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Zimbabwe’s Assange Baba Jukwa Exposes Harare Murder

Published: July 13, 2013


Zimbabwe’s Julian Assange, the faceless Baba Jukwa has exposed the murder of Tinashe Faku the brother of an MDC-T activist in Harare on Friday.

Baba Jukwa who has in the past four months taken the internet by storm reported that Tinashe Faku was shot and killed in Waterfalls at the end of the week.

Below was his post:

Zimbabwe it’s sad that a guy Tinashe Faku has just been shot dead a couple of hours ago kuWaterfalls. Reports say he was mistaken for his brother a very active MDC-T supporter. Mupanduki… This is the same thing that happened to Roleens Gandiwa’s brother. Zvandirwadza, lets not let these people do this to our fellow comrades.

Baba Jukwa's hot avatar

Baba Jukwa’s hot avatar

Zimbabwe yesterday Amai evil Mnangagwa was at Mvuma in a place called Mavise. She announced that she only wants women to come and there is a Womens League Party in the Mavise area. There was a man who took. Photos of Mai Mnangagwa on his phone and he was thoroughly beaten and whisked away in a police van. She brought aprons and mini groceries for the ladies to share. My people please understand that this is no longer time. For your vote to be bought by sugar which comes one day and you will suffer 5years. She is with Mrs Dzimiri the ZEC officer for Chirumanzu who will tamper with votes so Mnangagwa will win far on a scale never witnessed before. Please phone Mnangagwa wife on 0772456319 and Mrs Dzimiri on 0775164125 and tell her we now know their tricks. Mnangagwas people also tampered with the councilor elections in Mvuma leading to a business partner of Mnangagwa Mrs T Mandiopera winning popularly known as Mai Chisadza.

Also soldiers and your families at Suri Suri, here are reasons why you must not vote for Dexter Nduna and his party: 1. Nduna was cashiered after being convicted of theft by conversion, when he was officer IC Airmen’s Mess. He has joined the party of thieves, to steal more from Zimbabwe. 2. Nduna stayed in the Marriage Quarter, and he new your plight from 2005 to 2008 and what he did was to take your few foreign currency, through ‘burning’, he would leave you stranded at Cotton Pickers at night, because you would smell in his cars! 3. Nduna connived with Grp Capt Cahaeruka to steal cattle from the base project and slaughter them at his abattoir, and what happened innocent civilians, they lost though they new the truth! 4. Nduna is very tribal, he will divide our people, he is dangerous to the society, and Zim is one. Down with Nduna and his party!

At Gwanda District today (Friday) Superintendent Mutema was briefing and threatening cops to vote for Mugabe and Zanu which the cops have said to hell with him and his old man. Contact Mutema on 07******** and put him on his place
Meanwhile, Ignatius Chombo who was scheduled to hold a rally @ Muriel mine in the Zvimba North constituency yesterday received rotten eggs to his face. He was welcomed by the Matibiri (Bob close relative) supporters who began calling him names and singing songs like ngaende ngaende in front of him. The CIOs failed to control the mob which resulted into Chombo fleeing. Chombo nearly had an assault had it been not for the Mutorashanga Police which refrained him. What a total confusion in Zanu. The Matibiris where pointing chombo a thief and it amasing that this people know that Zanu is full of thieves.

Those Kombi operators must join Vapanduki train to avoid continued harassment by Zanu and evil cops who force them to put posters of Zanu PF’s Never Kowo failure of which youths led by Precautious Dambuza Marumahoko will pounce on the Kombi operators. Call Precautious on 0777897665 and ask him about this development. He is the one who raped, tortured and killed people in Dzivarasekwa Extension in June 2008 run-off. More to follow
Those who want to join Vapanduki Intelligence Organisation follow this facebook page link and inbox then admin will engage you further—
Baba Jukwa

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20 Comments on "Zimbabwe’s Assange Baba Jukwa Exposes Harare Murder"

  1. tasimba on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 12:22 pm 

    Baba jukwa frenzy

  2. Zwide kaLanga on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 1:43 pm 

    Gumbo would say, “It is all rubbish and hogwash to
    think a head of state like
    president Mugabe would set up
    something like that. We have a
    disagreement with Lindiwe Zulu
    but it would not go to that

  3. Dzimai Moto on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 2:14 pm 

    If Baba Jukwa is lying, is Tinashe Faku alive?

    President Zuma and his people should watch out what they eat and drink in Zimbabwe. Even in a hotel biological weapons can be used on Zuma’s blankets. Mind your step Zulu!

  4. mhiri on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 5:22 pm 

    Tinashe was shot because of his notorious brother who got released from jail recently. Do yo research well mr jukwa.

  5. Joseph Mtasa on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 5:37 pm 

    That is the point @Mhiri. Y dont shoot Tinashe coz of his brother, MDC-A to Z, diamonds, BJ the same way y cant kill Chindori coz of BJ or cant kill pres Z or the facilitation lady coz Zpf yawora.

  6. Dzimai Moto on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 6:15 pm 

    @ Mhiri! Tinashe was shot for the notorious sins of his brother? Is that right? You have said so and it means that uniformed forces do not respect life in Zimbabwe. Armed robbers are shot only if they resist arrest and if the trigger is the only way out. Mhiri you are a trigger happy CIO.

  7. Jj on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 7:25 pm 

    There are CIOs everywhere in SA. They claim they run SA

  8. Cupidkynd on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 8:01 pm 

    Baba jukwa . . .hey . . . Inga ma1 . .bravo on your reasearch. . .we love you

  9. robertgwenzi8 on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 8:29 pm 

    i thing baba Jukwa is total rigth.all his info is very much relevant.the corupted zanu pf must stop it’s
    Dirty triks of killing enocent civillians.Pple don’t be used by these zanu pf things their time is over & is now just mark my words.

  10. ***** chairo on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 8:38 pm 

    nd****** mumwe nhasi we zanu.hanzi hande nebhaz kmsangano

  11. Bla Miki on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 7:18 am 

    Iwe Dzimeti Motodog, l didn’t know you are this shallow minded even though l always knew you were an idiot. Now listen dog, everyone lying dead in any mortuary around the world has a reason to be there. If your gaymate Bhambi Jukwa has the energy of moving from mortuary to mortuary in search of poor departed souls that he can claim to be as a result of Zanu Pf, nobody cares. Chidobi chechibharanzi chinoitirwa mabharanzi ana Dzimai Fodya mabva kuno******. You are all so desperate and running scared, idiots. Manje hazvititadzise kuro bhora mughedhi.

  12. Sue on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 11:15 am 

    Baba Jukwa needs to get his facts straight. It wasn’t in Waterfalls & nobody really knows everything that happened yet. For the sake of his family & those of us who cared for Tinashe, let’s not use him for funny causes and slander, please. Now I know this Jukwa dude is not to be respected…

  13. kaguvi on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 1:22 pm 

    He was shot for armed robbery…his brother aiita zvema armed robbery was out of jail from there he started living the life but the brother was based in SA so mapurira akauya akmutsvaga kumba vakamushay so mapurisa went to tinashes house vachisvika kumba iye anga asipo so wen he came home akaona mapurisa katiza mapurisa so they we followed and they were gunned down in their car pa east 24… It was said 4pple one in hospital..but the brother was not there,
    by yesterday the car was guarded last nyt.

    most pple myt know him as he was a super musician who played bass guiter for praise team for New life convent church and also taught music lessons.

    maibata ka

  14. Tichaona Mhazi on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 1:57 pm 

    It’s now official that Benzi Jukwa is a fraud. You are lying to us, The crew Tinashe was with shot back at the police truck that was chasing after them and the shattered glasses are still on the road at the floral place along Samora Machel. I saw the police vehicle with gun shot holes at the East 24 parking complex on Friday morning.
    Crime is out of control in South Africa and no one is safe, VIVA our security department and the police they are always on top of the situation. It’s sad that some people have to die and my deepest condolences to the Faku family.

  15. Tichaona Mhazi on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 2:10 pm 

    Most Zimbabweans are now living a life of political scorn, concentrating on what Baba Jukwa says and who will be dying next and who died for what. This guy is dividing us and sowing more seeds of hate. We have an economy to build up on and so many children who have been affected by the effects of sanctions and mismanagement of state resources it’s been both sided to take to school and restore their livelihoods.
    Jukwa claims to know everything but I wonder why he doesn’t know anything about anybody else except ZANU PF, mmmm.

  16. Bla Miki on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 5:06 pm 

    Thanks so much makomuredzi for exposing this bipolar Jukwadog thing. He has caused a lot of confusion and luckily, to the already confused idiots, Nxa-aa.

  17. kaguvi on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 5:49 pm 

    we all hv choices jukwa is ryt… if I chose to expose MDC I’ll do it… u just challenging him on ths small national issue…big things like diamonds, and mass murder hamupindure… be coz its the truth,

    we love zanu pf but it has betrayed us and we just need it to rest….. they is nothing new they can promise or offer us…. so we will make them rest. jukwas job is one every zim wants to hv to expose the truth and make those who hv to b happy to b happy.

    tht is a revolution

  18. Bigaz on Sun, 14th Jul 2013 6:58 pm 

    Baba Jukwa ndizvo! High five everybody!

  19. final push on Mon, 15th Jul 2013 8:21 am 

    Zuma becareful, they killed Mwanawasa Levy of Zambia. be so careful please.

  20. Dzimai Moto on Mon, 15th Jul 2013 9:22 am 

    @ Bla Miki! In 2008 did people just decide to or loose limbs on their own? Between 1980 and 1985 did 20000 people decide to die on their own?

    Are the police officers in cells deciding to die? Read the following from Baba Jukwa;

    Vana veZimbabwe Sahwi and Baba Jukwa have urgent news to report to you for action otherwise innocent Zimbabweans are going to be killed today. As Sahwi is writing this post THREE OFFICERS FROM HARARE CENTRAL CENTRAL POLICE ARE IN DANGER OF BEING KILLED TONIGHT BY THE EVIL PEOPLE IN MY PARTY!!

    Police Sergeant Munyasi and Assistant inspector Jaji, and another one whose name we will give you soon need Zimbabwe’s help right now.

    The three Central Police officers were arrested on Wednesday for looking for police nominal voters roll. They were tortured at Harare Central Police and now they are being moved from police station to police station. You all know vana veZimbabwe that the evil people in my party are dangerous. These three innocent men are GOING TO BE KILLED ZIMBABWE is Zimbabwe does not speak up. Extol your leaders to stand up for these men who did not commit any crime. Morgan and company needs to demand answers from Chihuri why these innocent men are in jail right now. Speak up with one voice Zimbabwe. Push your leaders. Those with relatives in the police do your part, tell your police relatives on the watch for any acclivities at their police station which might indicate the presence of these innocent men. Zimbabwe will their part to rescue them. Leaders of political parties opposed to our Party of evil people do something for the safe return of the three officers. The officers are are primarily accused of leaking vote rigging to Baba Jukwa and Sahwira, they need your support or they will be killed.
    Asijiki! — at Zanu PF 2013.

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