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Zimbabwe Farmers doing wonders in Kenya

Published: April 5, 2009


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By Amina Accram, Kenya

More than 3 000 Kenyan farmers have benefited from the influx of white Zimbabwean farmers who have settled in the country. The farmers are making a new life for themselves after being kicked out of their land back home.

The farmers’ admit that their transition from Zimbabwe to Kenya hasn’t been easy. Earthoil Operations Director, Wyne Barratt says they grew about 800 000 hectares of wheat and soy beans a year while in Zimbabwe. He also concedes that they had a big cattle industry but unfortunately all has been lost after they were chased out of their country.

In Kenya, Barratt’s oil processing company needs higher energy and labour costs than it did in Zimbabwe. Not many small scale farmers in Kenya plant crops for vegetable and essential oils. His company buys crops rich in vegetable and essential oils from small scale farmers in East Africa. Oils are then extracted from the plants exported to cosmetic markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Barratt says even though his move has worked out, he still yearns for the country which was once his home. He believes that Zimbabwean farmers have something positive to give to the agricultural sector, wherever they go. The Kenyan agricultural community has welcomed the new farmers. (ZimEye,Zimbabwe)

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35 Comments on "Zimbabwe Farmers doing wonders in Kenya"

  1. Mike on Sat, 4th Apr 2009 9:33 pm 

    Can the farmers stay in Kenya for good or why cant they go and farm in Europe. ln Africa they pay slave wages thats why they like to farm there but this is evil.In Zimbabwe they use to pay their workers in kind, though Mugabe is wrong but the Rhodesians are worse

  2. joe on Sat, 4th Apr 2009 10:56 pm 

    MIKE you seem to forget that in Europe farmers receive massive state subsidies and hence able to pay high wages and easy access to markets,which is impossible for us in africa to compete

  3. Sarah Chipandu on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 8:03 am 

    Mike is a CIO, don’t mind him

  4. cha on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 8:48 am 

    iwe,SARAH,HARI YAKO,YAVIRA,GO BACK 2 WHERE U BELONG.Idont know if there is space for u on MY SPACE,WILL TRY ME LEVEL BEST 2 GET U A DOUBLE SPACE-uri kuti dzorera masure.ucld flirt around with serpaz yo mate on my space.hop yu enjoy yoself sweet pee

  5. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 10:46 am 

    These farmers are doing not more than what I am doing mhani imi nbiti imi. Come and see for yourselves what we call really farming.

  6. Tsoko on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 11:22 am 

    Give us photos iwe Serpent. Give us the proof

  7. Sarah Chipandu on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 12:10 pm 

    Serpent wavhunzwa iwe Pindura tione:
    CHAMAKUWENDE NGOMAINORIRA on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 9:28 am


  8. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 12:38 pm 

    How much are you prepared to part-ways with for the information my girl? Its PVT and confidential personal information, should go with a fortune.

  9. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 12:40 pm 

    Monkey I can give you a photo from the archive like the one published in this article. Come down to my farm and see for yourself. Wonders, I really mean Wonders! boy!

  10. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 12:46 pm 

    Sarah, tell that youngman Ngomainorira to aplly for a job as a Kamunda boy. I will pay him handsomely tell him. I have already employed 3 graduates from Mlezu, Gwebi and UZ. They are quite pleased with what I pay them.

    Their packs include Nissan Navara`s each and fully furnished houses.

    Now I need one for my hotculture project, Kamunda Boy. Can Chamakuwende forward his CV please.

  11. Bruce Derere [The Original] on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 1:51 pm 

    Serpas. Kushaya fundo kwako, kwaku kubisa mufashion.

    I have noticed that someone is using my name on this forum. Is it you Nyoka? please stop it.

    [Bruce Derere - The Original]

  12. Bruce Derere on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 2:08 pm 

    Serpent is a colonial name. There is a Selous Scout calling himself ‘Serpent’ who once hit Morgan Tsvangirai with a mupuranga-made whip in the winter of 1978 at Buhera Bus station in Masvingo- the exact date: 3 June 1978.

    I believe this guy ‘Serpent’ is the same mystery man, now appearing in 2009

  13. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 2:41 pm 

    Dellusionary! Bruce you will die without anything. Come back home and I will employ you. I will pay you handsomely. I will take you kids to school as part of your pecks. I will also service your wife every evening before you bed her for supplementary salary. I will teach you how to make money boy.

  14. Bruce Derere [The Original] on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 2:45 pm 

    Sasikamu yemunhu

  15. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 2:52 pm 

    From today onwards boy I have changed your name to Kamunda Boy. Tsvangirai was a tea boy at Trojan mine in Bindura.

  16. Bruce Derere [The Original] on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 2:54 pm 

    YOu have discouraged many like Samukeliso from this forum, and now you want to throw daggers at everyone. I will now sink some sense down your tiny throat! – You are a disillusioned disoriented bloke with a dislocated mentality that wants to scratch on the faces of everyone you meet. You need psychiatric help!

  17. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 3:04 pm 

    There is one thing I like from Sarah Chipandu. She can withhold the heat of any debate and match up those who think have PhD`s but poor people without money.

    They dream to become reach, hence will die without any cent to leave for their children. PhD`s are not inherited vana vanosara vachidyiwa ****** neMadhadha, iwe uchibuda ***** nemunzeve.

  18. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 3:06 pm 

    Tsvaga upfumi Bruce huri muvhu. Kwete kuswera uchifunda wozoita mushandiwedu isu vasina chikoro asi mbon`o.

  19. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 3:15 pm 

    Do you know how much I spend on the internet daily, it will look after dzinza rako rese.

    Buying them everything they long for.

  20. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 3:29 pm 

    Iwe Mfana Bruce, do you know its Easter. You are Judas Iscariot iwe you have no respect with God why. Idiot!

  21. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 4:04 pm 

    I am monitoring every demonic article today to guard against pagan influency. I will heavily Descend on Lesbians and Gays like Bruce and Sarah. Until they talk sense.

    The wise person respect God knows when to honour him and helps others by being sensitive.

    Certain actions, words and attitudes are only appropriate at certain times. Times like this when people behave inhumanely, Gay! Bruce!

  22. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 4:10 pm 

    My articles would probably prompt different thoughts each time they are read. I remind you people of life`s complexities.

    They inform you people how you will suffer when you keep God out of everything you do. My language is not abusive but it is appropriate when replying to the same person using the same language.

  23. Conrad Hombakuramwa on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 4:19 pm 

    Serpent. You are just like Sky News blokes who claim to know about Morgan and yet they can’t even spell his name!

    ZimEye: Sky News calls Tsvangirai an ‘ANC leader’

  24. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 5:42 pm 

    I like dominating debates because I bring new things everyday the reason why uchitiza iwe mvana yechirume. Urimvuu here unonyura uchibuda.

    Sky gets news from me, you idiot.

  25. ZvaZviri on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 6:25 pm 

    this paper is a joke i tell you mahimbwe chaiwo aya

  26. CHAMAKUWENDE NGOMAINORIRA on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 8:26 pm 


  27. The Serpent on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 10:22 pm 

    Chamas leave Sarah alone she has been practising karate recently preparing for a showdown with me so I had advised her to try on you before she sink into Lake Serpent.

  28. Amos on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 10:55 pm 

    Serpent did you write the book called ANIMAL FARM ,the reason why l said this its because the intelligence and the noise you make resembles GEORGE OWEL

  29. baas on Mon, 6th Apr 2009 10:25 am 

    i dont think whereever those farmers are now they call black people in those countries “kaffirs” “niggers” “bobejans” wonder most are eager to return to zim where racism is still accepted.In uk they would leave in housing estates(ghettos)and work as warehouse/factory operatives(labourers)and would be in serious **** for uttering on racist word.thats why they prefer africa to europe or uk tho in africa they are happy to be called “europians”.leave us alone baas.

  30. The Serpent on Mon, 6th Apr 2009 9:23 pm 

    Yes Baas! Yes Baas! You make me hate Kaffirs, they are Bobojans because they loot, lazy to work. Whites were right. I am in hell with my lazy Poltry Manager who graduated from Gwebi College. He loves his Bottle and neglect work. This Kaffir! Phew!

  31. Kumi on Tue, 7th Apr 2009 1:56 pm 

    Idiot Barrat, basa rekushandisa maZimbo for peanuts! labour costs higher in Kenya? makaura, dzokerai ku Britain. why did u make a stop in Kenya instead of flying back straight to UK? you know that Africa is rich in resources thts why ur scrawny asses dont want to go back to your countries of origin. Ibvai apa mhani, makAjaira kutishandisa. NXAA!

  32. makwaz on Wed, 8th Apr 2009 11:32 am 

    The challenge is about adjustment to Africa. It is abnormal for ethnic minorities to expect to be elites members of the community without conforming to the dominant cultural and linguistic practices of a place. Dominance or acceptance as elite must be based on objective criteria. A lot of Africans believe ethnic minorities benefit unfairly through networks based primarily on race as opposed to ability. When Africans travel to Europe, Asia or the America’s they adjust themselves to meet the requirements of the particular place. The fact that Africa is presently poor should not make wealthy ethnic minorities feel that they must be greatly appreciated. It is probably more factual to accept that ethnic minorities are just tolerated in Africa for economic reasons. To put it directly most of the ethnic minorities wouldnt be tolerated if Africa’s economy were stable. It is sad that some ethnic minorites are cought out by a believing in a historic model which is not respected by the majority of African’s in the current era. Like an earlier contributor said they are free to leave if they are not well adjusted. There were many “good white law abiding people ” who in the did nothing to give justice to the African majority in the colonial era. Likewise there are many “good law abiding black people” who will not lift a finger to give justice to disposessed white farmers in the current era. This may be morally repugnant but it seems to be that way regardless of the economic and social consequences.

  33. Dr. M. T. Levi Greer, Ph. D. on Thu, 16th Apr 2009 8:26 am 

    You’ve certainly chosen the perfect identity. You harbour delusions of grandeur that would make Don Quixote quite envious.

    Africans come in every color, be it black, brown, or white.

    You seem to be the first to judge others, yet, you seem to reject any criticisms of your rather laughable postings, and yet proclaim that you dominate debates.

    Look at Zimbabwe. I do, as do others, who care about the average Zimbabwean on the street.

    Personally, I’m a victim of Hurricane Katrina, who lost literally everything I owned in less than 5 minutes when my house collapsed. I went from being a fairly wealthy rare book dealer to being ‘poor’ by both American standards, and the standards of my birth country. I have still managed to send a container of emergency food to my brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

    If a simple person with limited resources can find a way to help those whwo suffer far more than they do, what do you do to help your brothers and sisters?

    You speak of others as Judas Iscariat…. Many of us wonder, who, indeed is the true Judas…

    All I ask is that you prove me wrong, which I doubt you can.

    Remember the story of people who live in glass houses, my friend.

  34. Dr. M. T. Levi Greer, Ph. D. on Thu, 16th Apr 2009 8:40 am 


    A follow up…. I would detail my interest in the well being of Zimbabwe, but given the fact that you are at best A Zanu PF stooge, and possibly a CIO or JOC operative, I decline to disclose my relationship to Zimbabwe…. Which I consider to be the true heart of Africa.

    I’ll tell you this much. I am white, and neither I, (being Mexican by birth), or any of my family ever lived in ‘Rhodesia’. There are no “Zimbos” in my family. But, we have a commitment to a free, independent Zimbabwe.

    With kindest of regards,


  35. wow power leveling on Thu, 23rd Apr 2009 6:44 am 

    Good article – plenty of food for thought.

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