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Zimbabwe Vigil To Present a Petition to President Zuma


Published: December 21, 2012


Press Statement

20th December 2012

 Petition to President Zuma of South Africa

Zimbabwean exiles in the UK are to submit a petition to the South African High Commission on Saturday calling on President Zuma to put pressure on President Mugabe to stop blocking the way to a referendum on the proposed new constitution.


Although the constitution has been signed off by Mugabe’s representatives, Zanu PF is deliberately dragging its feet to prevent reforms before new elections as provided for in the Global Political Agreement of 2008.


The petition reads: “Petition to President Zuma of South Africa: Exiled Zimbabweans call on President Zuma to put pressure on President Mugabe and his Zanu PF party to implement the Global Political Agreement. If they continue to refuse we urge South Africa to take measures against the Mugabe regime.”

ANC President

Zuma...Mediation to top the list


The petition will be accompanied by the following letter:


Dear President Zuma


Zimbabweans in the diaspora congratulate you on your re-election as ANC leader. We hope that you will now have more time to devote to your obligations as mediator for Zimbabwe.


We believe your intervention is needed now more than ever as Zanu PF is determined to block any progress.


More than 3 million Zimbabweans have been forced to leave our country. Many of them are in South Africa. We long to return home but can do so only after free and fair elections have freed us from bondage.


To go to elections without reforms will be a disaster for Zimbabwe and South Africa and the region as a whole. We will end up as another Equatorial Guinea.


Yours sincerely, Vigil Co-ordinators


The petition has been signed by nearly 5,000 people who have stopped by the Zimbabwe Vigil which is held every Saturday outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London, around the corner from South Africa House in Trafalgar Square.


The submission of the petition is part of the 21st Movement Free Zimbabwe Global Protest which has promoted a series of protests about the situation in Zimbabwe around the 21st of every month since January of this year.


This month’s protest will also draw attention to the suffering of ordinary people in Zimbabwe at Christmas while the country’s political leaders loot the country’s resources.


Timetable for Saturday 22nd December

  • 2pm – Meet outside the Zimbabwe Embassy where people can sign the petition before it is submitted
  • 3.30 pm – submit petition to the South African High Commission.
  • 4.30 pm – turning on of Vigil’s mourning Christmas lights


WPSN comments

5 Comments on "Zimbabwe Vigil To Present a Petition to President Zuma"

  1. Madziya on Fri, 21st Dec 2012 5:20 am 

    What is preventing you from coming back home lazy people?

  2. sikende on Fri, 21st Dec 2012 5:57 am 

    Yavava diaspora bbc hazvisi veduwee tirikugeza ma dead bodies when we are teenagers kuno. Basa raana sahwira vema 60 years tirikutiita at 18. Better go home. Ukuo dazvi rechembere iio rega ndinyarare zvangu. As I l get off the Qantas in an Armani suit don’t be glittered anhuwee.

  3. Leonard Maposa on Fri, 21st Dec 2012 7:54 am 

    Come back home hapana akakudzingai. Huyai mugeze chembere dzenyu kwete dzevamwe

  4. Poor Farmworker on Fri, 21st Dec 2012 10:29 am 

    The problem with Zimbabweans both in and outside the country we are not united enough. However yes we realise the need to pressurise Zuma but we also need to be proactive. Now zanu pf says we the majority of Zimbabweans said we want our children to be compelled to become YOUTH BRIGADES. Zanu wants this to be in the constitution. Also a funny zanu pf businessman has sent Copac to court claiming that Copac left out the Youth Brigade issue in the draft constitution. As zimbabweans we are doing nothing about it. We are not voicing anything about this. Do we want a compulsory scheme that would turn our children turned into hero worshipping vile hoodlum. Do we have to run away and shout in Yugoslavia, Uk etc about this?

  5. Mukadota on Mon, 24th Dec 2012 10:17 am 

    Looking at this guys head I must say it is inticately shaped like Cde Naked’s dikk for shuwa…..hwaaaaaahwaahhhaaa hwa hwa. Just look at those contours and depressions…….kikikikikikiikkiiii.

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