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Zimbabwe Cargo conman swindles church of goods worth £13000

Published: August 24, 2009


Zimbabwe Cargo conman swindles church of goods worth £13000 thumbnail

LONDON(ZimEye)As Zimbabwe’s shipment scandals are exposed, another Zimbabwe Cargo company has been found swindling a Zimbabwean church of goods worth £13000. The company’s owner, one Richard Semba of London, United Kingdom has been ignoring inquiry phone calls from his clients who are members of God’s Glory church from Oxford, while providing fake delivery documentation.

In August last year, the church sent goods worth more than £13000 to their Zimbabwe missions projects. However, to this date, a year later, the goods are nowhere to be found.

Mr Semba claims that the goods are now on African mainland and are on their way to Zimbabwe via road. A bill of lading, MOLU8 08533246 reported to be relating to the shipment has been found to be fake after verification with authorities in Durban, South Africa.

After ‘informing’ the church’s representative, Sam Tengwana and providing a Zimbabwe phone number, the person answering the call in Zimbabwe reported saying that the alleged bill of lading number was fake, being more than a year before-old and also stated that he had not dealt with Semba for more than one and a half years.

In another shocking twist ZimEye reveals that Semba himself has said in his own words that his financial problems caused him to make hasty decisions. In a teletext communiqe’ in possession of the ZimEye, Semba says:

‘Finance sometimes make a person make hasty decisions. This container has given me a hard time. The airfreight side has gone down due to the recession…,’ he adds.

To add to the frustration, Sam Tengwana was told your goods are now in Zimbabwe, upon which time he quickly flew to Harare, only to find that the shipment was nowhere in the country. Also the wagon numbers Semba provided were also fake.

After other promises, two other clients who have chosen to have their names kept secret, flew to Harare hoping to find their goods, only to discover that they had travelled in vain. A few other of Semba’s customers were also tricked in the same manner and have now landed their teeth into the dust as Semba continues to provide new explanations on the ever changing whereabouts of their goods.

In July, Semba made a shocking admission stating for the first time that he had never sent the goods to Zimbabwe in the first place and would now do so. In the church shipment were musical instruments, keyboards and other church equipment which shipment the businessman still cannot produce a bill of lading for. His company, named after his first name, Richard Freight operates an informal backoffice run only by himself and his wife whose UK company registration is 05690292 and unlike disgraced connman, Nembaware’s Zim Cargo, has no website to this date having been incorporated in the UK companies records on 27 January 2006. The company’s land line 02087592727 is also never answered.

The company’s white van (above) roams around the streets of Britain as gullible customers wait to sink their goods into its ‘bottomless pit’. A bitter lawsuit against Semba is underway. Details of the company are below

GARDENS,CRANFORD,MIDDLESEX TW5 9TT,TEL07867535456, (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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12 Comments on "Zimbabwe Cargo conman swindles church of goods worth £13000"

  1. Musonza, Leeds on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 7:43 am 

    Ignoring calls does not mean you have swindled anything. Please lets give our enterprising Zimbabwean people a chance.

    This cynical attack in the name of “expose” is not helping anyone.

  2. conned on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 7:57 am 

    he owes me £6500 i paid him to deliver vuhichles to zimbabwe but he did not pay the shippers and they ended up holding the vihichles i had to pay to get the cars and he kept giving excuses where on earth would you see a shipment for a vihichle taking more than 6months to get to zimbabawe its simple he is a fraudster he must pay for the bad thingsdont let him get away with it i also want my money we are hard working to get the money my father spend days and nights working to get the cash intact someone blows it in a matter of weeks WHY??? if there are more people out there please expose him

  3. Brownsugar, Chigwell on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 10:28 am 

    it has ‘Ltd’ on its logo meaning it registered, by law if you not paying any tax, or not registeredyour company should never be Ltd. more investigating Zimeye, company registration number in UK. If you inform ‘Inland Revenue’ they will simply culculate how much he has made, which will be difficult to dispute especially when you dont give reciepts, dude will soon lose house & sooner be bankrupt.

  4. blessing on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 12:43 pm 

    uyu murume ne mukadzi wake vanetsa nekuputsa dzimba dzevamwe nemanyepo avo they simply dont deserve to be here in uk dai kuri kumusha ave makuva kare.ngaadzose zvinhu zvedu he have never shipped them anywhere.they are hidden somewhere in his so called warehouses ,mutumapurazi and back door garages chokwadi haanyare.we simply cant be troubled with only two people who knows the whereabout of our goods…my goods only are in excess of £8000 plus £2800 cash for shipping not mentioning a lot of my friends who have no access to this website.i have receipts to prove this we need help to recover our goods most of them new as i was about to go home and settle.he really preyed upon our poor souls.i wont rest tiil i discover the real truth

  5. Claytons on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 3:31 pm 

    When he got his asylum status Hounslow Borough decided to give this crook a 4bedroomed council house which he is now using as a launching ground for criminal activities masquarading as a freight forwarder. You and i are paying tax to accomodate these two criminals Richard Semba and his wife.Can anyone tell me where he is damping our goods and cars. I gave him my pick up and goods last September and todate he is telling me lie after another.I lost 6800 pounds to this bogus company. Where can i go and find my car and goods since his number is constantly out of use. Ndatambudzwa nembavha iyi vanhu vamwari tibatsireiwo tizive more about this criminal. anyone with knowledge of his warehouses please tiziiseiwo

  6. Claytons on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 3:36 pm 

    Richard Freight International Ltd, 45 Clevedon gdns, Cranford, TW5 9TT. Reg no.5690292 VAT Reg no. 8768698 35 those who can pursue him with inland revenue on the tax front please go ahead there is the info you want

  7. Worried Zimbabwean on Mon, 24th Aug 2009 7:07 pm 

    any one who has been matter how little,pkease email

  8. Chawakadya chamuka on Tue, 25th Aug 2009 2:23 am 

    This man and so called wife are the most nasty people I have ever come across. They collected a chain hoist and shipment money from my house last year October while on his collection rounds in birmingham and to date it has not been delivered. In January he told me my goods had arrived, a month later the same story. At one point his wife said ‘tirivana murewa’.Now he doesnt even answer his phone at all. He is a total disgrace to us Zimbabweans I have respect for a person who at least communicates with his clients than one who turns his blind posterior acting like nothing happened. Semba wakaparamhosva iwe, uyezve hairovi! Ndozvamakavinga kuno! Kuzotibira isu nhai? I am so glad I now know where to find you now.

  9. dee on Thu, 27th Aug 2009 7:10 am 

    i gave this bogus couple my van last year august to send to zimbabwe but one year on it was still parked pandakaisiya munhu achingoti next week ndipo painoenda till i spend more money to collect it back to my place and i did not get any penny for the shippment toita sei nhai varume.ukaoma munhu anoba zvinhu zvechurch danger munhu iyeye

  10. Anonymous on Thu, 27th Aug 2009 3:27 pm 

    Gaba on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 1:03 pm

    Ma******* akapusa stereki. now you have been thrown into the cold after you messed up and you want to bark like big male chacma baboon. Who do u want to listen to u now…? Pako pakapera,it is now pay back time…..Dzorera mari dzawakaba ku Ford Foundation and then start commenting abt politics….



  11. zimkwacha on Mon, 31st Aug 2009 7:48 pm 

    Let curse fall upon all the swindlers and may their wealth be eaten by worms unless thy repent

  12. Viv Jere on Thu, 22nd Oct 2009 6:30 pm 

    You who is dissing Ndebeles, this story has nothing to do with tribalism at all and so yo comments are totally misplaced.
    I suggest all of us who’ve been swindled get in touch with who will set up a data base for us so we can get in touch and put a joint claim against this guy. Even if we dont get our money back, the guy will be put behind bars like Lindani Mangena.

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