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Tanyaradzwa Tavengwa album launch in Harare

Published: December 31, 2012



Today, Dec 31, Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa launches her debut self-entitled album, Tanyaradzwa at the Book Café, 530-7pm and you are invited.  The album was recorded at Monolio Studios.

full swing...Tanyaradzwa Tavengwa

Currently studying Music, Theater, French, Music Performance and African Studies at Princeton University, an Ivy League university located in New Jersey, USA, Tanyaradzwa shines as an intellect, a leader and a performer.  She is founder and president of Umqombothi, Princeton’s African a cappella ensemble.  This year alone she managed to bag two awards Princeton University, NJ – Winner of Handel Competition (2012) and Princeton University, NJ – Recipient of Adam’s Award, a cash award for ethnomusicology research (2012).  She has performed for Charlize Theron, Rosario Dawson, Jane Fonda and Gabourey Sidibe.

An announcement on the release reads: Monolio studios invites all human beings to the launch of hot new artist Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa’s debut album today @Book cafe 5pm to 7pm,for the entrance fee you just buy her cd,ill also jam 1or2 tracks,for media practitioners its free…see you theya.

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8 Comments on "Tanyaradzwa Tavengwa album launch in Harare"

  1. Bla Miki on Mon, 31st Dec 2012 5:28 pm 

    Good evening Editor. Mapere**********? Happy New Year to all Zimbabweans EXCLUDING: Mukadog, Gaygodzva, Poor Farmdog, Makwembegay, Maminadog, Mugwagay, Gaynor, Jumpdog, Xolanidog, Nakedog, Elizadog, Tsvangiskirt, all mdc, yourself Mr Editor and your editorial staff, l don’t wish you anything. Am now leaving Anchorage Marine Harbour cruising into Lake Kariba, life is good!

  2. Pumpkin on Mon, 31st Dec 2012 6:59 pm 

    To Xolanidog and company:Tommorow is a holiday,therefore you won’t be at work,so why not take this time to do your belated mermaid appeasing ceremony inorder for you to get water this coming year.

  3. Stop-a-Thief on Mon, 31st Dec 2012 7:49 pm 

    Lovely, well done Tanya and good luck with your studies and career.

  4. Mukadota on Mon, 31st Dec 2012 8:34 pm 

    Come on Bla Miki you can not take this verbal horseplay too personal life is too short besides why hate when you can love life and people. I bet if you had a gun right now you would have killed all of us as you were lethally trained at that Border Gezi training camp back in the day. You would have probably taken all of us to a zanoo pee eff re-orientation camp at night blind folded and cuffed whilst you danced up and down singing ” bereka sabhu tiende” with your eyes bulging out and neck veins potruding out like Jumpdaki’s small matebele privates. Reeking with alcohol and staggering all over the place you start waving your pistol whispering in the ears of a terrified Poorfarmworker telling him that you are going to make him his wife who gladly shows his gratification by soiling his pants. Then suddenly a pot bellied Comrade Chando appears from nowhere wearing a zanoo pee eff t-shirt emblazoned a tired looking Mugabe eating a birthday cake starts beating the life out the Editor. The beatings last about an hour until the Editor passes out with Chando and Miki deciding on the next victim. Glancing gleefully on a petrified Cde Naked who is blindfolded, handcuffed and stripped naked Bla Miki orders Cde Red Orange to get some car jumper cables so that they could electrocute those arrogant Mthwakazi nuts, his screams were terrible as they pierced the still of the night ( To date Cde Naked preaches tolerance and love in the Matopos Hills as a wandering destitute pastor). Xolani who has been crying himself to death is made to dance toyi toyi at the amusement of Bla Miki and his gang, they even force him to shag a poor old dog until the animal dies. Then Mukadota being streetwise saw an opportunity whilst these zanoo pee eeff retards were busy drinking and having fun with rest of the hostages, he managed to escape to tell the whole world what Bla Miki and his gang were doing to zimbabwe. Part two is comming soon folks and have a happy 2013.

  5. Bla Miki on Tue, 1st Jan 2013 1:59 pm 

    Shut up you idiot Mukadog, Bla Miki is not there to harass you but is there only to correct you from your foolish and poor mindset

  6. Cde Red Orange on Tue, 1st Jan 2013 2:01 pm 

    Ah Cde Bla Miki, happy nyuwere ka iyi!

    Ko mandikanganwawo here Comrade?

  7. chirumhanzu on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 6:34 am 

    Ko Tanyaradzwa ngaatumire manzi yacho ndimboinzwawo ka.Shuwa Tanyaradzwa unga pakura manzi nzako pakuva ino yokurima, vakawanda tinenge tasiya ma dhorobha. Wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  8. Bla Miki on Wed, 2nd Jan 2013 6:31 pm 

    Ah very sorry Cde Red Orange….don’t know how l skipped your noble name comrade, my apologies for that. Anyway happy 2013 Cde.

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