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Woman Gang Raped, Brutally Murdered


Published: October 25, 2013


Liberty Dube| Manica Post | A 24-YEAR-OLD Dangamvura woman was allegedly gang raped and brutally murdered by unknown assailants during the wee hours of Tuesday. Information available showed that the lady, only identified as Tatenda or Mai Matwins, was coming from Mangenje Nite Club at around 2am when she met her fate.

According to friends, Tatenda resided at an open space near GMB Turn-off.

Her body was stashed in between green shrubs just outside House Number 346, Area 14. Her face was bruised and had traces of blood, while her neck had fingernail scratches.

A black jacket, pink purse and a red undergarment were found in a gulley a few metres from her body.

Scores of shaken residents jostled to catch a glimpse of Tatenda’s body. This almost caused a traffic jam along the busy road as passing motorists as well as those in commuter omnibuses wanted to view the woman’s body.mad-man-warning

Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda said they were digging deep into the matter to ascertain the actual cause of her death.

“We are investigating the matter. One Patience Mutiya submitted that she last saw Tatenda in the company of David Mugiya, a 34-year-old man from the same neighbourhood, during the night.

“She was later seen at around 2am by another woman, Musenzi Murimu, standing at Beta Bus Stop,” he said.

In an interview at the murder scene, Ruiza, Tatenda’s best friend and “workmate”, said she last saw her the previous night when they were in Mangenje Nite Club looking for clients.

“Tanga tiri kubasa and I left her at around 10pm. I asked her to come with me to my place, but she insisted on remaining behind. A man I can’t remember gave her a black jacket and I left her with three other guys. I woke up at around 7am only to hear that my friend had been brutally murdered. We stayed together as sisters at our house in Area 13 for close to three years and the news came as a shock to me.

“I can’t believe that she is gone and I hope police will do everything bring the culprits to book. We are all convinced that she was murdered,” she said, struggling to compose herself.

Another resident, who declined to be named, but confirmed being a hooker, said there were four suspicious men who were seated by the roadside near Dangamvura Primary School, adjacent to Mangenje Bottle Store and other shops the previous night.

“At around midnight, she left the bar insisting that she wanted to go back home (near GMB Turn-off). We tried to convince her to sleep in Dangamvura since there was no transport, but she insisted on going. She was sober and as usual, she went out and I remember that about four men, whom I don’t even know their faces were seated a few metres away near Dangamvura Primary School. We assumed she was safe, only to hear this morning (Tuesday) that she had breathed her last,” she said.

Tatenda, according to her friends hails from Rusape and is survived by twins, one of them only identified as Privy.

Said one resident: “We heard someone screaming at around 2 am, but we thought it was nothing serious. It is too late to say, but we should have done something.”

The murder scene also had its fair share of drama after a suspected mentally challenged man grabbed the phone of one of the police detectives who were combing the area for clues and took to his heels.

Residents gave a spirited chase and the detective managed to recover his phone.

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15 Comments on "Woman Gang Raped, Brutally Murdered"

  1. Osborne Yengwayo on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 5:25 am 

    Zimbabwe is becoming exactly like South Africa.

  2. Comrade Naked on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 6:59 am 

    Shona gukulawundi mentality,let them kill each other they are good for nothing. Bloody Shonas

  3. mwanawevhu on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 7:47 am 

    I think most of the people who had stayed in SA are coming back to Zim after the introduction of the US dollar. When they get back home they start committing all these crimes. these are the very people most probably who fled SA after committing crime. I suggest kuti masoja ngaambobutitswa zvakare. I say so after the “Boris Mushonga” incident yekumbare. taakutotya. Mapurisa batai vanhu. Masoja rovai vanhu.

  4. Mavambo Kusile Dawn on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 7:58 am 

    This is very sad reading. Tatenda (24) or Mai Matwins was an able bodied young woman who could have put her energy to a livelihood activity that does not involve nocturnal shifts. From this report, she was a hooker and these are occupational hazards. Why not sell airtime, sweets, freezits, etc instead of selling “chinhu husiku”?

    And the murderers? Is this an achievement of any sort? Was there any gain in killing someone. Reour fate member, GOD is watching and your will surely come!

  5. Mavambo Kusile Dawn on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 8:00 am 

    And the murderers? Is this an achievement of any sort? Was there any gain in killing someone. Remember, GOD is watching and your fate will surely come!

  6. MUTIMBANYOKA on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 8:04 am 

    Mangwana uchada kudya uchadyei zvawauraya chekudya chako RIP

  7. Greyhora on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 8:36 am 

    “Tanga tiri kubasa and I left her at around 10pm.”
    Basa renyu rine ngozi, rinourayisa. Teererayi zvataurwa naMavambo!

  8. Ndumiso on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 8:45 am 

    Yizo ke izithelo zobufebe, sleeping with strangers for the love of money,awazi noma ulala lombulali noma umthakathi kikikiki.

  9. Shame on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 10:40 am 

    @Cde Naked
    Foolish! Coming from Rusape, and being called Tatenda doesn’t make anyone Shona. These days everyone comes from everywhere and the use all types of names. Tatenda’s mother was propbably a hooker from Nkayi who migrated to the east.Tatenda was probably daughter to a Matabili thigh vendor. The west is the mother of all thigh vendors-that is a fact! Thats where thigh-vending business came from , and they spread the thigh vending disease all over the place like a veld fire. Shame, shame, shame!

  10. Ndumiso on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 10:57 am 

    Shut up wena Shamedog, ungazowuna lapha wena mbuzi,uyayazi yini yona iNkayi or uyasuza nje?

  11. XOLANI on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 3:30 pm 

    Don’t be shocked to see these idiots walking free why is it finger prints haven’t been taken, fools!

  12. chatunga on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 3:54 pm 

    the murders are sure ndebeles the bloody ancestors of foolish lobengula

  13. peter chikunya on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 5:55 pm 

    comrade naked is stupid and idiotic.Am staying in Bulawayo am not Ndebele.Staying in Mtare doesn’t necessarily insinuate one is Shona.After all we are Zimbabweans.Why promote hate speech.Shut up your anus comrade naked.its for puffing and not talking.Nxaaaaa

  14. Putukezi on Sat, 26th Oct 2013 11:21 am 

    Haiwawo who cares abt a dead *****

  15. the big boss on Sat, 26th Oct 2013 7:26 pm 

    Tragic victim of life in a zanupf mugabeland. Peeps probably green bomber pimping for ministers. Her twins will not have to grow up in zanuvermin govt

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