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Vapositori leader will “bring complete peace to Pakistan”

Published: May 16, 2012


Vapositori leader will “bring complete peace to Pakistan” thumbnail

Chitungwiza(ZimEye)An aged African Apostolic Faith Church leader, Mutumwa Paul Mwazha  at the weekend made a claim that he would travel 20,000 kilometres to the Islamic republic of Pakistan and as soon as steps his feet on the land, complete peace will immediately cover the whole country.

Like Zimbabwe, Pakistan has experienced several decades of turmoil including military rule and lawlessness.

The church leader however stated that he would bring total peace to Pakistan.

“The moment l set my foot on Pakistan soil there will be total peace in that land,” said the 94 year old African Vapostori Sect leader in a homily on Saturday 12 at an open-air church service in Zengeza 2.

The gospel/heresy according to Paul Mwazha‏

He also stated that all churches shall one day join his Apostolic sect since it was the only ‘church’ left and there was “only one God, one Spirit and one Jesus”. He said he had been sent and had at one time gone to heaven and back. He had seen Jesus only once but now he hears only a voice. The 94 year old physical exercise enthusiast and clerk told thousands of his congregants and invitees that he had been baptised with the same baptism as Moses, Elijah and Jesus.

He said when he went to heaven God wanted to send him down to earth to his fellow men as an angel but he had refused since this would shock the people down here.

He therefore asked to be sent in human bodily form like Jesus so that fellow men would not be stunned. He said members of his church would fly to heaven , talk to God and come back to earth.

His congregants shall receive holy water so that electricity will not hurt, shock or electrocute them, there will not be involved in accidents, witches and wizards will not come to their houses, etc as long as the they had faith. He gave an example of one of his bishops in Botswana who survived after getting an electric shock that killed three other people. Many people at the church gathering claimed they had seen stars which their sect leader said were angels. The claim, made by many including a young school boy Edward Chakanyuka, could not be independently substantiated. (ZIMBABWE, ZimEye)

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58 Comments on "Vapositori leader will “bring complete peace to Pakistan”"

  1. CHANDO KUPISA on Wed, 16th May 2012 7:41 am 

    “Like Zimbabwe, Pakistan has experienced several decades of turmoil including military lawlessness” Zimeye at times you should be ashamed of your lies, how do you equate Zimbabwe to those Talibans?and as for Mabzibaba Mwazha, he is a true messenger of God sent out to spread the gospel of peace and not your fake “fortune tellers” from West Africa who are bent on destroying other Nations. Why cant they cause peace to prevail in hot bed areas like Ogoni province in Nigeria.

  2. henry shava on Wed, 16th May 2012 8:58 am 

    Charity begins at home madzibaba Mwazha. Heal your own land Zimbabwe first. There is no peace in Zimbabwe. thousands are being killed and torture for political differences and you are ready to leave that and restore peace 20 000km away? TB Joshua wanted to come here and you guys are busy trying to block him saying he must solve nigerian problems. the same applies here. Mwazha, solve Zimbabwe problems if you say you can!

  3. Comrade Naked on Wed, 16th May 2012 9:08 am 

    Nxa!! Oh my lord here we go again this Shona fake prophet thinks water n salt will free pple of Pakistan but I don’t think Muslims will buy ur insane Shona mentality

  4. mwanawechishobo on Wed, 16th May 2012 10:53 am 

    I’m shocked!

  5. nambya on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:03 am 

    So am i mwanawechishobo,indeed this year is proving to be a year of prophets.To heaven and back then fly to pakistan to bring peace to the omars.By the way what does he mean by saying his is the only church?Tichadyana gore rino!

  6. Mukadota on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:08 am 

    Uyu ndiye mutumwa chaiye, mudzidzisi uyu ndewe chokwadi.

  7. son of a gun on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:10 am 

    why is it that these so called prophets, can see problems and are keen to solve other countries problems , why cant they sort mess in their countries first .

  8. chirasha on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:17 am 

    This is another talk again.God have mercy.He saw others making money and he wants to start to still.Jesus went to heaven once and never came back ,he is now claiming that he saw God and came back.This is what is called a blue lie.You do not tell God what to do ,he does what he has planned a long time ago dudu.When time comes and you realy go there He will ask you all about this.WHY CAN YOU JUST TALK TO R.G.MUGABE ?

  9. Mavambo Kusile Dawn on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:23 am 

    I know little about Mwazha but let’s all read and obey the Word of God. Who shall be believed, Angels, Makandiwa, TB Joshua, Mwazha, etc?? Maybe they are all true servants of the Most High GOD, each with a specific ministry. Ameno, angazi!

  10. Bla Miki on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:51 am 

    Ko uyu mave kumutuka ko tachi noti mai anoyindedhi haichashandi?

  11. Comrade Naked on Wed, 16th May 2012 12:24 pm 

    If they go who’s going to appease old witches Mbuya Neganda n Gaguvi evil spirits never mind Alkeda will use them as shooting targets while they are busy playing with water n salt

  12. gorerazvo on Wed, 16th May 2012 1:44 pm 

    saka maporofita haatumwi kunyika kwavo. mwazha akatumwa kuPakistan, TB Joshua akataumwa kuzimbabwe. As soon as TB Joshua sets his foot on the zimbabwean soil then zimbabwe will be freed from bondage.

  13. Jumpdaki on Wed, 16th May 2012 2:01 pm 

    But Chando are you not contradicting yourself? To you everything is about tribe. Mwazha wishes to visit Pakistan and bring peace to their land and you see no problem and when TB Joshua is invited by felow Zimbos for pray you ridicule him. Double standards my bro. This is why we will go devolution first and if we fail we will show an unprecendeted unity of purpose towards the state of Mthwakazi and you will know we are not Zulus for nothing and why Tshaka failed to rule us.

  14. Omugabe on Wed, 16th May 2012 2:06 pm 

    son of a gun on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:10 am writes:

    “why is it that these so called prophets, can see problems and are keen to solve other countries problems , why cant they sort mess in their countries first .”

    Well stated you ‘son of a gun’. lol

    One good thing we can say about Mutumwa: He’s not a preacher of ‘gloom and doom’, like Terrible Temitope of Nigeria who can only see death and destruction in his future. lol

  15. maone on Wed, 16th May 2012 2:32 pm 

    ichi ndicho chinonzi chimbwamupengo

  16. Ezra on Wed, 16th May 2012 2:38 pm 

    TB JOSHUA has never claimed to bring complete peace to a nation

  17. comrade vacho on Wed, 16th May 2012 3:12 pm 

    taneta manje

  18. Bla Miki enemy No1 on Wed, 16th May 2012 4:33 pm 

    Please send this man to a psychiatric hospital he is not well.this is a real sign of the last days according to Mathew 24;24.TB Joshua,Makandiwa,Guti etc all claim to be th real ones surely they are all false prophets

  19. Chimoto moto on Wed, 16th May 2012 4:54 pm 

    Ha izvi zvama porofita i wll never buy it wthr he is from Nigeria or Zimbabwe .Makandiwa ,Mwazha,Mwazha or who ever Vose ndeve nhema .kutswaka mari uku.Hei handei ku Roman Catholic nonsense yose iyi haiko.Akawona muporofita oti wakaenda kudenga ????akadzoka????

  20. Cedric Sibanda on Wed, 16th May 2012 5:31 pm 

    You bloody useless shona savage why don’t you concentrate on your own country first instead of behaving like all the other shona vermon who are always running to the Western white man for help. You uneducated useless shona idiot – they would kill you the minute you stepped foot in the place – same as what they did to comrade shona Obama!!!

  21. Bla ****** on Wed, 16th May 2012 8:38 pm 

    God operates in many ways , maybe a Pakistan saviour has reincarneted in Zimbabwe, only time will tell, like year 2000 y2k bug.

  22. how funny on Wed, 16th May 2012 9:09 pm 

    How come all ‘prophets’ are either nigerian or shona? Its annoying how these makandiwas are fooling the suffering and desparate, yet they go around shopping for $200 000 mercs! How pathetic!!!! Harare people must wake up and stop being conned! Now this 94 year old geriatric surfaces with insane utterances! Nx!

  23. Tsano on Wed, 16th May 2012 9:35 pm 

    Pliz ******** get off this site munosvota. U just dump, stupid and insane

  24. Tsano on Wed, 16th May 2012 9:37 pm 

    All ******** jus wish Makandiwa was a ****, Mwazha a ****, Guti etc. Unfortunately in ********** u only get the likes of Pius Ncube, Gesela etc

  25. mandirwadzisa on Wed, 16th May 2012 11:50 pm 

    Mwazha akatumwa naMwari hama dzangu!! He was sent by God in these later days to lead the people to glory. If i were u,i wld not mock the man God. My frnds u are now sounding like pharisees and scribes. Zimbabwe z a peaceful country my dear frnds! U can spend the whole day, without hearing a gun shot. In Pakistan after every 2mins u hear a gun shot or a car bomb! Go to south africa and get killed( xenofobia) go to Britain u will be treated like dogs( racism) ,,,,,,,wake up guyz!

  26. Comrade Naked on Thu, 17th May 2012 12:44 am 

    MaShona water n salt does not cure cholera AIDS n typhoid thus y u will die like flies tell them Chimoto moto

  27. Bla Miki enemy No1 on Thu, 17th May 2012 3:40 am 

    Mandirwadzisa unogobvuma zvese zvese use yo Medula oblingata mhani Mwazha angada kusolver maproblems ekuPakstan iyo Zimbabwe yakazara maproblems arikukonzerwa nanaBla Miki nchibato chavo cheZanu.

  28. Venge on Thu, 17th May 2012 6:27 am 

    Mhazha fr pakistan?does ths means he’ blind 2c ths peace strugglin Zim?becoz he signed unti sanction oti muno mune peace?amhazha if u’a a real man of God dnt runaway frm truth nhaika?y u involve yrslf munezvenyika?mek Zim clean frst thn pakistan afta.

  29. Mukushe on Thu, 17th May 2012 9:05 am 

    Regai ndikutaurirei varume mutumwa Ernest Mwazha akatumwa kune zvishamiso zvikuru zvakaitika uye zvirikuitika muAfrican Apostolic Church. Saka chenjerai kuzvi torera shamhu nemataurire enyu.Dzimwe nguva muchazo pedzisira mava kuzonyikwa mumvura uye mava kureurura pamberi pevanhu vazhinji nemaitiro enyu iwawo zvava kukuomerai nematauriroenyu iwawo Ndinoziva kuti zvese zvanda taura zvichaitika mukatamba nemutumwa wamwari iyeyi

  30. Tsano on Thu, 17th May 2012 10:00 am 

    So the guys frok the south western part of the country cant see that we are doing em a favour u cde Nekhedhi and co. the main problems ndimi ngochani and aemed robbers who are causing havoc in JHB.

  31. Anonymous on Thu, 17th May 2012 11:19 am 

    I was there at Zengeza 2 shopping on the day in question. This article is not a true reflection of what transpired. Fortunately proceedings are recorded on DVDs. Those who want to hear what Earnest Paul Mwazha of Africa said on the day can access the DVD and see/hear for yourselves. Kindly request for the DVD of the day in question from any member of the Afrocan Apostolic and see for yourselves. Truth can be blamed but will never be ashamed.

  32. Anonymous on Thu, 17th May 2012 11:26 am 

    Fron any meber of the African Apostolic Church – Vaapostora ve Africa and see for your self. Truth can be blamed but will never never be ashamed

  33. Chematama chekebuwe on Thu, 17th May 2012 12:16 pm 

    ‘Yambiro’kune wese anyora mazwi ekutuka mutumwa earnest mamvura paul mwazha,mutumwa wechinomwe to apologise,its not late to do so.ndakuyambirai,musazochema ndokunge mwakwanisa kuchema.mutumwa haatukwi,akatumwa kuzoporesa vanerutendo panguva ino yekupedzisira.kana une some unresolved issues navamwe vatungamiri or vatendi plse Do not insult Mutumwa,rather, advise him.

  34. Bla Miki on Thu, 17th May 2012 4:47 pm 

    Having been a regular visitor to Chirumhanzu Tribal Trust Land (where prophet Mwazha comes from) for a couple of years in the late ’90s, allow me to say this man is a true man of God. Over the years l have heard and have seen with my naked eyes the great works being undertaken by this messenger of God and l do agree with you anonymous when you say this article was taken out of context. Iwe enemi nhamba hwani uchanya chete, masvada ako

  35. Jumpdaki on Fri, 18th May 2012 7:33 am 

    Bla I hope you are not getting into the habit of certifying anyone man of god once he performs a bit of a miracle, you seem to know and believe eh all. Why?

  36. ntokozo mlotshwa on Fri, 18th May 2012 8:26 am 

    Vanhu vangu vaparadzwa nekuda kokushaiwa zivo. Abantu bayabhubha ngenxa yokuswela ulwazi ngoba bekwalile ukwazi .Uyakholwa kumbe hatshi uyathuka kumbe uyamukela uyembatha kumbe kawembathi kodwa thina siyaliphosa kuphela ilizwi emhlabeni wonke libe
    Ubufakazi ezizweni zonke andubana ukuphetha kufike uPAUL MWAZHA UTHUNYIWE By our father in heaven on behalf of jesus Christ ukuphumuza bonke kholwa ebizwien lenkosi ujesu
    vanonda kundzwa nezwekutumwa kwake nekushanda kwesimba rajesu ririmaari nekuvapostora vajesu vose vudzai masatanist achakutawurirai chokwadi.

  37. Taku taku on Sat, 19th May 2012 4:29 pm 

    Nhai anonymous you seem to know so much abt this mwazha guy. Ko yekuti akaita 2wks ari mudziva wakamboinzwawo here?

  38. munodashe on Mon, 21st May 2012 11:33 am 

    ‘I’m the Angel of Africa, the only Ernest Paul Mwazha in Southern Rhodesia’ Hazvidi kureasona Mwari anotuma waanoda kuti marudzi avanhu aponiswe. Kuzvida kwako kana kuzviramba Paul Mwazha wakatumwa naMwari muzita raJesu kuvana veAfrica kutanga tevere pasi rose 1951, Ndiye akaonekwa naDaniel panaDaniel 7 vs 9-28 kutambudzwa kwepasi nasatan nokuuya kwaPaul Mwazha weAfrica achiponesa nokurwira vanhu nokuparadza zvakaipa zvose. Achaisa vatsvene vepasi rose muruoko rweMwanakomana Jesu Kristu paachauya kuzotonga nyika. Vanhu vako Mwari vacharwirwa saka varikurwirwa naPaul Mwazha weAfrica muzita raIshe wedu Jesu Kristu. Vasingazivi ngavadzidziswe, moyo yenyu vasati vaziva zvokutumwa kwaPaul Mwazha weAfrica ngaitende kudzidziswa nenzeve dzenyu kunzwa mashoko ezivo.

  39. munodashe on Mon, 21st May 2012 11:56 am 

    Jesu asati aenda panaJohn 14 vs 24 akati ‘Asi Munyaradzi, Mweya Mutsvene, uchatumwa naBaba muzita rangu, iye uchakudzidzisai zvose nekukuyeudzirai zvose. Paul Mwazha weAfrica haana kuuya neharavara kana kubva kuvanhu asi kunaMwari naJesu wakamutuma.

  40. munyori on Mon, 21st May 2012 6:34 pm 

    vanhu vaparadzwa nemhaka yokushaiwa zivo, nyangwe mukanyora manyepo enyu imi vanyori vemapepa nyorai asi hazvishandure The Devine Commission Of Paul Mwazha

  41. Taku taku on Tue, 22nd May 2012 1:00 pm 

    Imi vanhu dondipinduraiwo zvandavhunza is it true or false?

  42. munodashe on Tue, 22nd May 2012 7:22 pm 

    Watuma Pauro weAfrica azorodze vanotenda. Imi mose vanhu vepanyika chiuyai kuruponiso rwakakushanyirai mazuva ano ekupedzisira. Vari kuuya muchechi ravo raVaApostora veAfrica seshiri dzechimokoto vave kuuya senyuchi pamuzinda.

  43. muparidzi on Tue, 22nd May 2012 10:52 pm 

    akanyora nyaya haazivi tomuregerera aanhai mutumwa akamboti achaenda 20000km kuenda kunze kwenyika kwete hanzwisisi Mutumwa talks in parable haungonyori chete pakataurwa nyaya yekunoparidza kunze kunedzimwe nyika vese vatuka mudzidzisi Paul Mwari akuregerei asi mukapamha kutuka ngakuve kwamuri

  44. muparidzi on Tue, 22nd May 2012 10:58 pm 

    kufarisa kusvika pakutuka vanhu vaMwari aakwete iwe ndiwe unoziva kuita kwaMwari urichii ndiwe wakazvara Mwazha aadai Mwari akuregerera

  45. Taku taku on Wed, 23rd May 2012 5:56 am 

    Why a u vaparidzi and vanyori mum on my question?

  46. munodashe on Thu, 24th May 2012 8:51 am 

    Haikona kutukana imi. Vanotuka mudzidzisi Paul Mwazha weAfrica musazvipamha nhaika. Munozoita sevana vakadyiwa namapere vaseka Elijah vakaparadzwa vose saka mochenjereraka kuti mungaparadzwa.

  47. gary t on Wed, 30th May 2012 8:38 pm 

    kana zviri zvamwari teererai u neva knoe zvamoparidzirwa wether muporofita wenhema wechokwadi teerera,nokuti zuva richasvika rangarirai hatina kubva mumuti.asi ndiri ini ndoda paul mwazha anoparidza chokwadi kana makateerera mharidzo yake he is humble funga vaparidzi vangani vane zera naye kuchengeterwa basa,kungoti munhu haadi chokwadi anozoda chokwadi musi wejudgement

  48. chiwanza on Thu, 31st May 2012 10:20 pm 

    Like it or not all that a o god shll cm t e african apostolic church genesis 49vs10 ….he whom t blongs[untill shilloh cmz]

  49. chiwanza on Thu, 31st May 2012 10:38 pm 

    Shilloh e bright morning star[revelations 22vs16] wz seen by mwazha n os who wr wt him 25 dec 1956 let’s learn to rid our bibles seek wisdom n bcm principled christians as 4 e catholic guy god hv mercy on u f u hv tym jus google on jesuits n freemasons n 2 all sunday worshipers u a worshiping e devil in disguise what abt exodus 20vs8-11 e sabath of e lord

  50. Edwin on Fri, 1st Jun 2012 3:16 am 

    Mweya yedu inomuponisi taka sunungurwa.if the last survivor of the 11 september was visited by paul then who are we to mock the man of God. About ur qsn(in the water fr 2 wks) i advise u to find d copies of the divine commision of paul mwazha u will get the shock of ur life

  51. muparidzi on Wed, 6th Jun 2012 8:44 pm 

    1.point of correction-mutumwa akati kuPalestine not pakistan.muzive mose kuti muZim. Hamuna hondo sekuNigeria.DRC.Mali etc sokutaura kwakaitaPaul Mwazha yr2000 soon aft land invasion akati muno jesu akazviratidza mo than 7tyms since 1934 saka zim yakaitwa ZION(Ugaro hwamwari) hamuite hondo muno.

  52. Shumba yevamhari on Thu, 7th Jun 2012 1:53 am 

    Kuchauya vaporofita venhema

  53. MuEvhangeri on Fri, 8th Jun 2012 3:36 pm 

    Vanhu mose vawana nguva yekutaura zvavanoda pano (navamwe vachazotaura), maitirwa nyasha nokuti Mweya waMwari weutsvene wapinda mamuri mukagona kutaura zvose zvamunoda zvakanaka nezvakashata pamusoro peMuranda waMwari Mutumwa E.P. Mwazha WeAfrica.

    Zvino chinzwai hama dzangu shoko raMwari rinoti “Endai kunyika dzose munoparidzira zvisikwa zvose evhangeri, anotenda akababatidzwa achaponeswa, asi usingatendi uchatongwa“ Mark 16:15-16

    Izwi rikazoti “Basa rakafanira kuitwa kuparidza kukosha kweZita raJesu nekushamisa kwekuponesa kwake“ kutaura kuMuranda WaMwari E.P Mwazha WeAfrica.

    Zvino ndiro basa raakatumirwa. Kuti vose vasati vagamuchira Ishe Jesu semuponisi wavo vamuwanewo, vagare maari,naiye mavari kuti chose chavanokumbira muzita rake Mwari Baba vari kumusoro kudenga vagochiita.

  54. muparidzi on Sun, 10th Jun 2012 1:37 pm 

    Vhangeri kumarudzi ose thru St EP Mwazha of Africa. Chero kutaura zvenyu hatina basa nazvo Jesu akauya muno muAfrica pamuranda wamwari EP Mwazha anoita murau norudo pamwe nekutya achikudza Jehova. Isu tavanayo vhangeri paTete Mozambique

  55. Goreraza on Tue, 3rd Jul 2012 8:00 am 

    Vanhu havadi chokwadi, paul mwazha haana kutumirwa zim chete asi pasi rose nekti kose varikumuona pamweya the angel of africa

  56. mcfish on Mon, 9th Jul 2012 9:32 am 

    Arch-Bishop E.P.Mwazha is the angel of Africa. The problem is that vanhu havazivi kufamba kwaMwari pakati pavo. You must be asking questions like,’toita sei kuti tiite mabasa akanaka?’ & the only answer you will get is ‘Tendai kune akatumwa.’ Zvino vanaramba jesu vachatambudzika, vachaona nhamo isingaperi, vachatambudzika paupenyu hwavo. Nokuti jesu wakatishanyira muAfrica muna Paul Mwazha. Vanazvidza jesu vanoregererwa asi vanomhura mweya mutsene havaregererwi. kana manza izwi raIshe musazoomesa moyo yenyu. About the 20000kms to Pakstan i don’t know coz i wasn’t there but my advise is musamhura mweya mutsvene.

  57. mcfish on Mon, 9th Jul 2012 9:47 am 

    The thing is you guys you don’t know who stopped world war 3. Wanna get you back to 1984. Paul Mwazha of Africa is the one who stopped world war 3 which was gonna bring an end to the entire world. So my question is ‘whats the big deal about bringing complete peace to Pakstan by someone who managed to bring peace to the whole world?’. Guys you need to get more informed about the Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa. Paul Mwazha of Africa is a heavenly sent messenger of God, believe it or not. Find from any member of The African Apostolic Church the books of the devine commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa(part 1&2), read through, next time you will be delivering absolutely different comments(to those who have been criticising the man of God).

  58. Lloyd Gotosa on Fri, 13th Jul 2012 3:09 am 

    all i say is prove all things.Mwazha is a true servant of God

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