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Thousands gather to bid farewell to the late Amai Susan

Published: March 11, 2009


Thousands gather to bid farewell to the late Amai Susan thumbnail

ZimEye(Harare)About 30 000 people converged at the Glamis Stadium in Harare to bid farewell to Amai Susan Nyaradzo Tsvangirai, the wife of MDC President and Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai.

Amai Tsvangirai died last Friday when the car that she was in together with her husband was involved in an accident in Beatrice along the Harare-Masvingo highway.

They were travelling from Harare to their rural home in Buhera.


People of all political affiliations and Christian backgrounds converged from all corners of the country to give their last respects to Amai Tsvangirai.

Earlier in the day there was a church service at the Mabelreign Methodist Church were hundreds of worshippers and MDC supporters gathered to send a farewell to Amai Tsvangirai.


Giving a keynote address at Glamis Stadium, MDC Secretary-General and Finance Minister, Hon. Tendai Biti said the question everyone was asking was why this accident had happened.

“Most of us are in pain but the majority of us are so shocked we could not feel the pain,” he said.

Hon. Biti said Amai Tsvangirai was an honest and loving grandmother, a Christian, a revolutionary and a mother of the struggle for change and democracy in Zimbabwe.

“She was an activist and revolutionary in her own right. She believed in the same values as her husband in wishing to bring about democratic change in Zimbabwe through a new, people-driven Constitution,” he said.


He said despite the hardships that were faced by her husband at the hands of the then Zanu PF regime, Amai Tsvangirai had stood by her husband and given him support and guidance.

“As a result we must take her passing on as an inspiration and must stop feeling pity for ourselves,” said Hon. Biti.

Amai Tsvangirai’s eldest son, Edwin told the gathering that the Tsvangirai family would not withdraw from the democratic struggle. He said the family remained humbled by the great love shown to them during their hour of grief.

Representatives from the church and civil society also gave comforting messages at the send-off ceremony which was also attended by diplomats.

Amai Tsvangirai will be buried Wednesday(today) at Humanikwa Village in Buhera at 2. 30 pm.

She leaves behind her husband, six children and two grandchildren.

“In such incidents there is always speculation but in this case I want to assure you that if there was any foul play it would probably be one in 1,000,” he said.

“It was an accident which unfortunately took a life. I am sure that life has to go on and I’m sure she (wife Susan) would have liked for life to go on.” (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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12 Comments on "Thousands gather to bid farewell to the late Amai Susan"

  1. Emile de Ravin on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 7:27 am 

    Life is just so unfair. Why is it not the supreme monster inside that coffin? Now THAT would be a day of rejoicing!

  2. Bruce Derere on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 8:07 am 

    RIP Susan. We will miss you

  3. Pretender on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 8:21 am 

    Emile, what supreme monster? Why rejoice at the passing of another? You are in danger of judgement on the day when Christ shall be revealed! For every vain word that you say shall be against you on that day. Look unto Jesus, not the temporary things of this world. Let us mourn Susan and hope she made it into God’s presence, and that one day, we shall be together again.

  4. valentine on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 10:23 am 

    wil mis u mom rest in peace

  5. masarira mtadzwanapasi on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 4:42 pm 


  6. Xolani on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 5:11 pm 

    Robert Mugabe is indeed a Monster. Hey you pretender, you are INDEED a Pretender, and nothing more than that. Areyou ingnoring the many thousands who died many mystriously? It is wrong to use the Bible to justify Mugabe. Are you strying to sayt that Mugabe is holy?


  7. Garikai on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 11:37 pm 

    Hey Pretender. Stop defiling this website with your idealogies. Emile de Ravin has done nothing wrong, absolutely NOTHING wrong by expressign his opinions.

  8. weriweri on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 6:21 am 

    I am glad some of us now use their heads to think and not their hearts. I honestly want to believe the accident was genuinely not mastermionded by someone opposed to the inclusive government.

  9. The Serpent on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 10:29 am 

    Foul Play Is Suspected, Why USAID?

    Gono and Zanu PF , the cold calculating
    villains of organized crime who kill and corrupt for cash. Love of money is the root of all evil.

    Air Force Commander Perence Shiri survived assassination attempt. Military intelligence investigators, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and police are all said to be involved in the investigation to track down the attackers and establish a motive.

    Just a few days after, Frank Muchirahondo, an employee of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was captured at the Forbes border post in Mutare on January 22nd whilst trying to flee the country.

    A few days later, We heard devastating news that Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife, Susan, died from her injuries sustained in a car accident on a Friday afternoon.

    Chinoona Chimwanda, (35) was the driver of the Nissan UD box truck involved
    in the accident. The vehicle belongs to USAID. US embassy officials
    confirmed that the lorry belonged to a partner organisation of USAID, the US
    government aid agency.

    In Masvingo, March 11 2009 – The Minister of Defence and a member of the
    Zanu PF politburo Emmerson Mnangagwa, has accused America and Britain of
    trying to eliminate Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

    Addressing a meeting in Masvingo, Mnangagwa is said to have told a
    group of Zanu PF supporters while explaining the new inclusive government at the weekend, that Tsvangirai’s accident had been an attempt to take his life by Americans and the British.

    Mnangagwa said the West was not pleased
    with Tsvangirai’s decision to join the unity government and had sent the
    USAID truck driver, who was involved in an accident which killed
    Tsvangirai’s wife, Susan on Friday, to eliminate him.

    Mnangagwa told the meeting that the West wanted to kill Tsvangirai and not his wife and that they might attempt to kill him again.

    This is a warning to Sabi who denied Zanu PF plot to eliminate him.

  10. Tawanda Mutematsaka on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 11:42 am 

    Rest In peace Mother of Zimbabwe ,we will indeed miss you ,till we meet again on that day ,Hamba kahle umama .

  11. The Serpent on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 2:14 pm 

    Weri Weri

    This idiot is so narrow-mined, he can see through a keyhole with both eyes. The less he knows on any subject, the more stubbornly he knows it.

    Munangagwa, a murderer at 17 years, knows best.

    This was a carefully executed plot but they missed the target. Munangagwa has vowed to continue the hunt for Tsvangirai`s head.
    CIO`s are everywhere in Zimbabwe. The reason why they heavy handedly landed on MUKOKO and they infiltrate these Organisations to use them and achieve their goals.

    The driver of the truck is a CIO operative. They took their time to study Tsvangirai`s badly planned movements. Now the time had come to hit their target. They followed him from Harare, communicating with the intelligence operative behind the wheel on USAID truck, coming from the opposite direction.

  12. The Serpent on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 5:11 pm 

    Before we forget just a reminder, Zapu Leader-

    Guma: Your decision to back Presidential aspirant Simba Makoni surprised a lot of people. What were your reasons for putting your weight behind Mr Makoni?

    Dabengwa: The reasons, first I must say that the idea of having an alternative leader coming up in Zapu was an idea that came from myself and we discussed with friends and colleagues in Zanu PF and we had agreed that we have an alternative leader and Makoni’s name was then suggested and the basis of the idea that I had myself come up with I certainly backed him and we did it as a rescue operation. As I did say even in the election campaign its not about Makoni but about the rescue operation. We need to rescue this thing. Zanu could easily have been defeated absolutely in the election and we would have come with a situation like in Zambia where because the leadership is no longer performing you get people who are not necessarily capable to take over and run the country coming in and I said we need to have a rescue operation to ensure there will be no winner and that we achieved.

    Guma: A lot of people are saying the entry of Simba Makoni and your support of him which got him a lot of support in Matabeleland created the (presidential) run-off and that Zimbabwe is worse off because of that decision. Would you agree with that argument?

    Dabengwa: We created, we certainly created a situation, an environment as we said. An environment were the people of Zimbabwe would say and were people clearly expressed that view, we do not anymore trust Zanu PF to be able to rule on its own, neither do we trust the opposition to take over and run the country and therefore from here where do we go? The people of Zimbabwe would sit down and they would be able to come out with a formula and we would have expected they would be broader consultations in order to resolve that situation, either than the one that was prescribed were the same people that have been negotiationg over the years between Zanu PF and the MDC had been doing so and they were the same people that are being brought in to negotiate this important issue which meant a completely different environment from the one they were negotiating and we thought therefore they would be representatives from the civic society, they would be representatives from the war veterans who fought the war and other stakeholders would have been included. It should have been a broader consultation.

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