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Shock as nurse’s nude photos are published on Facebook

Published: May 2, 2012


Shock as nurse’s nude photos are published on Facebook thumbnail

Harare(ZimEye)There was pandemonium Tuesday after a popular Harare nurse’s naked photos were splashed on the social networking website Facebook.

The nurse, name withheld, is based in Harare where she is employed at a local clinic (name withheld), and her nude photos were published in the same album as that of her baby daughter.

The nurse’s boyfriend, Washington Mhuka(real name withheld to protect the innocent nurse), was not ashamed when he was quizzed by ZimEye over the diabolical exposure of his friend’s uncovered body.

...nurse's naked photos are published on Facebook

“Are you not ashamed that you published your girlfriend’s naked body on Facebook? Are you not worried that you can get her fired from work?”, our reporter asked.

He replied:”Aiwa, regai ndinombocheka Baba – Oh no I am not aware, let me go and check Sir.”

Mhuka who did not deny the photos still claimed that he was not aware of their presence on his secure personal profile which though display him together with the nurse in a compromising position.

But after Mhuka had promised to remove them, the photographs remained statched in tact on his public profile hours later.

More to follow

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42 Comments on "Shock as nurse’s nude photos are published on Facebook"

  1. XOLANI on Wed, 2nd May 2012 5:59 am 

    Why are these disturbing things happening only in Harare? the poice are not acting enough

  2. Nehondo on Wed, 2nd May 2012 6:45 am 

    This can happen anywhere. No politics, tribalism, or place. Jus comment on the stupidity of the boyfriend or the 2 of them.

  3. Satanizm on Wed, 2nd May 2012 6:52 am 

    Remove them from face book

  4. angel on Wed, 2nd May 2012 6:56 am 

    this trust people have with each atha in this digital world makes me lol.

  5. sandy on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:01 am 

    Yoo man

  6. Senilect on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:03 am 

    There was something wrong from the onset or these two had the whole thing properly planned. I say this because I really wonder why the nurse would accept to be photographed whilst naked in the first place. What did she think the photos would be used for

  7. Comrade Naked on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:09 am 

    Bloody naked Shona nxa!! only in Halale Nehondo,Cde Xolani is 106% correct a Shona can do anything just to get money

  8. CHANDO KUPISA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:15 am 

    You talk of tribalism a friend of mine sent me the following article,which came out in the Bulawayo Chronicle of Monday 30 April 2012: “The chairperson for MDC (Ncube)women’s league Mrs Thandiwe Mlilo,liked the people of Matabeleland to ***s and dogs that were always second class citizens to their masters.When i see a *** i feel pity for it, when i see a dog i feel pity for it and when i see a Ndebele person, i feel sorry for him.Does being Ndebele mean being deputy? A dog does not get into the house but waits for visitors outside and even if you bathe a *** it will remain a ***.Today we are here to wash you Ndebele people and put a necktie on you.I come from a place where i always here people from Harare saying Ndebeles are a minority, you are not a minority,so why do you vote for Shonas? Even here in Sizinda you now take your nephews who are not Ndebele and say they should vote for Shonas because you want them to be deputies on your behalf.Are you bewitched, if you are hambani liyehlanziswa,why are you always visitors in own area ? Maybe you can tell me where its written that being Ndebele means deputy” She was addressing a rally in Sizinda suburb, Bulawayo.

  9. CHANDO KUPISA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:19 am 

    deletes should read “***ggyies”

  10. CHANDO KUPISA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:21 am 

    Vanzi vanenge “nguruve nembwa”.

  11. Anti-tribal on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:29 am to the devil in his languege.ndebeles quit it.get a life guys there is alot out of tribalism

  12. Comrade Naked on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:29 am 

    Chando we are talking about ur naked sister here akume ubulema wena CIO n editor y are u deleting my comments uma ngisebenzisa u Chando Bla Miki Papa n Chimoto as my name?

  13. Anonymous on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:35 am 

    I dont knw why there is this ndebele mentality that makes them feel lyk gods over mortals ‘yithi abantu’ ongasi muntu ngubani?

  14. big ndebele on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:55 am 

    i wonder wats happening to the sunshine city as it now turning to a mini brothel,first its a nurse who gets f***ed in a mortuary and now its this.better i stay minority than to lead such nonsence chando kupisa

  15. Mukadota on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:15 am 

    Has anyone seen lately how CHANDO KUPISHA is getting excited with this thread he ‘s posting on this article it looks like the drag queen is busy greasing his pole on this one. Guys I have told you before these ZANUPF transvstites and of late this tribalistc kooch in the form of CDE Naked have no place in the Zimbabwe we want. We can not blame you CHANDO KUPISHA we all know that you are an unfortunate product after a threesome between your queen and the ugliest ZANUPF creatures in the form Chinotimba and Chikowore.

  16. ****** YE SHONA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:18 am 

    Shona again y?

  17. Bla Miki on Wed, 2nd May 2012 9:39 am 

    Guys as a leader of GALZ (Gays and lesbian) we have seen a marked rise of members we want to translate this to the dwindling support of my ZANUPF in Mutare and MASVINGO. The problem I is facing is my GALZ MEMBERS ARE AFRAID OF KASUKUWERE, PROF MOYO and JOHN NKOMO because these guys with their ZANLA truncheons they doesing bussiness bad and painful. Anyways support my movies and upcomming gay pageants country wide to SUPPORT THE PARTY I LOVE ZANUPF WHICH IS LED BY THE TRUE AFRICAN LION HIS EXCELLENCY MUGABE,SO THOSE WHO WANT TO BECOME ME IS SHAME ON YOU.

  18. ****** YE SHONA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 9:54 am 

    Kikikikiki Bla Miki not country wide do ur kak things in your Zimbabwe n leave Mthwakaziland alone

  19. PRIMUROZ MARAMANE SIZIBA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 10:00 am 


  20. Bla Miki on Wed, 2nd May 2012 10:26 am 

    Ndiko kuti zvidiiko kushandisa zita rangu imi ma******* imi mave kuzondibhowa manje

  21. ****** YE SHONA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:02 pm 

    I know this Shona girl she used to work as a prostitute at Royal Park Hotel (Hillbrow) but I feel sorry for this man u can’t take a hoe n make it a wife

  22. taven tawuya on Wed, 2nd May 2012 2:56 pm 

    its not her fault maybe she doesnt know how to use the site….i hope someone will suggest suitable network,playboy and manymore

  23. TETE VANESHANJE HAVAKURI on Wed, 2nd May 2012 3:01 pm 

    Tibvirei apa—-naked naked kudii, who has not seen a naked body in their life?? So?

  24. musadishore on Wed, 2nd May 2012 3:05 pm 

    why is it that all ndebeles here are so hell bent on abusing the shonas..the funny thing is that the shonas are simply pushing aside this rhetoric

  25. comrade vacho on Wed, 2nd May 2012 3:18 pm 

    those who own face book are suppose to have a degree of control, whats wrong with these guys you can not just publish anything like that.

  26. CHANDO KUPISA on Wed, 2nd May 2012 3:27 pm 

    These idiots like Mukadota and company are venting their anger on me insteady of their mdc guys who are preoccupied with trivial issues like tribalism. We keep telling you that this Ncube chap is a thick tribalist to the maroow. Google The Chronicle of 30 April 2012,page 2 under heading “Ncube castigates Bulawayo City Fathers”

  27. Mukadota on Wed, 2nd May 2012 3:46 pm 

    Chando Kupisha what is the Heading of this Thread by the way? Have you finished wanking over that nude picture or should I say exercising that ZANUPF clenched fist on that clap infected vaseline greased pole of yours.

  28. Fidza on Wed, 2nd May 2012 4:41 pm 

    Ah Tete vadzoka! Manga muripiko pese apa tete? KuBuhera?

  29. TETE VANESHANJE HAVAKURI on Wed, 2nd May 2012 5:03 pm 

    Ndange ndakavharirwa kuChikurubi—no freedom of speech muZimbabwe. Hanzi ndangendave kufarisa kutuka Blah Miki Mouse and nekuda kutange Bhoka rangu. So?

  30. Fidza on Wed, 2nd May 2012 6:48 pm 

    taurai henyu Tete. Zvakaoma. Ko zvaitirikuitirwa nechikomana chekuBuhera ichi munoti chiiko nazvo Tete? Dai taisaka Tendai biti, kana Chamisa panyanga apa ?

  31. Perence Shiri Live@5 Infrantry Brigade on Thu, 3rd May 2012 1:55 am 

    mukadota you should call your self fanyana dube you are as miopic as that impoverished singer from bruwayo mai vane ******oh son of a shemale wanzwa you are a product of gay inbreeding

  32. Mukadota on Thu, 3rd May 2012 6:57 am 

    Ko kushandisa mazita emhondi ndokuti zvigodini do you suffer from inferiority complex issues moron. Is that why your mother’s breath stinks so bad that even her teeth duck….do not even go there pillow biter. If I am a product of gay inbreeding how about you your mum was in a bestiality porn shoot out with a donkey and the product was you PERENCE SHIRI, donkey brains.

  33. Mukadota on Thu, 3rd May 2012 7:20 am 


  34. Comrade Naked on Thu, 3rd May 2012 8:06 am 

    Kikikikikikikikikiki shame Viva gukura what where you trying to do insulting Mukatoda now look what he has done to u

  35. Pity Zimbabwe on Thu, 3rd May 2012 1:40 pm 

    Reading all of you people’s comments, I really pity Zimbabwe as a nation. This amount hate and discrimination wont take your country forward even post Mugabe. A lot of your kinsmen are in diaspora and given the economic woes your country has been going through for the past few years, I guess most of these commentators have at one point or another crossed borders to source something from the neighbouring countries. My question is, aren’t you at least learning something from other nations that you can bring home and also build a peaceful and united society. If all these comments are anything to go by, I am telling you, the majority of your people (families) will forever be diasporans and you will forever be a doomed nation. Successful nations have been build upon love and tolerance inspite of ethnic, religious or tribal differences. Your value system really needs to change because you are spreading a cancer that will follow and eat your future generations too. Its scary!!!!

  36. Perence Shiri Live@5 Infrantry Brigade on Thu, 3rd May 2012 2:12 pm 

    hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha kana shungu at least my mother doesnt bed the devil himself and thinking about it if she acts in bestiality movies she got tutorials from your mother who is the dean of the school of immorality very experienced she by the way i heard the last time your mother visited the dentist there was a biohazard at the hospital given the gases emanating from he mouth via her diseased vigina full of *********** bayonet cuts

  37. Mukadota on Thu, 3rd May 2012 6:03 pm 

    WTF…..Perence unotuka kunge muGrade one nhai, kana a******** vaikwira naBhoki pese pese pavano ona imbwa vanozvitundira nekuhukura.

  38. Perence Shiri Live@5 Infrantry Brigade on Fri, 4th May 2012 12:58 am 

    hahhahahahhahaha zvako unotuka kunge mu form 4 ******** sandivo vekudzingwa ku SPCA kwaiva mahobo vachirara neimbwa dzinenge dzanongwa or donated stray dogs but for her they were husbands vabvunze kuti baba vako chaivo ndiyani u will be shocked anyway keep on barking mate utsvage ma I.P address as you claim you can self styled son of a whoe

  39. Jumpdaki on Fri, 4th May 2012 5:38 pm 

    What is a whoe you insulting baboon who does not even know his own mother’s proffession? She is called a *****, prostitute, lady of the night who once went by the name tart, harlot or *****.

    She openned her legs for Bla Miki and he fell by the bedside through stink and joy and you were to spring to your feet 6weeks down the line bloodier than ever before and since that day you adored blood and Bla.

    In military vocabulary there is infantry not infrantry grade 7 ***!

  40. Jumpdaki on Fri, 4th May 2012 5:41 pm 

    Editor let be tell the chimp.

  41. FANUEL NSINGO on Sat, 5th May 2012 10:30 am 

    Mugabe caused the whole tribalism because of his Gukurahundi. In fact Mugabe should be killed

  42. Mukadota on Sat, 5th May 2012 11:11 am 

    That explains why the moron’s mother spends so much time along Harare-Bulawayo road looking for those stray monkey’s to shag, she is overly horny such that baboons have banned themselves from the highway.

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