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TB Joshua warns of Chelsea UEFA loss‏

Published: May 8, 2012


BULAWAYO (ZimEye)- NIGERIAN church leader TB Joshua, has warned that Chelsea is likely to lose the European Champions League to Bayern Munich.

He told congregates during a Sunday service watched by this reporter on Emmanuel Tv that Bayern Munich will score in the first half and clinch the title.

TB Joshua urged Chelsea fans to pray hard for their team, saying “with God all things are possible.”

The preacher said he saw a Bayern player with a bold head, with the aid of a tall player scoring a goal that will sink Chelsea.

TB Joshua then explained that he was forced to prophesy over the UEFA final following a spate of rumours that he predicted the game last week.

The much-touted Champions League final comes off at the Allianz Arena in Munich on Saturday May 19th.

(Zimbabwe, ZimEye)

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127 Comments on "TB Joshua warns of Chelsea UEFA loss‏"

  1. CHANDO KUPISA on Tue, 8th May 2012 1:31 pm 

    This guy is more of a social commentator and i wonder if there are people out there who still believe in his dreams.

  2. cde mofire on Tue, 8th May 2012 1:51 pm 

    i suppose you could say that he has a 50 50 chance of being right here and if not well the fans praying to god altered the outcome. wow this is a very great prophecy for football fans who lack intelligence

  3. Officer on Tue, 8th May 2012 2:28 pm 

    Ndokuti bhora kana paiine devine intervation

  4. Comrade Naked on Tue, 8th May 2012 2:29 pm 

    Plz tell use when Gushundo is going to die we don’t care about Chelsea

  5. Dabulap on Tue, 8th May 2012 2:35 pm 

    Mr. Muchemwa, T B Joshua did not say Chelsea are going to lose. He just said that they need more prayer than their opponents. He talked only about the first half and didn’t say how the game is going to end.

  6. Moses Moses on Tue, 8th May 2012 2:35 pm 

    I think its high time our reputable prophet concentrate on his core business.We do not need prophets in football because we believe the game is played in the ground not at Church.All the same he is just saying what is mostly likely to happen just like what all football suporters are saying so its just professizing a game between Zimbabwe and Spain.I would probably understand it if it was Mabika who said this because he would gave suporting facts to his argument.Mabika would tell you that because Chelsea have have never beaten Buyern and Buyern are in good form as compared to Chelsea.So i would understand not someone who even don’t know either aChesea player or Coach.

  7. Dr sam on Tue, 8th May 2012 4:03 pm 

    He didnt say chelsea wil lose…he said in 1st half bayern would score…he would talk abt 2nd half b4 d game…..d prophesy is jst to shw dat Jesus is yestrd,today and forever…….hes prophesies always come to pass…so its not a dream….from his description,robben has d goal

  8. Bla Miki on Tue, 8th May 2012 4:46 pm 

    What are these two fools aguing about, Dabulap and Dr Sam? Ndiko kudziidza here kwamakaita uku? The second paragraph of this article clearly says, “……. Bayern Munich will score in the first half and go on to clinch the title”, something to that effect. Why do you prefer to look at your mdc prophet in an mdc way mukanwa mune nzeve mhani iwe Dabulap. Your magician is running out of ideas now

  9. Cedric Sibanda on Tue, 8th May 2012 4:56 pm 

    Bla Miki you dirty shona savage, what makes you shona rats interested in European football in the first place? It intrigues me! Is it because you useless dogs don’t know how to play the game because your clubs are broke due to the fact that you savages have stolen all the funds or is it because you are all jealous of how organized European soccer is? I assume it’s both of the above. And! Why do you shona savages have to import someone to pray for you – is it because you’ve stolen all the hymn books in your church? What do you useless heathens know about God anyway. I’m surprised you prey considering that Jesus and all his associates were white!! You shona dick-head!!!

  10. Rasta farai on Tue, 8th May 2012 5:37 pm 

    Thats the prophesy,why do u critisiz him.he tells the truth.the ar only first half predictions,so pray as we muniches pray and beleave

  11. Rasta farai on Tue, 8th May 2012 5:37 pm 

    Thats the prophesy,why do u critisiz him.he tells the truth.they ar only first half predictions,so pray as we muniches pray and beleave

  12. T1 on Tue, 8th May 2012 6:03 pm 

    The match between Chelsea and Bayern will let us know whether his predictions are true or false because if we prematurely judge him we may find ourselves teasing the Holy Spirit,which is let’s leave it to the 19th of May match

  13. Bla ****** on Tue, 8th May 2012 6:27 pm 

    It is not the importance on when the current man leading will demise but the alternative that will move things forward for God peace and prosperity especialy after May challenges and September likely coup. Be strong and pray

  14. Gibson on Tue, 8th May 2012 6:51 pm 

    Church leaders must not predict these type of matches.Its not interesting to watch a match whilst you already know the winner.In God We Trust, Chelsea are going to lift the UEFA trophy.Drogba will score in the second half the equaliser and Torres will score the winner 10 minutes before regulation time.

  15. Gokwe Chireya on Tue, 8th May 2012 7:05 pm 

    I have been watching this man TB JOSHUA since 2010. Look, after WaMutarika’s death prophecy which came to pass, he has said of a French speaking nation’s new president. He went on to say let us pray to save someone’s life on Wed. The news came saying a Colombian presidential candidate held on hostage 6 years was freed on Wed. He is for sure. Muchadei apa? Chelsea 0 kwa 1

  16. T P BALOYI on Tue, 8th May 2012 7:06 pm 

    Please listen carefully when the man of God give Prophecy and do not change words that he didnt mentioned.the word of God is pure and sure.and when God gives prophecy its always true

  17. Bla Miki on Tue, 8th May 2012 8:01 pm 

    Hameno nezvima porofita zvenyu zvebhora izvi. Inguku inguku katesi nansi u Chelsea uzajabula kakulu. IChelsea izangobile iBayern le 2 ka 1. Sesijabula namsha.

  18. Mutongigava on Tue, 8th May 2012 8:22 pm 

    @cedric Sibanda ndosaka tamarins madhara ako,takavadashura.

  19. Anonymous on Tue, 8th May 2012 8:48 pm 


  20. Anonymous on Tue, 8th May 2012 9:11 pm 

    I watched the sunday service in question. Tb Joshua never mentioned the end result. He also mentioned that people are writing lies about him on the internet and the reason why he sometimes prophecy about soccer matches is to show unbelievers that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God knows the future. He said he will talk about the chelsea vs munich match next sunday if he has to. Pple should stop twisting the prophecies, Tb Joshua does not prophesy about soccer only. Watch his sunday and monday services live on tv and stop believing stupid comments made by some people who are working to discredit the prophet and what he stand for.

  21. JKP on Tue, 8th May 2012 10:37 pm 

    Cedric Sibanda please rush to the toilet and see yo brains b4 they are flashed.Useless tribalist!!

  22. stanley on Tue, 8th May 2012 10:59 pm 

    When has T.B Joshua become a sports analyst? And who told u that predicting matches will make us believe that he is of God? He should have predicted that barcelona wil be eliminated by chelsea to make me believe he is not playing on our psyco . The entire football world knows that bayern are favourites and arjen roben is always a threat. The tall man here is frank ribery. This is imagination.

  23. T1 on Wed, 9th May 2012 1:57 am 

    Believe it or not,TB Joshua is a true prophet and whatever he forsees or predict will come to if he wakes up today saying Bayern will lift the Champions cup that’s it and if you had to bet you will be for Bayern to win.

  24. amos on Wed, 9th May 2012 2:20 am 

    lm a die hard chelsea fan .veduwe ngatitaurei chokwadi vamuporofita ndozvakataura here? Ko ivo vanomboparidza nguvaiko tizvinzwire uye pachannel ipi nekuti anenge manyepo aya.

  25. Anonymous on Wed, 9th May 2012 5:13 am 

    Owen, dont be just believe things that you have Googled. Watch the live sunday and monday services on Emmanuel Tv on free to air from morning up to 9pm if U have time.

  26. Meva Ogagu on Wed, 9th May 2012 6:30 am 

    In Nigeria they have more problems than a football victory of a British team owned by a Russian. Serious people do not take this guy seriously. He is however a lot, lot, more more much and much better than tribalists who write about Zimbabwean politics in this site. All tribalists are doing so on behalf of their masters who want to see Zimbabweans hating and fighting each other. ITS PRIMITIVE!

  27. mabbhorra on Wed, 9th May 2012 7:09 am 

    @ sibanda wandibhowa sitereki i am looking for u triabalist

  28. mq on Wed, 9th May 2012 7:10 am 

    shld TB Joshua have rejected Tsvangirai coz he’MDC.TB Joshua is coming coz he was invited by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe,not on an MDC ticket.Has he ever been anti Zanu Pf prove it.He has never taken sides.He is not here to prophesy the death of ZNPF.

  29. Madziyamoto on Wed, 9th May 2012 7:30 am 

    TBJ in’anga, just like the octopus that predicted world cup results – remember?

  30. Bonyongwe on Wed, 9th May 2012 7:37 am 

    Mfes anonzi Cedric Sibanda uyo anemadhimoni asingaite, he needs deliverance! He inherited them from his forefathers and he shld be set free from them bcoz the way he spoke suggest that the spirit in him thrives on flawed relationships btwn the 2 major tribes of Zimbabwe… May God 4gve u Ndebele tribalist 4 u will surely burn in hell 4 wat u said about Shona people unless u seek God’s mercy now. You have less than a month…Amen

  31. sibanda chinhoyi on Wed, 9th May 2012 8:53 am 


  32. XOLANI on Wed, 9th May 2012 9:03 am 

    I challenge all Gukurahundists who attack Cde Cedric Sibanda to come out and show their faces and names now!

  33. arinze aguero on Wed, 9th May 2012 10:07 am 

    only god knws wat will happen on uefa champions league final people should stop rumouring…..

  34. arinze aguero on Wed, 9th May 2012 10:11 am 

    but my prayer is 4 chelsea to win d great cup on 19th may, god we ar in into ur hands oooo>>Arinze ononuju

  35. cuthy on Wed, 9th May 2012 10:17 am 

    sweinsteiger passes robben

  36. Mavambo Kusile Dawn on Wed, 9th May 2012 10:19 am 

    Am not yet convinced about TBJ but I am still giving him benefit of doubt. Prophecy is a spiritual subject that requires lots of spiritual discernment. Am not yet mature in that area but I wish to state that prophecy can go down to trivial issues:
    1) Samuel the seer told Saul’s people that they were looking for lost donkeys and told of their being found.
    2) Jesus told the prostitute that she had five husbands (clients) and the one she had was not hers.
    3) Elijah told people in Samaria that food prices would drastically fall overnight and there would be abundance.
    4) Agabus in Acts, foretold of a drought and advised people to prepare.

    Am not very sure about telling people their phone and I.D numbers. In these last days, we really need to be on the guard because satan and his agents are on the loose, but GOD also has a counter battalion.

    Let’s wait and see, the match is on the 19th at the Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany. See you there!

  37. tendai on Wed, 9th May 2012 10:54 am 

    Maporofita aka pera kare

  38. Ricky Kwasi Achina :Ghana on Wed, 9th May 2012 11:41 am 

    Its about time we the Chelsea fans pray for the club and the players to see if something good will come from Nazareth

  39. Anonymous on Wed, 9th May 2012 11:54 am 

    Each man fo himself each team fo itself GOD fo us oll -supoters,TB,Chealsea,munich,alianz arena,terry,tribalists,misinterpretors,,liars,etc

  40. Thulani Ndlovu on Wed, 9th May 2012 1:02 pm 

    I watched the sunday service, he never said chelsea will lose the match, he said Chelsea need more prayers than BAYERN and beside he said he has only seen the first half and with God anything is possible. So people let us not twist the man’s words to suit our agendas. This news reporter has his own agenda to pursue, he needs to be delivered from the spirit of telling lies.

  41. Slim Tee on Wed, 9th May 2012 2:00 pm 

    Man of god is ok.people who compre theslve their are fools &far frm God.

  42. Slim Tee on Wed, 9th May 2012 2:02 pm 

    Man of god is ok.but people who compre theslve their are fools &far frm God.

  43. Mdluli on Wed, 9th May 2012 2:13 pm 

    Xolani and Cedric we are not interested in your tribal issues stop trying to insite us we r simple interested in what the man of God said if you have issues on tribal grounds go and join the MTLF thats wher your platform is please Mr Editor don’t show us there tribal comments i know u value every body’s views but these wher out of context

  44. Outcast on Wed, 9th May 2012 3:52 pm 

    If Chelsea lose on 19th May there will be many lessons.

    He God of TB Joshua and his fellow congregation is not a living God.Thus one who can not hear their players.TB Joshua confessed that he is a fan of Chelsea and so too are his congregation members.

    Prayers are not answered once God has decide it’s Final.No matter how hard you pray.

    What’s the difference between TB Joshua and an Afrian native doctor??I thought being man of God he is supposed to ask favours from him.Just do not understand what lessons people will draw from someone who only announces calamities without solutions.Seeing a bomb exploding in kaduna without giving solutions sounds like a devil messanger to me.why not pray to God not to let it happen.When Chelsea loses on 19th i will know who to pick but when Chelsea wins on 19th may let me assure you next sabbath day i will be back in Church again after 5yrs.

  45. Degr8 on Wed, 9th May 2012 4:57 pm 

    U guys are blind and are not logical in ur argument look dis prophet is not guesing i hav folowd his prophecy on footbal for two yrs. He said naija go qualify 4 world cup even when all hopes were lost against mozambik in abj he said nsofor wil score wit his head in d dying moment of d game and it hapend lik dat.again he said naija no go qualify nations cup and dat we won’t get a favourable result against guinea many doubtd him bcos we were at home and guinea were no match 4 us but it hapend we didn’t qualify.jst wana mention but few i trust his prophecy

  46. Adams on Wed, 9th May 2012 8:28 pm 

    i am a big fan of chelsea but since bayern qualified for the final i was not sure that we could lift the trophy anymore because we were going to play the final in germany. anyway it won’t affect me too much because i am prepared. concerning this prediction Tb Joshua i believe it beccause i think he is a true man of god. he has prophetised so much things which finally has come to pass.

  47. Gladson on Wed, 9th May 2012 8:37 pm 

    It is better to remain silent on the matter rather than insulting the man of GOD because that stupid noise being made is equivalent to suicide.All chelsea fans lets just pray to GOD as there is indeed nothing impossible with him and he loves us all.

  48. Bla ****** on Wed, 9th May 2012 9:07 pm 

    If it is all worries can we ask God for a draw first then penalties?

  49. COLLINS BANG on Thu, 10th May 2012 12:09 am 



  50. MARXIWELL on Thu, 10th May 2012 6:21 am 


  51. Anonymous on Thu, 10th May 2012 7:38 am 

    Achifong. We people need 2 bcareful in hw we make coment abt d man of God. Cos d bible said touch nt my anointed n do my prophet no harm.

  52. Senilect on Thu, 10th May 2012 7:48 am 

    Nothing wrong with how Muchemwa wrote the article. He is a journalist who must convince you to read his article and surely the headline prompted you to read the article or buy the paper if there is a publication.

  53. KING SELASSIE on Thu, 10th May 2012 8:32 am 

    I truely believe in ths man he z a man of god, all his prophecies came true bt its nt gud 4 hm to give us rsults b4 th game z played.bcoz cme 19 we will b watching a delayed match. I LUV CHELSEA AND I WILL PRAY 4 IT

  54. Professor on Thu, 10th May 2012 9:02 am 

    Good people, this prophesy thing has nothing to do with how the nation or nations wil be benefited spiritualy or otherwise like how the prophets of old used to. Lets be careful about people who use the name of God because the bible warns us of such (Matt 24 vs 24-25). Please take time to pray and read this verse before you say something. I love football and i dont care what will happen on the 19th, i wont pray for chelsea or bayern but i’ll definately pray for God’s people not to get lost along the way and i’ll pray for many to get saved. Research also about zeus the god me sport, let us not be followers of zeus in all this. God be with us as we wait for his soon coming Kingdom.

  55. Cosie Makwangware on Thu, 10th May 2012 9:11 am 

    Let the ball roll on the turf of whatever Arena! Prophecy, bald-headed player, whatever wil all disclose itself on May the 19th. Tribalists go to HELL and rot with SATAN whom you worship. God put us all here to live together so who are u to judge on others?

  56. Aromskyblog on Thu, 10th May 2012 9:21 am 

    Prophesy come 2 pass but my pple pray hard god change situation,i believe TV JOSHUA god pray change in d game between chelsea vs bayern Munich lord win uefa cup is our aim

  57. MAMHUNDO on Thu, 10th May 2012 9:34 am 

    i thnk it wl b e bst if we wait 4 e dae,2 ealy 4 jjmnts.

  58. Madzibaba on Thu, 10th May 2012 11:28 am 

    its sad that people now only recognise prophets coz they now wear suits. for how long has the Holy Spirit been ministering in the mountains and bushes of Zimbabwe? For as long as i can remember. How many of us have for decades secretly gone to the homes of these men of God for divine intervention? ask anybody you know, ask you husband or wife or you boss or you pastor. we had this since ways back its now that its dressed appropriately that we start acknowledging the existence of prophets. you dont seek the truth but only which is socially correct. “my people die due to lack of knowledge”

  59. Duster on Thu, 10th May 2012 12:09 pm 

    vana Dabulap makafunda chikoro chana Jonathan Moyo na Tafataona Mahoso. Dzokorora kuverenga futi ugozocommenter. Kwanzi the goal scored in the first half will sink Chelsea. Comment zvekurova makuva and stop commenting pane zvamusingazive

  60. Bright desimz on Thu, 10th May 2012 12:16 pm 

    The man of God is collect , he didn’t say that chelsea will loose no, he said that in the first half we don’t what wil happen in the 2nd half. Chelsea suporters u are worried pray hard nothing is impossible 2God.

  61. Cedric Sibanda on Thu, 10th May 2012 2:54 pm 

    This fool is a Nigerian – all he wants to do is open the gates into Zimbabwe for his Nigerian drug brothers to open up brothels and shops in the avenues and in mbare. Plus he wants to take a bit of shona meat back to Nigeria to clean his house and fix his garden. I have a US$10,000-00 bet on Chelsea winning. I am the prophet! I determine who wins – not him! Amen

  62. Cedric Sibanda on Thu, 10th May 2012 4:34 pm 

    I cannot but help notice how many shona speaking people turn to God when it suits them most! You seldom, if ever, heard them rant and rave during the 80′s – so why now? Why all of a sudden the thousands of Prayer Groups popping up around the Country. These are the very people who support zanu and who preach hatred with the one hand and turn to the bible with the other. Actions speak louder than words! How many of their own prophets and preachers of the bible go about preaching hatred by day and seek solace in the bible at night? I can assure you – a great number! Look at the individual who they all look up to who preaches absolute hatred and sings mugabes praises on a daily basis. Who steals church property in order to appease the party structure! You are a sick lot – you can continue with your phrases from the bible – BUT! Sooner or later you will all be struck down by the Almighty! I am a believer, but I do not go about using Gods name in vain in order to appease my masters.I speak to him in my own time, on my own turf and with genuine sincerity – I don’t need you idiots to preach to me or for me! I will determine who does that for me – and that is God himself! Keep your religious thoughts to yourselves – there is no undoing what you individuals have done to Zimbabwe, no matter how much or for how long you pray for forgiveness – your actions are unforgivable!!!

  63. mcs on Thu, 10th May 2012 4:40 pm 

    guyz lets see if de prophet z tellin de truth

  64. ABATE , ABATE LAZA on Thu, 10th May 2012 6:06 pm 


  65. ras on Thu, 10th May 2012 6:21 pm 

    it is foolish and vanity to argue bout another man’s relationship with God wen urs wit him is not perfect. Prophet or fake that will not help yu on judgement day were yu will account 4 ur own doings not t.b joshua’s. Beware the devil distracts yu in many ways.

  66. Anonymous on Thu, 10th May 2012 6:32 pm 

    Why do we ‘ve 2 critisis the man of God on silly issues,chelsea z goin’ to loose n datz final n why do u make ur lyf miserable by suporting teamz wc always loose

  67. Anonymous on Thu, 10th May 2012 9:33 pm 

    Why do people not check if things happen the way it has been prophesied. If the goal will not be a header from Robben then Joshua is fake. It shows that people do not know what they should know from the bible.

  68. Writer a on Fri, 11th May 2012 2:24 am 

    What did gamaliel say in acts, let those man, if it is of God it shall continue but of man…. Read the actual verse i paraphrased here, its funy how we endorse the white man of the cloth like the catholic leader who was here,joyce meyer,tom and deushele, e.t.c but an african we doubnt, viva t.b

  69. dedza on Fri, 11th May 2012 9:31 am 

    its chelsea prophet wonai second half and you will too ecxited to come back to the flesh because pachatambwa bhora

  70. Jonathan on Fri, 11th May 2012 11:28 am 

    We just need 2 keep prayn 4 chelsea 2 win d final. pple shld stop criticing d man of God

  71. Nonypop on Fri, 11th May 2012 11:53 am 

    I see d blue blood running on my vain, beside drogba & torres’ll nt let us down cum 19/may/2012; up chelsea

  72. chabvondoka on Fri, 11th May 2012 5:29 pm 

    Cedric Sibanda tikwanire zimu tribalist. Taura hako Jona anoda Chelsea ngaanamate.

  73. chabvondoka on Fri, 11th May 2012 5:33 pm 

    Ma reporters vhurai nzeve moteerera zvinenge zva profitwa. Ini ndakateerera prophecy mhunu wa Mwari haana kutaura team ichawinna. Ah!

  74. daniel toma on Sat, 12th May 2012 3:20 am 

    Prophet T.B Joshua prophecy is 100percent come-true. Let’s him join Chelsea fans in prayers…

  75. Phillimon Chiweta on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:03 am 

    Never use this forum to settle your scores.Tb joshua is a man of god who needs respect.

  76. bronco on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:07 am 

    practically and basing on current form fo bayern the odds hev always been agnst us,note that we have 4 players key players 4 that matter suspended in Munich in their own backyard saka zva t.b joshua can serve as confirmatin 2 the above facts.hwever my blood remains blue..”

  77. Liberty mandishona on Sat, 12th May 2012 11:00 am 

    Tb is a man of god like t or nt bt chelsea wl cum bak and win

  78. ilayeogwe on Sat, 12th May 2012 12:12 pm 

    Who ever that is not folowing up with sunday service should not coment, has the prophet prophecy any thing befor amd didnt come to pass? we know the God we serve.

  79. Bla Miki on Sat, 12th May 2012 3:13 pm 

    ZNFU’s head of outreach and member services Coillard Hamusimbi told the
    Zimbabwe Independent through an email on Wednesday his country produced
    2,853 million metric tonnes of maize this year with 1,035 million metric
    tonnes as surplus. Last year Zambia produced a record three million metric

    “Zambia exported and hopes to continue exporting to the DRC, Namibia, Kenya
    and South Sudan in addition to Zimbabwe,” Hamusimbi said.
    He also confirmed former Zimbabwean commercial farmers who were displaced by
    the land reform programme were helping Zambia’s phenomenal agricultural

    Hamusimbi said his country’s “new” farmers engaged in diversified production
    of tobacco, maize, wheat and soya crops.

    Commercial Farmers’ Union president Charles Taffs described Zimbabwe’s maize
    deficit as a “deplorable state of affairs” which, however, could still be
    reversed by adopting “investor-friendly policies guaranteeing security of
    tenure to farmers”.

    “Right now the land is of no value and we are in a spiral of diminishing
    returns, thanks to the land reform programme which pushed farmers off their
    land,” said Taffs. “Factor in the indigenisation policy and you have
    self-inflicted harm. lt is time to stop this,” he said.

  80. Bla Miki on Sat, 12th May 2012 3:45 pm 

    TB Joshua’s prophesies have got the pro-Mugabe religious leaders all riled
    up but as ever it is ‘Bishop’Abel Kunonga’s pronouncements that are the most
    racist and un-Christian.

    Is it divine revelation that enables Kunonga to prophesy that those who
    seize farms and mines and other properties in the hands of ‘aliens’ will
    definitely enter the kingdom of God? He boasted that he had personally taken
    3.800 farms which were in the hands of ‘aliens’ and according to Kunonga’s
    crazy logic, one must assume he will be up there in front of the queue at
    the pearly gates! “As Christians,” he said, “we must gear ourselves for a
    bloody war against white interests.” Hearing those words, any sane person,
    Christian or not, is entitled to ask why Kunonga is allowed to get away with
    such open incitement to violence. And it is not the first time he has made
    such inflammatory remarks and escaped the legal consequences. The conclusion
    must be that Kunonga has the approval of Robert Mugabe and his partisan
    Police Chief when he makes these outrageous statements.

  81. jenlouriz on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:06 pm 

    i beliv tb joshua prophesy n wht ever e say is d truth…bayer munich liftin d trophy

  82. jenlouriz on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:09 pm 

    i beliv tb joshua prophesy n wht ever e say is d truth…bayer munich we lift d trophy by God grac amen o

  83. jenlouriz on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:14 pm 

    i beliv tb joshua prophesy n wht ever e say is d truth…bayer munich we lift d trophy

  84. jenlouriz on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:15 pm 

    i beliv tb joshua prophesy n wht ever e say is d truth…

  85. EJIAMIKE OBIOZO on Sat, 12th May 2012 10:33 pm 

    i believe in prophesy but i want to state it clear,i predict CHELSEA WIN OVER BAYAN MUNCHEN…ITS TRUE AM MAN U FAN BUT I WANT CHELSEA 2 LIFT D TROPHY.

  86. Outcast on Sun, 13th May 2012 11:39 am 

    Today is Sunday.Any news of the second half from the man of God?

    Needs to be careful with these prophesies.We might see Arjen Robben being ugly tackled in this game.Bald headed Bayern player will have a rough ride in the Final.

    Chelsea needs more prayers than Bayern.Lets see if Chelsea Fans prayers have been answered.TB Joshua prayers as well, as he too is a fan of Chelsea.

  87. Anonymous on Sun, 13th May 2012 1:20 pm 

    4rm wat i knw bout diz man of God nd his prophesiez..he’ll only ask u 2 pray nd at d end of d day d prophecy wil cum tru..

  88. jinga on Sun, 13th May 2012 2:50 pm 

    first of all i will direct this question to the person that published this article…, mr Moses Muchemwa, where you in the live service where the Prophet T B Joshua made this prophecy? or you were told. Your job as a journalist is to provide accurate informations to the public but if you do otherwise …,then be prepared for the consequences that goes with it.

  89. jinga on Sun, 13th May 2012 2:58 pm 

    We are still waiting for the second half. I hope the prophet, T B Joshua will give us ‘Chelsea fans’ some good news mean while we should all pray for our team.

  90. moses cyril on Sun, 13th May 2012 6:33 pm 

    What is the final prophecy of pastor T.B JOSHUA today,plz i need to knw

  91. Emmanuel on Sun, 13th May 2012 6:39 pm 

    Let us blive in dis man of God, he might b right.. All we have 2 do chelsea fans is just to pray harder 4 our club, we will win dis match in JESUS NAME…..AMEN!!!!

  92. Shiley on Sun, 13th May 2012 6:47 pm 

    We don’t have to xtizize the man of God, all I will say is dat may the Will of God be done forever in our lives, as for Chelsea FC, it’s a game to be played on the pitch, God knows the beginning an even the result wen d final whistle will come. it is left for us to practice faith as a good FAN of our club. Lol .happy Sunday.

  93. sekeda on Sun, 13th May 2012 11:46 pm 

    Moses Moses tb joshua is also human just like any one of us who love soccer just like you. he said God always shows him things that he has an interest in over and above his mainline of deliverance revelations so let him be.

  94. Nelxon on Mon, 14th May 2012 7:12 am 

    We no dey talk much na onli God knw d team way go win no b tb joshua..if bayern no score 4 1st half hmm..pple go start 2 say tb joshua na fake prophet..i knw naija peple mouth..

  95. irvine on Mon, 14th May 2012 7:51 am 

    TB JOSHUA Wat type of an animal a u? U can prophesis wat is going to happen as wat u did to Man U & City

  96. Osas on Mon, 14th May 2012 9:45 am 

    Its a prediction and not a prophesy o.k

  97. Anscoly on Mon, 14th May 2012 12:24 pm 

    I don’t know why people are taking this thing too far. the man of God only predict the first 45 minutes of the game and he did not say if Bayern Munich or chelsea will wine the cup. he only mention a player with bold head scoring a goal. he did not say if that player is a Bayern or chelsea player.we where all waiting for the second 45 minutes which i did not say any thing.

    so people shot up and wait on the 19th before concluding.

  98. Emebu.theophilus on Mon, 14th May 2012 2:48 pm 

    Pls any one who insulted d man of God should pray 4 forgiveness order wise

  99. transcendancy on Mon, 14th May 2012 7:14 pm 

    D nt despise thz God calls. If u hv issues wt e person nvr mix em wt church business otherwise u are calling trouble for yourself. Whthr they ar prophecies or teaching e bottom line is 4 all humanity to repent and ask God to come in2 eir lives so tht eir lives may be renewed.

    Plz pple REPENT AND BE FORGIVEN of your SINS.

  100. Avendei Mathias on Tue, 15th May 2012 12:22 pm 

    All commited chelsea fans are to Fast and Pray. Friday 18th has been declared nationwide fasting day by niger delta chelsea fans Exco. Sign by fans Secretary Niger Delta.

  101. PETER on Tue, 15th May 2012 12:24 pm 

    he is a man of God whether u like it or not.i truuuuuuuuuuust t.b joshua.

  102. Daddy Nkati on Wed, 16th May 2012 1:07 pm 

    He is a man of God, what he says, will come to pass:

  103. micheal on Wed, 16th May 2012 2:08 pm 

    if this prophesy come to past i will then know that he predicts right
    But Chelsea dont deserve a loose in that match. they have suffered much through the hands of B

  104. don gozzy on Wed, 16th May 2012 2:48 pm 

    All dis insults 4 d man God is simply bcuz he prophecy against chelsea.wen dat poster said dat he said dat chelsea wil win,nobody said bad thing against him,if u ar among dose dat said rubbish abt d man of God u beta pray nd ask God 4 forgivness,but as 4 dat 19th may his prophecy must surely come 2 past nd dat wil b an example 2 those stupid chelsea fans dat said rubbish abt u chelsea fans should pray so dat d disgrace in munich wil nt b 2much..

  105. Taurai Nyamudeza on Wed, 16th May 2012 4:12 pm 

    guyz let us pray

  106. tom tom on Wed, 16th May 2012 4:36 pm 

    Its obvious, Chelsea wli lose. There is no need for prophecy here

  107. Olanrewaju on Wed, 16th May 2012 5:19 pm 

    Sincerely,I read the news, T.B Joshua said thr was in d first half by a bald man,but I stand here to cancel this Goal, dat goal is going to be offside and wud not be counted, Barca scored 2goals, and anoda goal ruled offside,yet dey didnt qualify, so, whteva d goal(s), it will NEVER change it, CHELSEA will win..I prophecy…

  108. Anonymous on Wed, 16th May 2012 5:34 pm 

    Chelsea wil loose don;t augue

  109. Lanre on Thu, 17th May 2012 8:47 am 

    You will surely eat your dung when Chelsea lifts the trophy, you negative interpreters. I bet you. For our good!

    Up Chelsea

  110. jones on Thu, 17th May 2012 12:11 pm 

    One team has to win

  111. Bright desimz on Thu, 17th May 2012 4:26 pm 

    Chelsea supporters pray hard nothng is impossible with God. Tb joshua is a man of God what ever he prophecy comes to pass. Stop commenting false things about the man of God. You will be curse if you continue.

  112. Adams on Thu, 17th May 2012 4:29 pm 

    Bayern is more likely to lift the trophy as they are playing home and chelsea will miss jhon terry. i believe at 90% that chelsea is going to lose. but why not prophetised the second half?

  113. Desmond okyere on Thu, 17th May 2012 10:14 pm 

    Stop insulting the man of God let him be. Bcos that goal is in the first and ask us to pray harder for chelsea. U have to pray as the man of God said. Thank u prophet T P joshua but chelsea fans need ur help and plz forgive those who write false words abt u.

  114. Desmond okyere on Thu, 17th May 2012 10:18 pm 

    Plz chelsea football club need ur help from God bcos we have not won it before plz it will hurt me if we lose again in this final

  115. Dan ogah on Fri, 18th May 2012 11:14 am 

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed waiting in earnest anticipation of chelsea’s victory over bayern Munich. They deserve it but we deserve it more.

  116. west on Sat, 19th May 2012 6:42 am 

    I believe God has far important things than to tell his prophet abt uefa. Tb joshua is on the false prophet that Jesus talked of in the new testament. Nowadayz pipo even think his like Jesus…

  117. west on Sat, 19th May 2012 6:44 am 

    tb joshua can eat a ****. May da best man win.

  118. slowjerm on Sat, 19th May 2012 12:03 pm 

    chelsea will lose by 3 goals to zero

  119. Bravo on Sat, 19th May 2012 11:55 pm 


  120. Ziri on Sun, 20th May 2012 7:34 am 

    Chelsea wins. No first half goal by bayer, tb joshua dd nt get ths one right

  121. Dr. Kenn on Sun, 20th May 2012 9:22 am 

    T.B. Joshua is my man, but he got this very wrong. Maybe, we will regulate this one in the inner chamber of the church. Next time he will look very well in the mirror before talking.

  122. wiseman isaac on Sun, 20th May 2012 1:20 pm 

    make dis grand tell we the day wey popo go die

  123. bba panashe on Mon, 21st May 2012 9:46 am 

    tb joshua in’anga samakandiwa angel vakatumwa kuzo confuser marema nema spiritual idiots asina mweya wekunzvera chokwadi nenhema

  124. Jokoniwa on Sun, 27th May 2012 10:06 am 

    Akafembera fembera

  125. Jokoniwa on Sun, 27th May 2012 10:10 am 

    The bilble gives us a clear defination that chipofita kupupura jehova apa hapana nthng lyc that saka kufembera,guessing chaiyo hezvo wakapotsa no goal in the first half as he sais.

  126. Lebitse Leburu on Wed, 6th Jun 2012 10:48 pm 

    T B Joshua is a real man of God and God speaks through him indeed. Those who don’t beleive in Jesus will always question his calling out of pure hatred and ignorance. There are many live miracles accompanied by live testimonies but sceptics still choose not to believe.

    God is still the same God. He stills heals and is using pepole like Prophet T B Joshua to carry out His mission.

    May the good Lord continue to use him and pour out more anointing on his head.

  127. Prof Achimosemm on Fri, 15th Jun 2012 5:05 pm 

    TB Joshua is nothing but a soothsayer with powers not from God, though he uses the bible and calls the name of Jesus. Firstly he is not a christian. He is not baptized. That is why he himself cannot baptize anyone. Remember Jesus instructed his disciples to “Go make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit”. Mr Joshua ignores Jesus’ instruction at the last Supper after giving his body and blood to the apostles in the form of bread and wine by saying “Do this in memory of me” Why does he not heal the really physically challenged persons like cripples, but simply gives them cash aid and rice and wheel chairs. These people need healing more than all that.

    If the anointing water and sticker are of Jesus, then Jesus should be glorified with his photographs on them, not TB Joshua’s.

    This man is still to convince the world that he is truly of God. All the propaganda in place come with lots of lacuna, exposing his demonic powers the more

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