Sibanda had problems ‘with demon spirits’ church members have claimed, as band leader Obert Mazivisa refused to comment.

‘She has had several problems with an ancestral spirits in the past’, one church member from the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) church said suggesting that the spirits may have influenced her to commit the crime.

Another fellow church member who speaking to this reporter on condition of anonymity said that the spirit problem emanated from Sibanda’s first name ‘Rhoda’, the name of an aunt who died years before and had the name transferred to the niece.

He said that at some times the demon would manifest stating in Shona: ‘I am the real Rhoda’ – ‘Ndini Rhoda wacho!’. The fellow churchman said that Rhoda is still faithfully going to church nevertheless.

Rhoda Mkambaire SibandaMeanwhile, band leader Obert Mazivisa avoided questions raised before him sighting that he did not want to ‘hurt the feelings of those affected’. Sibanda-nee Makambaire was also a singer in Mazivisa’s gospel band, Trumpet Echoes which doubles as both an entertainment as well as a gospel venture.

At the time of writing it also emerged that since her conviction church members have encouraged Sibanda’s husband not to abandon his wife. One church member claimed that they are still intact as a family and that church Pastors persuaded him to hold onto her in faith that she will change.

Wrote one commenter on ZimEye last year:

“I can tell you this woman is innocent! mitemo yenyika ino inokusungirira one way or the other. We are seeing it together , remember baba we do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities! ndezve mweya izvi. Unite with your wife. Be strong”

It was not possible to obtain a direct comment from ZAOGA church pastors at the time of writing.

Rhoda Makambaire-Sibanda last year admitted having an affair with a sex offender in a high security hospital where she worked as a nurse  on a more than £30,000 salary. The hospital houses some of the most notorious sex offenders and killers such as the Yorkshire Ripper. Officers searching Sibanda’s home found some of the patient’s clothing and a personal letter she had written to him proving a sexual relationship between nurse and patient. Sibanda was first sacked for breaching security protocols and the sexual acts are alleged to have taken place at the psychiatric hospital between June 1 and August 28 in 2009. Judge Julian Hall told her: “You should have been in control of what you did and you should have, at the very least, told your supervisors what was happening. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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7 Comments on "Sex-nurse-convict was ‘influenced by demon spirits’ – CLAIM"

  1. T.Musango on Sat, 26th Feb 2011 8:26 pm 

    Oh! nokuti uyu wekubaya amai nebanga akaregererwa nenyaya yemweya yavanopomera, ikozvino nema**** ose ave kungopomerawo mweya iyoyo.

  2. Cde Mpatawana on Sun, 27th Feb 2011 6:27 am 

    iyi nyaya iyi yakaoma iyi. ini ndageza maoko

  3. Morgan Tsvangirai on Mon, 28th Feb 2011 1:14 am 

    Iko ku UK uku, aiwa.

    Kuti ichembere dzinogezwa, dzinorara kana kurarwa nemaZimbo aya kuti vanyadzise kudai?

  4. chando kupisa on Mon, 28th Feb 2011 2:55 pm 

    iri ndiro rinonzi shavi rechi**** chairo uyu ndiye munhu anoda kurutsiswa chaiko

  5. Mr Right on Mon, 28th Feb 2011 3:34 pm 

    Once again one questions the relevance of this article.

  6. Dzimai Moto on Wed, 2nd Mar 2011 6:41 am 

    Mr Right! Remember that what you do or say is a record that cannot be erased. The article is just reminding us about the records we create daily in public or private. We expect those who know Jesus to have a guardian of the heart, which is the source of all evil.

  7. Dzimai Moto on Wed, 2nd Mar 2011 2:44 pm 

    Jesus taught that it is wrong to divorce because those who divorce are influenced to a large extent by adultery related reasons. Divorce is only allowed if and only if the wife commits adultery. It is wrong for a christian to marry a sex maniac who likes mental patients who labour all night long non-stop.

    Benzi hariburuke, rinosimuka kwaedza ndorinodiwa na mai ava. No force is above God, those who have known God know that all forces are defeated by the Holy Spirit. It is a false marriage to marry a *****.

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